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Photo Booth

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When they brought him out of cryo again, Steve was practically glowing with excitement; Bucky thought it was just that he was happy to have him awake, awake and on the way to being un-programmed. But when Steve's enthusiasm lasted through Bucky's grouching over the aftereffects of cryo and the two days of migranes that followed his unprogramming, he began to get suspicious.

Not suspicious enough, though, since he figured Steve was just luring him into a storage closet in the Wakandan science complex where they were bunked in order to make out. But no.

There in the closet stood a ramshackle box with an opening in one side, a curtain across it, and a dubious looking bench inside.

"Is that a photo booth?" Bucky asked, incredulous.

"Sorta!" Steve said, bouncing on his toes. "I built it. Clint helped."

"You built a photo booth," Bucky said.

"Well, there ain't a camera inside," Steve admitted. "But there's a printer! See!" he lifted a little door and sure enough, there was a mini photo printer. "So you get in, like so..." he crowded Bucky into the box, pulling him down next to him, "And you take a photo -- you know they call them 'selfies' now?"

Bucky looked at him as Steve held up his phone, camera on mirror-mode. "Yeah, Steve, I did live through parts of the twenty-first century."

"And then!" Steve beamed, and Bucky didn't have a chance to move before Steve kissed him on the cheek and snapped a photo at the same time.

"Take a new one, I look like a startled raccoon!" Bucky insisted, even as Steve was visibly sending the photo to the printer. Steve agreeably snapped a second photo, AGAIN before Bucky could compose himself, and then Bucky wrestled the phone away from him.

"You got to do the thing right, Boss," he told Steve, who looked suitably chastened. Bucky held the phone up with his newly-reinstalled arm, grinned, waited for Steve to grin too, and then leaned over and licked his ear just as he snapped the photo.

"Best one yet," he declared, as the printer hummed, then had to take off running when Steve tried to steal it away from him.