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we're cool for the summer

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It’s so hot outside that Brie’s already dry from her dip in the pool, that even sticking to the shade doesn’t do much. She’s on a sun lounger on her front, naked, eyes closed behind her sunglasses. Alicia’s kneeling up over her, one leg either side of Brie’s body, a tub of ice at her disposal. It’s probably a miracle that the contents of the container haven’t melted already. Sure, Brie likes the heat, is used to it, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t sometimes get a little too much for her, that she isn’t going to let Alicia do this. Especially considering what’s going to happen afterwards.

Suddenly, there’s something cold on her back, an ice cube between her shoulder blades. Brie can’t help but shiver at the sensation. The weather’s warm enough that the ice is already melting, the water running down Brie’s skin, helping to cool her off just that bit faster.

“How does that feel?” Alicia asks, slowly bringing what’s left of the cube of ice further down Brie’s back.

“Mm.” Brie does her best to relax to it, though that’s hard when the cool ice is so different from the hot – well. The hot everything else, really. Especially Alicia. “It’s – it’s cold. Good.”

Good,” Alicia echoes, the smirk audible in her voice. “I’m only getting started.”