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Steel of the Bull

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Not quite pain. Dullness. Fuzzy. Like static. Cotton. In my ears. What's going on?

Words. Wake up? Why? What point is there in waking up? Power. Awakeness. Damn. I can't go back to sleep, huh?

"Come on, you old thing."

"Hey, don't insult it. They were sentient, remember?... and this one is Wrath."

"They had masters. You seriously think sentient robots would need masters?"

"My name is Rage..." Fuck. My eyes won't turn on. Laughter. At me?

"Told you so." No. At the first one. High Voices. Probably two humans. Female designated.

Though if knowing Rune meant anything, it meant he knew better than to stick a gender on someone.

Systems check. Eyes malfunctioning, arms restrained, core secure, manual repairs attempted. They're fixing me. Joy.

"After you're done laughing at my expense, I can't see." Feeling my own voice roll in my chest and hearing quick apologies feels good.

At least they're obedient.

Oh, fuck, they're in my head. Literally.

I only hear my own claws grabbing at the sides of the... whatever I'm on.

Connection. Bright.

"Gaaaahhhh!" I flinch and shut my eyes against the light.

"Shit! Lex, turn off the overhead."

Scrambling and then a click. Along with immediate relief of the white demon on the other side of my eyelids.

Open. Slowly. And then... focus.