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Sweet Saltwater

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Once, Kylo had sworn that he’d seen Hux mix a spoonful of salt into his caf. He’d squinted at the mug as Hux raised it to his mouth and sipped, waiting for him to spit, but Hux had only glanced up at Kylo, apparently feeling his gaze through the mask.

“Can I help you?” He’d asked dryly.

“Did you put salt into that?” Kylo asked, because he’d cornered Hux in the mess where he took his breakfast even before alpha shift did, and he could have sworn Hux had picked up the salt container.

Hux looked down into his cup, then up at Kylo, like Kylo had just suggested he was a resistance sleeper agent. “Did I put- salt? Into my caf? No Ren, I did not.”

“But you just put-“

“Did you have something legitimate to ask me, or was it purely your intention to waste my morning asking about my caf habits?”

Kylo scowled, and forgot about the caf entirely as he started hounding Hux about trooper distribution.



It was supposed to be a purely recon mission. No action. No fighting. But the best laid plans went awry with a small guerilla group on the planet’s surface.

It took less then ten minutes to dispatch them all, but when Kylo turned around, Hux was sprawled on the ground, red hair spilling across his forehead like blood. Shit.

He found his way to Hux’s side before he knew he was moving, checking to make sure that wasn’t actually blood on his skin. At least, not his own. His questing fingers found a cut on his jawline, and a bump on his head, but nothing life-threatening. He pressed two fingers to Hux’s neck to check the pulse.

And found something else.

Cuts? Had someone gashed his neck? He yanked Hux’s collar down- always so firmly buttoned, so stiff- and blinked at the array of his neck. Not cuts, no. There was no blood, no injury. There was-

A hand clasped around Kylo’s wrist and when he looked up, Hux’s bright green eyes were open and furious. “Don’t touch me.”

“Hux, I- You were out and I- what is-“

The general sat up, blood trickling down his chin from the cut, and gave Kylo the fiercest glare he’d ever seen. “You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

He stormed off not long after, barking orders at his troops, but Kylo kept thinking about the ridges he’d felt under his fingers. How they’d looked. Neat, uniform gaps in the flesh. Too smooth to be an injury. Fluttering gently under Kylo’s fingers. Gills.




Once Kylo started looking, he felt stupid for never seeing anything before. Oh, it was easy to miss. Hux never was seen without his full uniform, especially that high collar. He was just a little too pale, his cheekbones arching a bit too high.

The next time Hux put down his caf to go oversee something, Kylo tipped up his mask and stole a sip. He nearly gagged from the overwhelming salt.




“So you’re not human.”

He could see how Hux’s shoulders tensed. How his hands gripped the pad he was holding tighter. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Ren. Go down to the med bay, you’re getting delusional.”

“Don’t lie to me. What are you? I don’t know of any humanoids with gills who can pass for human like you can.”

“Shut up, Ren.” Hux’s voice was low and dangerous. If anything, it made Kylo want to pursue this further. Hux was at his most interesting when he was at his most dangerous.

“Do your men know they’re serving a humanoid?”

In a flash, Hux was up, cheeks pinking with anger. He seethed at Kylo and his eyes flashed a brilliant cerulean. “Careful, Ren.”

Kylo waited, watching as the blue drained from Hux’s eyes and he grit his teeth, hands fisting at his sides. Kylo could hear the leather creak. “I am half-human. My father was weak and my mother was some humanoid slut. I don’t know what she was, but I have yet to let that particular dark patch of my inheritance interfere with my goals. And I don’t plan to.” When he looked back up at Ren, his eyes were back to their green. “Are you going to blackmail me, then?”

Kylo tilted his head and for a moment, they just looked at each other. Then Kylo raised his hands and his helmet unclasped with a hiss. “I grew up with a number of inhumans, General.” Hux glared at him warily. “But I haven’t seen anything like you. I suppose you could call it…curiosity.”

“Curiosity,” Hux repeated flatly.

“Yes. Is this why you put salt in your caf?”

Hux nodded stiffly. “I require a higher sodium level to function optimally. It’s…convenient to take it with my caf.”

“And the gills? Do you really breathe through them or are the vestigial?”

“If I need to.”

“Can I see them?”

The first emotion that washed over Hux’s face was surprise, before the familiar scowl settled in. “I suppose,” he grumbled reluctantly. He raised a still-gloved hand (Kylo made a mental note to check for webbing later) and unbuttoned his collar.

Kylo moved closer and delicately tugged the fabric to the side. Hux was looking determinedly over Kylo’s shoulder, his expression as grim as if this was a medical exam. But Kylo quickly forgot that, because he could see the gills on the side of Hux’s neck now. They were the same color as his flesh, with thin slits that widened as they drew in air. He trailed a finger across one of them and Hux fidgeted. “Does that hurt?”

“No. It’s just. Sensitive. Like the skin on your palm.”

“Huh.” He ran his finger across the ridge and Hux sucked in a breath. He could feel him breathing against his fingertips. It was surreal, and Kylo felt entranced. Hux, what are you? As if drawn by something more powerful than himself, he leaned in, mouth hovering over the gills.

His breath, warm and damp, flowed over the ridges and Hux’s hands gripped Kylo’s elbows. “Ren, what...”

Kylo licked a deliberate line across the gills and Hux’s whole body went tense against him. He could feel the gills fluttering open against his lips as Hux gasped. It stirred something in him. Hux was a mystery, one he wanted to take apart and examine until he understood every part of it, like he used to do with droids on the base as a child under his father’s watchful eye. He licked again, slowly, feeling the gills move under his tongue.

Hux made a noise from his throat, letting his head loll back. Kylo used the opportunity to move to the other side of his neck, raking his teeth gently- very gently- across the gills. Hux jerked against him and his fingers dug into Kylo’s arms. “Ren,” he said breathlessly, “this is a mistake.”

“Yeah,” Kylo murmured against his gills. “I’m good at that.”

Hux pulled back, looking at Kylo with a single-minded intensity that made the hair on Kylo’s neck stand up. His face was flushed and his lips were red- he must have been biting at them to keep from making noise while Kylo played with his gills. The thought sent a dirty little thrill through him.

“I can already tell I’m going to regret this,” Hux said, still staring into Kylo’s soul. “Get on the bed. Take off that ridiculous outfit.”

“Yes, General,” Kylo murmured, and the way Hux’s pupils dilated a little at that didn’t escape him.

He couldn’t get out of his outfit fast enough. Which still took a little time, since there were layers and layers of it, and for once he cursed the impracticality of it even if it was incredibly striking aesthetically. By the time he was nude- he’d always been utterly unselfconscious- Hux already had his jacket, boots, and gloves off, and was working on his shirt. He looked mostly human, if not a bit too symmetrical here and there. Not even any webbing on his fingers. Kylo was a little disappointed.

It didn’t stop him from sitting back on the bed and stroking himself as Hux stripped off his pants, leaving him in only black regulation First Order underwear with a promising bulge in the front. “Lay back,” Hux ordered, and that really shouldn’t have been as hot as it was. Kylo thought about resisting, just to be difficult, but he didn’t really see any reason to protest where this was going.

He stretched out on his back and Hux raked his eyes over him, making Kylo squirm. “Come on.”

“Needy,” Hux sneered, and in one smooth motion, clicked off the light and climbed on the bed.

Kylo blinked as he was suddenly engulfed in darkness, but the sensation of skin on skin made him care a little less. At some point between turning off the light and straddling Kylo, Hux had taken off the underwear. Kylo could appreciate that kind of efficiency.

Hux was hard against his thigh and he reached down to touch him, only to get his hand smacked away. “Stop that,” he scolded, as if Kylo was an unruly child.

“Stop trying to touch your dick during sex?”

“Stop talking.” Hux was roughly shoving his thighs up and apart. Okay, then. Kylo had no problem with bottoming, especially as Hux had started stroking him, firmly and quickly, like he had a point to prove.

He could feel Hux shifting on the bed and reaching over Kylo’s shoulder. A click told him that he’d been grabbing for a bottle, most likely lube, but since when had Kylo ever been content to sit back and make things easy?

Lightning-quick, he tangled a hand in the back of Hux’s hair and wrenched his head to the side. He skimmed his lips down Hux’s neck until he found the gills and sucked viciously, turning Hux’s indignant squawk into a throaty cry.

He grinned against Hux’s neck, lapping at the sensitive ridges, and worked a hand down between them while Hux was distracted. As he took Hux’s cock in hand and firmly stroked it, Hux tensed against him with something that was only half pleasure.

“Ren,” he said, voice rough with arousal. “Ren, wait, d- don’t-“

But Kylo had already moved his hand down the length of his cock to find-

Oh. And what was this?

Instead of just blending into the skin, the base of Hux’s cock vanished into…some kind of…hole? Kylo ran his fingers up the side of it until he came to the top. A slit, of some sort? “I knew you were hiding some other surprises for me,” Kylo said, unable to keep the satisfaction out of his voice.

He dipped a finger inside of the slit, next to Hux’s cock, and the cut-off cry he got was more than enough to send his cock aching and his curiosity raging. “I’m turning on the light. I gotta see you.”

It took him a minute to adjust to the sudden rush of light and when he looked back over Hux was sitting up stiffly, blanket draped over his lap. Kylo smirked. “Is this what you normally do? Keep the lights off and fuck the guy so hard he doesn’t get a chance to figure out you’ve got something…nonconventional?”

Hux’s frown deepened, but the flush on his cheeks made it look a little less intimidating. “It’s worked so far. Most people have enough manners to keep their hands where they’re told.”

Kylo tilted his head, watching Hux’s gills open and shut as he caught his breath from their earlier activities. “Why do you work so hard to hide what you are?”

The look Hux gave him was- incredulous was the best word. Shocked. A little sad. “Ren. the First Order is not kind to nonhumans. Have you noticed all of our officers are full-blooded human? Even the troopers- nonhumans are- they’re- disposable.” His back straightened and he took in a deep breath. “Even I am, if word got out. There’s plenty of young upstart officers beneath me just waiting for their chance to climb up the ladder. This would be a built-in excuse to dishonorably expel me from my rank.”

The mood had changed. Gone sour. Kylo fidgeted with his hands, while Hux sat still and as impenetrable as a statue. Finally Kylo just reached for him, tugged off the blanket. “Well, let me see you, at least.”

He pushed a hesitant Hux down on his back and reached down, grabbing his-

…Wait, hadn’t there-

He looked down and nearly startled at the lack of anything resembling a cock. There was nothing but a neat, even slit, a few inches long, between Hux’s legs. “I…before, you had a…”

Hux huffed, crossing his arms. “Well, the mood sort of went away with your incessant questions. It’s gone back in.”

“Back in?” Kylo looked back down with significantly more interest. “It comes out when you’re aroused?”

“Yes,” Hux said, staring firmly up at the ceiling.

“Oh.” Kylo didn’t even try to keep the delight out of his voice. “Just when I think you’re boring after all. Tell me if anything hurts.”

“If any of what huuuu-“ Hux’s arms uncrossed and he gripped his sheets as Kylo touched the tips of two fingers to his slit and spread them gingerly. He pressed two of them in, gingerly, stroking the side of the walls.

More than anything, it was Hux’s reactions that were fascinating. His eyes were wide, mouth open and hips arched up like he couldn’t get enough of Kylo’s touching. Something slowly occurred to Kylo and he pressed his mouth to Hux’s neck. “Nobody’s ever touched you like this, have they?”

Hux glared at him, but it was significantly diminished as Kylo thrust his fingers deeper, stroking Hux’s cock as it emerged from his body. Hux threw his head back with a harsh grunt. “Nobody has,” Kylo said, delighted. “Of course. You had to hide your dirty little secret from everyone. Only fucked with the lights off. Never let anyone see those lovely gills. Of course nobody got to touch you down here. Never in this place.” He dug his fingers in for emphasis and Hux keened as his cock slipped fully out. “Did you even touch yourself here? Or were you too ashamed?”

The way Hux’s shoulders tensed as he tried to scowl at Kylo was more of an answer than any words could be. Kylo grinned wolfishly. “I’m gonna eat you out.”

“Wait, what?”

Kylo shimmied down the bed and easily spread Hux’s thighs. His cock was completely out now, looking mostly human, but Kylo only spent a moment flicking his tongue over it before he moved down to what he really wanted to explore. He trailed his tongue up from the buttom of the slit, tipping the tip just inside.

Hux whined and when Kylo looked up, his hands were in his own hair. “You d-don’t- don’t even know if that’s- safe, could be- acid, or poison.”

“If I die between your legs, I’m alright with that.”

“Kriff, you’re impossible.”

“So I’ve been told,” he said, and plunged his tongue into the slit just below Hux’s cock.

Hux- there was no other word for it- whined and bucked his hips up towards Kylo’s face. Kylo moved his tongue, feeling the smoothness of the inner walls and- was Hux getting wet? Yes, he was, and Kylo was suddenly, brazenly, lit up with arousal at the idea that nobody had ever done this to Hux before. That he was the only one to feel Hux’s hips rocking up against his mouth, to hear those desperate noises falling from his lips. He wanted to keep Hux locked up in a cage and explore and touch and taste until Hux’s body was more intimate than his own. He wanted to keep Hux all as his own, never let anyone touch him, rip their veins from their bodies if they even thought about laying a single hand on what was his.

Hux cried out and when Kylo came back from his musings he discovered that he’d been putting that raw want into his mouth, licking Hux until his lips and chin were wet, and he currently had one edge of Hux’s slit between his teeth. Hux’s hands were clasped over his own face and his chest was heaving so hard that Kylo would have been concerned if it wasn’t for the waves of overwhelming need pouring off him.

He sucked at the crux of the slit, where it started just above Hux’s cock and Hux wailed, his body arching off the bed like he’d been electrocuted, his cock spurting come all over his stomach and chest.

Kylo stayed there, propped up on his elbows and watching Hux’s face with fiery intensity. Eventually Hux lowered trembling hands, but his eyes remained closed.

On a whim, Kylo dipped his hand into the glass of water on the table next to Hux’s bed and wetted Hux’s gills on either side. Hux nearly melted into the bed with an instantly relaxed look and let out a low clicking sound from his chest.

Kylo was still achingly hard, but if Hux kept making that contented clicking noise, he thought he could wait long enough to see whatever delightful blend of species Hux was had as their refractory period.



“How many times do you think I can make you come tonight?”

“I demand nothing less than excellence, Ren, let’s see if you can break the record.”

Hux’s teeth were just a little sharper than an average human’s. Something Kylo had discovered over the past two months. Sometimes he’d press on the semicircle scars of teeth on his thighs until he felt a thrilling tingle of pain. And he hummed in appreciation now as those teeth pressed into his shoulder.

He had a hand idly playing with Hux’s slit as they’d been kissing- well, more like trying to devour each other, which Kylo preferred to kissing anyway. The area between Hux’s legs had become something of a personal passion these days.

However, he thought, looking down, this was new. His fingers pressed in like they had so many times, but this time he kept going, and there was a…some kind of hole? Yes, buried inside the slit, just below Hux’s cock. “What’s this?” he murmured, pushing in as far as they’d go and crooking them.

Hux shuddered. “Oh. Oh, kriff. I don’t know, but don’t stop.”

Kylo pulsed with desire for this wild, mysterious being. “Can I fuck you here? In this?”

Green eyes snapped to Kylo’s cock, taking in its length and thickness. “If you don’t, I’m going to be very upset.”

The scratch marks Hux left down his back as he came harder than he ever had before was enough to put Kylo over the edge, even if Hux’s hole hadn’t tightened and clenched at Kylo’s cock so hard that Kylo couldn’t pull out for several minutes.

Kylo hoped the scratches left scars. He sincerely did.




Not long after, Kylo was sent on a weeklong mission that turned into a month and a half. He found himself missing the feeling of Hux’s gills against his tongue, the way Hux’s heels dug into his back when he wanted Kylo to thrust harder. But, oddly, he also missed the way Hux’s heart beat too slow and even for humans when he was asleep next to him. Or the way he clicked when he was completely satisfied and at ease.




“General, Lord Ren’s shuttle is coming in now.”

“About time. But since when have we expected anything from Lord Ren that wasn’t on his own schedule? I’ll be in my quarters.”

Mitaka frowned at him. “You don’t want to meet and debrief him?”

“I’m sure he’ll darken my doorway soon enough with something inane. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some important work to attend to.”

Hux made a beeline for his room and threw open the drawer to his desk. He dug out his salt container that he’d nicked from the mess and poured several generous spoonfuls into his glass of water, stirring furiously. As soon as it was dissolved he gulped down the whole glass, setting it down with a clack once it all was gone. Instantly the nausea abated. That was too close for comfort. His body’s demand for salt had been rising dramatically, and if he didn’t get enough he risked throwing up in front of his men. He’d nearly pitched his breakfast over Mitaka a moment ago.

His door hissed open, despite the fact that he hadn’t buzzed in anyone. Which meant only one thing.

“Lord Ren,” he said, a smile tugging at one corner of his mouth. “So nice of you to join us again.”

Ren didn’t say anything. As the silence stretched on, Hux’s smile faded and he began to feel a sense of unease. It wasn’t like Ren to be patient.

Finally he lifted off the helmet and set it on Hux’s desk, moving closer until they were toe-to-toe. Gloved hands came to rest on his hips as Ren fixed him with a gaze so intense that it nearly took Hux’s breath.

“You’re pregnant.”

Hux reeled back, eyebrows shooting up. “What?”

“You’re carrying a child.” Kylo’s eyes were wild. “My child.”

Hux gaped at him, mouth moving soundlessly. “Ren. You’re actually insane.”

Ren placed a firm hand on Hux’s stomach. “I know what I can feel through the force. I feel it. It’s small, but bright, and growing. You feel it too. I know you do.”

“How would we even- I haven’t- I don’t have-“ Something occurred to him and his stomach dropped. “Oh, kriff. This is what I get for having unprotected sex in alien orifices. This is what happens.”

“A child of empires and sith legacy,” Ren said, his voice rough. “Born into knights and emperors. A heir to greatness.”

Despite his shock and his kicking himself for not using protection in strange holes, Hux you dumbass, he found Ren’s words…oddly…titillating. He found himself thinking of Ren in full knight regalia, Hux in his uniform, and a child between them. The first in a new generation, born into a legacy of order and power.

Ren’s eyes flicked down. “Oh. Uh, children of empires and sith legacy.”

Children- Ren, what? There’s more than one?”

Ren’s head tilted and he looked contemplative. “There’s tw- th- you may want to research if your mother’s species generally has litters.”

Hux groaned and dropped his head against Ren’s shoulder. Nothing was ever simple, was it.