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The Date

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         “How was the Country Club?” Jane asked of her best friend once they’d each settled into the comfortable positions in her room, doing what they loved to do.

         Daria looked up from the notebook that she’d been holding.

         “It was okay.”

         “Okay, that’s it?”

         “It was fine.” Jane looked at her for more. “They’re just so……planned in what they do.”

         “Ah yes,” Jane looked up reflectively, “such Wasp-ishness from the Sloane’s. No surprise there though, they are old money after all.”

         “Yeah……and I am not.”

         Jane looked at Daria. Daria didn’t seem as though she were upset by this statement, more like she was observing and forming her opinions from those observations. It was an interesting thing to see- albeit rather clinical from Jane’s vantage point.

         “Should I even ask what you wore?”

         “I was myself.” Daria went back to writing.

         “So……black leather mini skirt and fish net hose?”

         Daria snickered at the image.

         “And my top?”

         “Who needs one?”

         They both laughed good-naturedly.

         “It would almost be worth seeing the looks on their faces for me to show up like that.” Daria laughed at the horror that she imagined would show on all of the blue bloods in the room.

         “I’m sure Tom wouldn’t mind,” Jane interjected into Daria’s thoughts.

         “Should I not talk about Tom with you?” Daria asked candidly.

         “What? No, you can tell me or ask me anything. Believe me when I tell you that I was over that whole Tom thing a long time ago. Besides, it wasn’t about him really- it was you. You are my best friend and the thought that anything or anyone could change that or be more important-”

         “That’s not-”

         Jane held up a hand to stop Daria.

         “I get it, but it did hurt like hell.”

         They were both quiet.

         “In any event I kind of got a dose of how you felt when Tom came on the scene with me.”

         “I don’t know how else to say I’m sorry.”

         “You don’t have to anymore. We are friends that have weathered the storm and are stronger because of it. Now, spill whatever it is you want to tell me.”

         “Tom kind of said that he……”

         Jane waited patiently.

         “Well, you know.”

         “Okay and what did you say?”

         “Nothing. It was kinda sudden…..but really sweet. He didn’t use the actual words, but he was close.”

         “How does this make you feel?”

         “I don’t know, overwhelmed?” Daria put her notebook to the side and lay back on the bed looking up at the ceiling. “I like Tom, a lot. He’s been a good boyfriend.”

         “Okay then. There’s nothing wrong with that.”


         “Just keep things honest and you’ll be fine.”

         “The house is really quiet.” Daria listened as she might, heard nothing.

         “Trent’s not here. He’s been doing a lot of ……stuff lately.”

         “What kind of stuff?” Daria rolled to her stomach to look at Jane.

         “He’s been practicing more- with and without the band. He’s also been working with Axle at the shop on a regular basis too.” Jane stopped painting and put her hand on her hip with a thoughtful expression on her face. “He’s been really busy.”

         Daria thought on the changes that Jane had mentioned in Trent. She had always thought of Trent as such an easy going kind soul. He always seemed to show a kind of gentleness that she’d admired. She was glad that he seemed to be taking some initiative in his life, but at the same time worried that doing so would change him too much- but maybe that was something that he wanted, she mused.



         “That sounded really good,” Trent said after they’d finished their latest rehearsal. It had been very productive from where he stood and their sound had improved by leaps and bounds. Getting everyone together on time had been a little difficult at first, but once he had the guys seemed to get as excited as he was about how well things were going. Trent had even gotten Mystic Spiral entered into a Battle of the Bands contest that was being held two towns over. He was confident that if they kept up with their practices and everyone stayed on point with their parts, then they had a decent shot at winning. He had goals in place and found that he liked it.

         “You think that we have a real shot at winning?” Jesse asked what the rest of the guys were thinking.

         “Yeah, I do,” Trent answered confidently. “We just have to keep up the practices.” He looked at Nick and Max, “No matter what happens at the contest, we will have won if we just hold true to doing the thing that we love and doing it well.”

         They all nodded feeling reassurance wash over them.

         “We’re gonna rock out and win!” Max shouted.

         They all high fived and pumped each other up.

         “Okay guys that’s a rap for now and I’ll give you guys a call about when the next meet it,” Trent put away his guitar and headed out to his car.

         “Hey Trent, wait up.” Jesse did a light jog up to where Trent was getting into his car.

         “Need a ride?”

         “Nah man, I got my ride.”

         “Okay, what’s up then?”

         “That’s what I was gonna ask you?” Jesse ran a hand through his hair. “You’ve been Joe Business lately- why?”

         Trent gave Jesse a weary look.

         “I’m not calling you ‘the man’ or anything I just wanted to know what motivated you to- do all this,” he gestured to everything.

         “I want more……”

         “More than what?”

         “The life I have.” Trent leaned against the car in a thoughtful pose. “I don’t want to just float through life like a float on a parade anymore.”

         Jesse nodded slowly. Trent was right and it was something that Jesse had felt himself, only Trent was doing something about and in doing so, Jesse, Max, and Nick were pushing forth as well. Each liked this new and slightly jarring change for the group.

         “I get it……”

         “Jane and- everyone, will be going off to college soon and I just felt like it was time to- to make some changes.”


         “See ya around.”

         Jesse watched Trent leave.

         He’s thinking about the skirt again…… thought he got over that whole thing when he decided that she was too young……