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The Date

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“What makes you think that I’m so trustworthy? I mean for all you know I could be some kind of pervert that only wants to take advantage of you.”
She looked at him with more than a little annoyance.
“I feel that I know you well enough to trust you.” She finally stated.
He stopped himself from smiling.
“……anyway,” she continued still only slightly miffed that with his ridiculous assessment of himself, “I just wanted your opinion, because one not only might it be awkward for Jane, but she isn’t here and two, I know that you would be objective.”
“Okay,” he relented slightly. “Show me what you got.”
She stepped into his room and watched closely for his reaction. In the moment that she appeared, Trent was grateful for his ability to mask his feelings by appearing near sleeps door. She had on jeans, but they were fitted and the shirt was a tee, but it clung to her bosom and was veed to enhance the cleavage that she kept so very well hidden. Her feet were bare and he looked at her questiongly.
“I was going to wear these,” she held up the strappy sandals that Quinn had passed off to her when she couldn’t return them to Casman’s for being too small, but I think I’ll stick with my boots. Don’t want him to think he’s dating Quinn.” She joked nervously. “So how ridiculous is this?” She gestured to herself.
He had sat up straighter and gestured for her to come to him. She moved so that she was standing just in front of him.
“Is this something that you want to do or is it for Tom?” Trent wanted to know as much as she needed to know for herself.
Part of her wanted to look away, but heck, she’d come this far. He covered her hands that she’d begun to nervously ring, with his and waited for her answer.
“I want to look- nice for the date, but I also want to be me. He’s probably used to girls that get,” she made a face, “ dolled up. I don’t do that.”
“You don’t have to,” slipped out of Trent before he realized it. He cleared his throat. “Look as long as you are comfortable, that’s all that matters. You look good though.”
She smiled at his praise in spite of herself. Trent always did have a way of making her feel like such a girl- but she didn’t seem to resent it with him.
“Thanks Trent.” She sat on the bed beside him and proceeded to put on her boots. “I know that you kind of have to say that though- friendship and stuff.”
He watched as she put on one shoe and then the other.
“Actually I meant it.”
She looked at him sharply then. There was something in his voice, but he wasn’t looking at her.
“Is something wrong?”
“I was just thinking is all.”
“Tom’s……a real big deal in your life……”
She listened as he continued his thought process aloud.
“Your first crush becomes your first kiss, and now he’s your first love. He’s lucky to have you.” He looked at her sitting beside him.
“One out of three, not bad Lane,” She said scooting off the bed and retrieving her purse from the floor. “Tom was only my first kiss.”
“Daria?” Tom’s voice called from downstairs.
“I’ll be down in a minute.” She went to the doorway.
“Well who were the other two guys? They must have been stupid to let you get away.”
She shook her head and walked back over to him to give him a warm hug.
“You’re not stupid Trent,” she said softly, “you’re a good guy; thanks for today.” She kissed his cheek and went downstairs to meet up with Tom. Trent touched his cheek where the print of her lips felt like fire. As the meaning of her words sank in he jumped up and raced down the stairs just in time to see them pull off for their date.