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Supernatural Cast x OC

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It was the final night of the Las Vegas Comic Con and it was time for the final concert. You had been part of the Supernatural cast since the beginning of season 12, three years ago. In that time, you had slowly fallen in love with your amazingly hot co-star Jared Padalecki. His kindness towards other people and fans had astounded you, as had his enviable relationship with Jensen. The three of you were close friends, sharing your whole lives with each other.

'It is now time for the final songs of the night.' Rob Benedict's voice came over the fold back backstage. Nervously, you gripped the microphone in your hand, and wriggled your earplugs into place before stepping out under the bright lights of the stage. As soon as they noticed you, everyone cheered, and you grinned and waved to them. Jared smiled, and pulled you into his side, pressing a kiss to your lips, eliciting another round of cheers and screams from the audience.

'Aren’t they disgusting!' Jensen laughed. You and Jared broke apart, you blushing furiously.

'Now, now. My beautiful girlfriend has something to tell you all.' Jared said, stepping forward slightly. 'She conveniently forgot to mention that she sings! So tonight, she is going to perform a couple of solo's for y'all!'

Amidst the cheering, you heard someone call out 'How'd you find out?'.

'Well, I though he was out.' I said. 'Then, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, he bought me back pizza, only to catch me dancing and singing in our room!'

'Even I didn’t know!' Jensen laughed.

'Anyway, you all have me to thank. Just wait until you hear her voice!' Jared laughed. 'What are you signing tonight, babe?'

'Since I'm a sap, and a major fan of Twenty One Pilots and Elvis,' cue another round of screams, 'I'm thinking maybe Falling in Love, then a mystery song, then finishing off with the cast singing Carry On.'

'Sounds good, I'll just hop off stage and leave you guys to it!' With that, Jared ran off, leaving me cowering beneath the expectant gazes of nearly 300 fans.

Jensen handed a spare guitar to me and whispered 'don't worry, they'll love you no matter how many times you mess up.' With that, he left, running off stage to join Jared. I placed the strap over my shoulder, giving the guitar a quick strum to check if it was tuned, I clipped my mic into the stand before taking a deep breath.


I watched her from side stage, a small smile on my face. Even nervous, she was the most beautiful thing ever. I fixed the white beanie on my head, just as she opened her mouth. The first time I had heard her sing, I was just unlocking the door to our motel room when I heard a woman's voice filter out from the bathroom. At first I had thought that she had her phone playing, but when I pushed open the bathroom door a little further, there she was; no phone in sight, standing in her bra and undies as she applied makeup and sang a song I didn’t recognise. She was so beautiful, and I couldn’t believe that she was mine. I had cleared my throat, making her jump before a pink blush spread across her cheeks, when I offered her the pizza in the box balanced on one hand, she had hastily nodded and I walked out, and didn’t mention it again.

'I would like to dedicate this song to my amazing boyfriend, Jared.' Her voice drifted over the speakers.

'Wise men say,
Only fools rush in,
But I can’t help falling in love with you'

Her soft, smoky voice floated out over the audience and the fans screamed, cheering her on. Jensen came and stood beside me.

'Dude, how did you not know she could sing?' Jensen nudged me with his elbow.

'She never sings. Not even with the radio.' I shrugged. 'I'm glad I found out though.'

'You got the ring?' I pulled it out of my pocket, the small diamond glinting in the light cast from the stage.

'I'm going to do tonight I think.' I said. Jensen shot me a grin.

'Good luck, man.'

We listened to the rest of her song, her voice giving me chills the whole time. What did I do to deserve this amazing woman?


On stage, I had just finished my song, the crowd was going wild. I waited for them to calm down before speaking.

'This is the first time singing on stage for me, so I'm really nervous.'

Someone screamed 'I love you' from the back of the room' and I grinned.

'Hey! She's taken!' Jared appeared next to me, yelling into my mic. I laughed with the rest of the room. He turned to leave, but I grabbed the back of his shirt.

'Uh-uh, mister. You got me into this mess, you're gonna stick with me for this song. I'm also going to dedicate this song to Jared, as well as Jensen. You all know that I suffer with severe depression, and the last few years had been especially difficult. Without these two superheroes, I know that I would not be here today.'

The crowd aww-ed at the tears gathering in my eyes. I turned to Jared and Jensen, who had appeared next to him.

'So,' I said, sniffing to pull back the tears. 'I'm going to need my amazing back up band, Louden Swain to play an old favourite of mine. I haven't sung it for ages, so please forgive me if I mess up the lyrics.'

I smiled at the band as they filtered on, then at the boys by my side. At the first notes of Halo by Beyoncé, the crowd went wild and Jared and Jensen cheered.

Remember those wall's I built,
Well baby they're tumbling down
They didn’t even put up a fight
Didn’t even make a sound

The song passed so quickly, with the fans and everyone on-stage joining in at the chorus. When it was over, I was panting and smiling from ear to ear. When the whole room started full on screaming I turned to Jared to see what was going on.

There he was, on one knee, a ring in between his thumb and fore-finger. I gasped, my hands flying to my mouth.

'Baby, you have saved me so many times in the past three years. I don’t know if I would still be here today if you weren't here.' The mic picked up everything that he was saying, and Jensen moved forwards to relieve me of my guitar. 'I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, both on and off the screen. Will you marry me?'

The room erupted into cheers, but Jared and I ignored them. All I could see was the blue in his eyes, highlighted by the lights on stage. I nodded and the room erupted again, people jumping up and down and screaming, camera flashes blinding me. Jared slid the ring onto my outstretched hand and I beamed, jumping up into his arms and kissing him on the lips.

When we finally broke apart, both Jared and I had smile stretching across our faces. 'Actually, I have something to say.' I said, not letting go of Jared's hand. 'We should probably bring the wedding forward. Me may be expecting another member into the Padalecki family in the next 7 months.'

I smiled up at my fiancée as his face was taken over by shock. 'You’re not!' he exclaimed.

I nodded grinning. 'You're gonna be a dad.'

The crowd screamed again, camera flashes firing as Jared lifted me up and swung me around. Jensen and the cast cheered and came over to congratulate us.

'Now, as much as I am enjoying this moment.' Misha's voice filtered over the speakers. 'We have time for the last song, then we have to be off.'

Everyone settled down, but the excitement and joy lingered in the air. I grabbed my mic from its stand before standing in front of Jared, my back pressed to his chest.

'Carry on my wayward son
There'll be peace when you are done'

I revelled in the moment, my fiancées arms wrapped around me and our baby, up on stage with the amazing cast of Supernatural, surrounded by friends and family. This night was perfect, and I hoped that many more like it were to come.