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    Bruce Wayne gets caught up in a hostage situation at a bank. This is what comes after.

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    Well, guess who you just made feel like an emotional bubble of awfulness? Me!

    Wow, I can't imagine what Bruce is going through and am hoping to get a better understanding of what the hell could happen to get Bruce to this point. Although, the whole inconclusive/mysterious storyline really works for this fic and definitely leaves the reader wanting more.

    Looking forward to your next update! :)

    Well, I was not prepared. By now you'd think I would have at least gotten a tissue box instead of foolishly believing I could handle the pain, BUT NOPE. Once again, I am sucked into this world where heroes are so desperate to protect the average Jo, they jump in front of danger and sock it in the jaw. And with that world, come the consequences of protecting it.

    The air of mystery and not-all-facts-present really tells where your characters stand; when you only know so much about what's happened, you jump to conclusions, you point fingers, and, most of all, you are reckless with what you have to say on it. You demonstrate that perfectly here, where everyone and their sister have something to say, and yet either won't confront Bruce or call him out directly and harshly.

    I'm honestly hardcore sympathizing with Bruce and wondering how the hell people could just oversee that it was a hostage situation, not just Bruce playing up his public persona. But then I remember that people are so, SO quick to judge and can, at times, just be straight up cruel. Your writing really plays up to this fact, how chock full of confusion and emotion it is; the whole atmosphere of this fic perfectly exemplifies how, without knowing the whole story, things go to shit pretty fast.

    Wow, I have to wonder, is that guy bleeding on Bruce how he contracted HIV, or was it because of what happened in the bank?

    Please write more soon! :)

    P.S.: I've read the next chapter and... WHY???? DO??? YOU???? DO???? THIS???? TO???? MY???? FEELINGS?????

    That scene with Alfred was so heartbreaking! The results from the tests say that he has HIV, right? I imagine Alfred's pain and his remorse for his previous behavior. I loved how Bruce became again a small child seeking the comfort of his second father...Poor Bruce, sacrificing himself, being scolded by his loved ones and now this...

    This is not an awful AU, it's just hurtful. Like I understand if everyone else in Gotham believes the press and shames Bruce but I didn't expect the people he considers his family to believe the tabloids too. I'm glad things were cleared up there even if the process was hurtful because Bruce probably would have never told them, and try to eternalize everything. Nonetheless this last chapter literally was the worst in terms of feels. I'm emptying the tissue box as I write this. Dear lord!

    Thank you for writing this fic on such a difficult topic. Not everyone thinks about AIDS since there's not as much of an outbreak since the 80s but AIDS still exists and effects many people. Luckily today we have advanced medication that will allow a person with AIDS to live for a long time but the medication is expensive and not a lot of health insurance agencies will cover people with AIDS not to mention there is still a lot of prejudice surrounding AIDS. I hope later on in this story Bruce Wayne can use his public persona as a spokesperson for AIDS.

    I also hope that the truth surrounding the bank incident will clear up as well. The Gotham gazette has been portrayed as a sleazy paper so I can understand if portraying Bruce Wayne as a sl*t even for criminals would sell more copies than Bruce Wayne saves many lives by coercing the bank robbers. I hope Lois Lane can clear it up and maybe not get her side of the story from Bruce but from the other hostages at the bank. Hear them acknowledge Bruce for what he did. Of course, this is your story, and I apologize for getting ahead of myself but I just need a little ray of sunshine in this very dark story.

    Nonetheless, I eagerly await the next chapter. I hope things improve interms of the social aspect. I enjoy the aspects you place on Bruce being a rape victim as well. I've read other stories about rape recovery, and I've found that your portrayal of it is well written. Not over the top nor under scored. It's just these little scenes, small touches that make Bruce tense that I like to read. It's not obvious, or in your face, but it's right there beneath the surface that you'd miss if you weren't looking for it which I find very much to be Bruce, and an accurate response for the trauma he's faced.

    Again, thanks so much for writing this, and take care! I look forward to see where you take this.

    CH12 CMNTS


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