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Hi everyone! Welcome to Different Tails, a collection of stories about Zootopia, mostly about Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Disney really knocked it out of the park with Zootopia, giving us a colorful, vibrant, and strangely realistic world of talking anthropomorphic animals. They also gave us perhaps one of the greatest on-screen partnerships ever in any movie, Nick and Judy.

This fox and rabbit are packed with such emotion, sass, and teasing that I'd venture to say the reason most of us write or peruse Zootopia fanfiction is to see more of them. What can we do with those two capricious, silly, fun mammals? Well, in this collection I've been striving to find out. These stories range anywhere from serious, emotional looks at their pasts both canon and imagined, to teeth-melting romantic fluff, to silly alternate universes meant for fun.

One thing about Zootopia is that its scale is much grander than the tiny slice we were treated to in the movie itself. For this reason, the development of original characters has been necessary to fill roles and situations that the canon characters cannot provide. There are so many stories available to characters that aren't Nick and Judy that it's tempting to just go on tangents and write about them on and on as well.

Zootopia presents a tempting pallet of colors to paint with. All of these various mammals are trying to exist in a society together despite their massive differences. When gifted with human-like cognitive abilities, and human-like flaws, that's quite sobering. With animal traits and extrapolated animal customs applied, there are so many possibilities for subject matter. What are their customs and physical habits that distinguish them? Would getting a bunny and a fox together really be that hard, or that easy? How might predators have been affected by the Night Howler incident? What's the deal with Frantic Pig?

All these questions and more I have endeavored to broach in this collection of short stories. This index is for both new and returning readers, to help you find a topic you might like to read about, or else revisit one of your favorites. They are now broken up into sections to easier find one-shots and related stories. Stories grouped in single-spacing are related, though they have different titles.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy!



::Nick & Judy Stories::
Sometimes fluffy, sometimes angsty, always about our dynamic duo.

Marks - For furred mammals, sometimes the physical scars can be hidden as easily as the mental ones.

Ties - A possible answer to the question "why does Nick like wearing ties?"

Scents I, II - Stories where Nick's gifted sniffer picks up more than Judy or Nick might want to know about the bunny.

Forgiveness - Does Zootopia forgive Judy for her transgressions against it? Does she forgive herself?

Tails I, II - Tales involving tails.

Mom - Judy wants to meet Nick's mom. Nick tries to talk her out of it.

Trying - While broken down on the road with Nick, Judy's curiosity gets the better of her.

She Doesn't - Have feelings for him.
He Doesn't - Have feelings for her.
Don't They? - Space-time has conceded to give a couple versions of Nick and Judy what they wanted.

They Do - They've done pretty much everything but say it; Judy wants Nick to say it.

Dewlap I, II - During the winter, Judy gets an extra little bit of fluff on her chest; Nick likes fluff.

Licks - Of ice cream and the (im)polite usage of tongues.

Heart - Judy nearly loses Nick before they can tell each other how they feel.

Blackout - Judy can't remember the previous night, but a certain fox can.

Couple - Judy and Nick have to take their cruiser into a car shop after an accident. (Crossover with my story Ozzie's Auto Repair)

Mistakes - The further you push upwards, the farther there is to fall. Are there any regrets?

Cute - That dreaded word.

Dad - About Nick's father and the effect he has had on the fox.

Winning - Judy's not going to settle for anything less than a total victory.

Restraint I, II - Judy's mind, heart, and body are at odds. Is it better that she waits, in this case?
Surrender - Judy won't let herself wait any longer.

Leave I, II - Judy's mother Bonnie is not happy with how her daughter and that fox are getting along.

Machinations - Judy's parents are both trying to push the bunny and the fox a little closer.

Privacy - As a popular figure in Zootopia, Judy finds her secrets splayed all over the television for all to see, even her parents.

Childish - Confronted by a familiar nightmare, Judy wrestles with her feelings and desire for comfort.

Separated - A look at Nick and Judy after they're wrenched from each other in Zootopia.
Reunited - A look at Nick and Judy getting back together, and a scene soon after Zootopia's climax.

Oath - Nick intends to keep the promise he made when he was a child, even if only he remembers or cares that he made it.

TLC I, II - When Judy or Nick is beaten down physically or emotionally, their partner is there for them.

Flurry - Nick and Judy get into a snowball fight in Tundratown.

Fluff - Judy's not going to let Nick's fur get out of place, even on days they have off.

Foxes I, II - Stories about Nick's father and how he (wasn't) in Nick's life.

Undercover - Clawhauser is a very trusting soul. Nick and Judy think they should reward him by giving him something they know he'd like.

Suds - After another day spent risking their lives, Judy and Nick just want to unwind with a bath.

Selfish - Nick gives his opinion on the philosophy of the criminal mind.

Calling I, II - Judy calls Nick while he's at the academy, then her parents when she realizes what she's beginning to feel.
Yearning I, II - Nick receives Judy's call, wrestling with his own feelings for the bunny, and calls his mother afterwards.
Concession - Nick and Judy finally talk to each other about what's going on.

Circles - Judy attempts to locate Nick while he's in the middle of an alleged annual celebration.

Paper - Judy leaves a letter in a hiding place, perhaps hoping it won't be found.
RE: Paper - The reply to Judy's hidden letter.
Destiny - A key phrase in the letter's reply is invoked in a rather dramatic fashion in a temple of a particular Celestial.


::Alternate Universe Stories::
What if things had been different in Zootopia?

Second - AU to Zootopia: Partners. A lapine officer has fallen.
Money - AU to Zootopia: Partners. Hard times have put a squirrel on the street.
Wrong - AU to Zootopia: Partners. Nick is on a date with another vixen, one that knows him a bit too well.
Illegal - AU to Zootopia: Partners. A reptile has made her way to Zootopia and has thus far evaded capture. Her luck is about to run out.
Preempted - AU to Zootopia: Partners. Judy's the second lapine in Precinct One. Can she still save Zootopia?

Vigilantes I-III - Judy was not able to rejoin the ZPD after the events of Zootopia. Instead, she and Nick take the law into their costumed paws.

Eyes - Turned down by the ZPD, Nick must sate his new desire for justice in another, more private way.

Berries - Nick is a member of the ZPD and Judy's just a farm girl with a family stand in Zootopia, though she yearns for more.

Stars - Set far in the future, Judy is the captain of the Zootopia Starship Fleet's flagship.

Empowered I-III - In a Zootopia containing mammals with fantastic powers, the newest member of the Zootopia Empowered Division is deployed into the fray.

Teach I, II - A provisional fox teacher at Westburrow High, Nick's caught the eye of a certain bunny senior.

Primeval I-III - An ancient world where tribes of mammals are being hunted by vicious reptile-avian creatures. Nick and Judy must find a way to survive.

Delinquent - Nick's the first fox on the ZPD, and he's not exactly trusted. He's charged to go take down a delinquent graffiti artist bunny.

Again I, II - The events of Zootopia keep repeating, and only Judy is aware of this fact. Can she find some way to break the cycle before it drives her crazy?

Magic I, II - A Zootopia where everyone can use magic if they practice hard enough. As before, a sinister plot is targeting the predators of Zootopia.


::Zootopia: Partners Side Stories::
Stories canon to the plotline of my series Zootopia: Partners, mainly focused on original characters from that series. In order of occurrence.

Caring - Judy again tries to connect with her arctic hare co-worker Karen Skippel.

Unknown - Larry, a gray squirrel, has to occasionally deal with consuming, dark feelings. His girlfriend, a ferret named Kara, seeks to help.

Ignorance - Larry accidentally starts a relationship with one of his co-workers, and his friends have to bring this to his attention.

Relax - Karen goes through frequent bouts of panic, especially when her mate Crystal isn't available.

Unsatisfied - Catherine, a gray fox, has to confront a painful difficulty arising from her unusual lifestyle and speaks to her friend Nick about this.

Trail - A fox seeks to run for mayor after Vince Mousawitz steps down, but a certain pig is also vying for the position.


::Testing Limits Side Stories::
Stories canon to the plot line of the timeline of my story Testing Limits, mostly focused on other characters in that series.

Fireworks - Stu Hopps is setting up for another annual lapine festival, and discusses Judy and Nick with his wife.

Vixen I-IV - Samantha Hopps (an altered version of a character created by SophieWitch) must confront her deep-seated feelings about foxes.

Marshmallow I-IV - Tales about some key points in the life of Terra Brownfurred, a Kit Fox.

Den - Samantha meets Terra's parents, and they learn some things about each other.


::Partners: Revisited Side Stories::
Stories canon to the plot line of the timeline of my story Partners: Revisited.

Traditions - Nick and Judy get a rather rude surprise at Nick's apartment.

Possibility - Disaster looms large for a squirrel who might soon become an orphan.

Kissed - A squirrel has to put up with both encouraging and seemingly endless gossip because he kissed a ferret.


::Miscellaneous Stories::
World building stories or stories not directly focused on Nick and Judy.

Apology - Gideon Grey wishes to repent for his former course of life. He decides to start by asking for Sharla's forgiveness.

Judgement I, II - Nick and Judy are introduced to an inter-species club and meet faces there both new and familiar.

Secret- Two members of the ZPD share some secrets with each other.

Waiting - Nick and Judy are security detail for another fox's presentation.

Fortune I, II - Tales of an eccentric ZBI agent known as Jack Savage and his obsession with luck.

Uncontrolled I, II - Victims of the Night Howler plot come together to try to heal the physical and emotional damage it has done to them.

Frantic - A journal entry of a certain pig seen for only seconds in Zootopia.

ICE - An agent of the Immigration Customs Enforcement hastily ropes Nick and Judy into a situation to save her partner.

Mercenary - A sheep from Zootopia's main plot has fallen off the radar and seeks to avoid consequence.

Singularity - A chance encounter on the strange realm of unconsciousness, beyond even dreams.

Hope I, II - A couple of stories about Terrence Clawhauser, Benjamin's anxious younger brother.

Pride - A couple of undercover agents begin to dig into an unusual plot. Spawned a whole story: Pride and Shame.

Path - Follows from "Destiny". The mystery behind the vandalism of a Celestial temple is revealed.

Celestials I-V - A collection of metaphysical beings wrought from Order and Chaos watch over and seek to subtly enhance the lives of the mammals of Earth.


Additional information about my characters or universes. An AO3 exclusive!

Appendix I: Original Character Listing - An exhaustive list of characters I've created for the Zootopia fandom, also a few semi-canon ones and at least one loaned from others.

Appendix II: The Main Story Histories - My motivations and thoughts behind the three "main" timelines I've written, and how recurring characters differ in each one.