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The Date

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         “What’s say we go out for a celebratory pizza and you stay over.  I passed my test with flying colors, thank you for your help.” Jane suggested to Daria while Daria exchanged books at her locker between classes.

         “I can’t tonight.” Daria shut her locker and the duo turned down the hall at a slow pace towards their destinations.

         “Ohm……plans with Tom?” Jane asked with a sly smile.

         Daria gave a slight blush and curt not.

         “What’s with the cherry cheeks?”

         Daria was more than a little reluctant to speak on the subject of Tom with her best friend/ Tom’s ex. Jane had been really great about everything and they had worked through the whole betrayal thing, but it still got awkward- at least to Daria sometimes it did.

         “Nothing really……”

         Just Tom and I are growing a lot closer and I would really like to talk about it with you.

         “Come on Daria, give it up.” Jane insisted.

         “Well he’s kind of making me dinner.”

         Jane raised a brow. This sounded serious.

         “So is this THE dinner?”

         “No- it’s just……dinner, with my boyfriend.”

         She smiled a bit. For her, smiling like that’s the teenage equivalent of giggling like an idiot and swooning when your boyfriend walks by……and she called him her boyfriend. Wow!

         The duo entered the classroom and took their seats, both lost in different thoughts.


Lane House……

         “Thought you and Daria were going out to celebrate?” Trent’s voice cut in on Jane while she was lying across her bed and working on a sketch.

         “Postponed,” Jane mumbled and concentrated on the sketch.

         “Really?” Trent was surprised. 

         “Yeah, seems she’s got big plans with the boyfriend,” Jane looked at her brother, finding that he had grown quieter than usual. He looked at her and found her eyes narrowed on him. “What’s going on with you and her? You’ve been……odd.”

         “Nothing’s going on.”

         Not between me and her anyway- at least not like-

         “See, where did you go just then? It’s like you checked out on me. I know it has something to do with her telling you about that dumb crush that she had on you.”

         Dumb crush, dumb guy……

         “It was weird to find that out.”

         “You really didn’t know?” Jane asked skeptically.

         “No, I didn’t.”

         “And that bothers you?”

         “Well……yeah.” He sat on the edge of the bed near her, once she had sat up. “How would you feel if you found out that Jesse had a crush on you, especially after- well, after all of this time.”

         Jane scrunched up her nose slightly after thinking about it.  

         “It doesn’t change anything though right? You’re still the same people that you’ve always been.”


         “It’s not like you would have done anything about it if you had known right?”

         Trent sat silently.

         “Right Trent?” Jane insisted on knowing.

         “I guess we’ll never know.”

         She touched his arm, causing him to look at her.

         “She was 16, you were 20- there would have been-”

         “You think I don’t realize all of that Janey?” Trent all but mumbled.

         “So- well- what now?”

         “Now……nothing. She’s with Tom and like you pointed out, I am four years older.”

         “What if-”

         “Let’s not deal with what ifs. The now is more than enough. Do me a favor and let’s just forget about this whole thing okay?”

         “I’ll try……”

         “I’m gonna head out to practice at Nick’s. Need anything?”

         “Nah, I’m good.”

         Trent left leaving Jane more than a little puzzled at her brother and best friend and the new information that she had received.