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2016 Comment Fics - Part 5

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When Chandler had made the offer, stay with me tonight, Em had thought there would be sex. He was not only okay with it, but ready. To his surprise Chandler never made a move, instead, they both stripped down to t shirts and underwear before cuddling up together under the covers.

As first nights together went there was a lot less sex involved than Em was used to. On the other hand, he couldn't help thinking, as he lay curled around Chandler holding him close as he slept, there was a hell of a lot more trust and intimacy.

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"This is not how I thought we would be spending out wedding night." Ray sighed and leaned back into the chair next to Fraser's bed. He shifted his shoulders trying to get comfortable then smiled letting his new husband know that he wasn't really as upset as his words sounded.

"I know, Ray. I'm sorry." Fraser's voice was rough and more than a little sleepy sounding. "I couldn't leave the dog in the road." He smiled ruefully reaching for Ray's hand. "Though I do wish I had been a little faster."

A muffled woof from under Ray's chair greeted his words and was accompanied by a soft chuckle from Ray.

"Nah. You wouldn't be the boy scout I know and love if ya could." Ray squeezed Fraser's hand then slowly pulled his fingers free when he realized that Fraser was now sound asleep. Crossing his arms across his chest he settled in to keep watch while his Mountie slept.

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"Yo! Parker! Over here!" Wade waved, making a grand gesture when a small one would have sufficed.

Sighing Peter shook his head and made his way across the crowed SHIELD conference room. Pretending he hadn't heard would only make it worse.

"I've lost something and I need your help."

"Your mind?" Peter smirked.

"You cut me to the core." Wade clutched his chest in an almost perfect imitation of someone having a heart attack.

Peter's smirk widened taking on a devilish twist. Some days he wasn't sure about Wade, but the man was always good for some verbal fencing. Peter did enjoying bantering with someone who could take it as well as dish it out. "What did you lose?" He asked

"Something precious."

"The one ring?"

"It is ring related. Ringish? But in a multiple sort of way."

Peter frowned, now seriously confused, but not the least bit surprised. After all it was Wade. "Okay, I'll bite, what did you lose?"

"Oooo" Wade a suggestive movement with his hips and leaned in to snap at Peter.

"I said I'll bite not I bite." Peter could feel the blush creeping steadily up his neck. "Either way, What Did You Lose?"

"My heart and later a hot load thinking about spider bites."

"Oh, God." Peter edged away, but Wade followed grinning manically. "Actually, I seem to have misplaced my phone number and I was wondering if I could borrow yours."

Stunned, Peter stopped, mouth gaping open. "All that was for a horrible pick up line?"

"It's not horrible if it works." Wade pulled out his phone wiggling it enticingly. "I've shown you mine now show me yours."

"Nope. If you want it then you're going to have get it some other way. Use your mercenary skills that you are so proud of."

"Oh, a challenge! I love challenges." Wade grinned and flicked a lazy salute with two fingers. "Well played, Spider Bite. Well, played."

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"Say it." Clint leaned back just out of range for the kiss that Phil had been trying to land.

"What?" Phil's smile was soft, but mischief twinkled in his eyes.

"You know. Three little words. Eight letters."

"I like pie."

Clint blinked, mentally counting the words and letters. "Okay, that works, but its not what I meant and you know it."

"Clint Barton is amazing and sexy."

Clint grinned and batted his eyes then shook his head. "That is true, but it's too many letters and words."

"You and me." Phil brushed a hand up Clint's arm and brought it rest so his palm was cupping Clint's cheek.

"Getting closer." Clint relaxed into the touch feeling a warmth go through him that wasn't entirely sexual.

Phil leaned in, his lips not quite touching Clint's and smiled. "I love you, Clint Barton."

"Still too many words, but I'll..." Clint smiled into the kiss, happy to let the rest of his comment be lost in exchange for something a lot better.

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Quatre tossed the invitation onto his desk, frowning at the heavy cream paper and gold lettering. It seemed like a waste of time, effort, and resources to throw a big coming of age birthday party when he had been running WEI for years now.

By the time he had returned to take over the leadership of the company he had already fought in two wars and learned to control the zero system. Surely those experiences and the training he had been receiving since he was barely old enough to walk were more important than a randomly selected age.

He'd come of age in Sandrock's cockpit the moment he'd realized -- really, truly, known -- that people were going to die in the wars and some of them would because of him. Once you understood that there was no going back to blocks, balls and the school room.

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Trowa adored the sex, he really did, but more than that, he reveled in the feeling of being held like he was cherished and loved.

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The day Relena wore her first little black dress she did it show that she was no longer a pink obsessed girl, but a woman.

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Clint wanted Phil's love, his touch, and all of his kisses, but more than that he needed, like oxygen, Phil's smiles and words of approval.

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It was Keita's welcome party at the hot springs that finally decided it for Takuto. The whole mystery with who stole Kouji's toothbrush made it abundantly clear that everyone, Kouji included, knew about Takuto's crush. It also brought to light the fact that Kouji didn't seem to mind. After spending the evening of the MVP Battle as they worked together on victory dinner Takuto slowly let himself see and accept that Kouji appeared to enjoy his company.

That was the beginning of Takuto actually seeking out Kouji even when there was no real reason to instead of sitting back and acting like a stutter fool whenever they accidentally came into contact. Taking that small step slowly began to influence everything in Takuto's life. His confidence improved and with it his art, which was already pretty spectacular to begin with.

The process was slow and it wasn't unusual for forward motion to be followed by a set back. However, in the end there was a cumulative gain. Takuto was much less fragile and Kouji, was, well proud and it showed in how he spoke to and about Takuto.

The hardest part though, for Takuto, the final step towards accepting himself and his feelings was putting himself out there, at risk for heartbreaking rejection was asking Kouji out on a date. Not just a hang out as friends, they'd done that many times. Finally, when the need was no longer bearable Takuto blurted out the question, afraid to look at Kouji because of what he might see there. It wasn't until Kouji pulled Takuto close and said, "yes, I've been waiting for you to ask", that all his new found courage and confidence cemented into the man Takuto Iwai would be.

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"You're dating?!" Clary looked at Simon, stunned. When her best friend had called and said that he had some good news that was the last thing she had expected. "Are you sure it's not Stockholm Syndrome or a vampire hazing ritual of some kind?" She studied Simon's face, trying to read him, but he sat half in shadow obscuring his features.

"I'm sure." Simon laughed then gestured to the waiter to bring them another round of coffees.

"But how?" She pushed, worried, and for some reason she didn't want to think about, a little jealous. "Isn't that the whole point of Stockholm Syndrome? You don't realize you're doing it?"

"For one thing I'm not a hostage or being kept against my will. I can leave any time I want. For another I asked him out not the other way around."

"Oh." Clary played with her spoon trying to match this new confident and mostly happy with her image of the Simon she had grown up with. With everything that had happened to them he had become so different. But then so had she. Trauma and learning to come to terms with who you are changed a person; sometimes for good, sometimes not. "I guess I'm happy for you. If you're sure this is what you want."

"I'm not ready to pick out curtains and settle into an eternity of togetherness, but for now, yeah, this is what I want." Simon sipped his coffee, smiling at her over the rim.

"Okay then." She sighed then frowned. "So does that mean I should give him a stake speech? Because a shovel speech seems like it wouldn't work on a vampire."

Simon chuckled then lapsed into a full out belly laugh and Clary relaxed for the first time since he had shared his news. He seemed to be okay, still she'd be watching, just in case.

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Karou stood, as he often did, on the balcony off the Treasury room looking out over the campus of Bell Liberty Academy. The school seemed different than it had when he'd first arrived, bigger and more intimidating. Comfort and familiarity from his years as a student made it appear smaller, not diminished per se but closer, more intimate.

Still, there were days when he had to fight the urge to retreat to pull back into himself the way he had before he met Omi. Today was one of those. All the excitement surrounding the MVP battle and Keita's kidnapping had worn on him and he was feeling much older than his years.

A steaming tea cup appeared in front of him accompanied by the soothing scents of camomile and honey. The cup, his favorite, a delicate china with pale roses and a touch of gold on the rim, rested on a matching saucer. He took it gratefully, flashing a smile at Omi, his friend, lover and constant companion, as he did.

"Thank you."

Omi smiled then leaned back against the railing his back to the spectacular view. "I thought you might be hungry."

After a moment of consideration Kaoru realized that he was, but the thought of walking to the cafeteria and interacting with people was too painful to even contemplate. He'd rather skip the meal than that.

"There's miso soup, cucumber salad and rice on your desk. "I'm going back to my room now. I'll see you at breakfast."

Kaoru nodded, relief washing over him. This was why he had insisted that Omi hack the server and add his name to the list of students invited to attend the academy. For the days when Kaoru couldn't exist, let alone function, without him.

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Quatre collapsed to his knees sobbing, not sure if it was for his lost innocence, the lives he had been forced to take or the utter gut wrenching terror that no matter what he did with the rest of his life the blood the drenched his hands and his soul would never come clean.

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"I'm glad you came to school that day."

Kaoru startled and lifted his head from where he had been studying the new figures for the treasury. It was unlike Omi to be sentimental especially without anything obvious to take his thoughts down that path. From what Kaoru could see Omi appeared to be calmly typing, his eyes focused completely on the monitor while his fingers danced over the keyboard.

That day had started like so many others in Kaoru's life. Up early and getting ready for school, every moment debating if he would actually go or not that day. More and more the answer had been no, choosing to lose himself in his head instead of dealing with the real world.

Something had pushed him that day despite the fact that it had been close to two months since he'd last attended. At the classroom door he had been greeted by friends who were eager to tell him all about the strange new, half Japanese, boy who never spoke to anyone and spent all his time glaring out the window. Kaoru had been curious and surprised even himself when approached Omi. Kaoru had stayed despite Omi yelling to leave him alone.

Then there was that moment where Omi realized that Kaoru was speaking English, that someone understood and he was no longer alone. The smile that had lit up Omi's face took Kaoru's breath away and almost knocked him to his knees. He'd known then that Omi was who he had been spent his whole young life waiting for; a reason and a means to live in the outside world.

Now, years later,fluent in Japanese and with many other friends, Omi remained devoted. Not just out of loyalty, but from a genuine desire to be at Kaoru's side.

In a rare show of warmth, Kaoru smiled, soft and affectionate knowing that Omi would see him even if he appeared not to be looking. "I am too."

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"Promise me."

Magnus narrowed his eyes at his young friend? Boyfriend? future Lover? They were still carefully navigating that possible minefield and it was slow going at this point. There was interest and trust, both of which were a good foundation for something more involved in the future. Knowing Alec he wasn't completely surprised they were having this conversation he just hadn't expected it so soon. It was obvious that what happened to Jace had hit Alec hard and he'd followed his guilt to some pretty dark places. "No. Absolutely not."

"Please Magnus." The look in Alec's eyes was bordering on desperation. "You're the only one I can trust. I know Izzy won't."

"Your sister is a sensible young woman."

Alec shot Magnus a look that said he clearly disagreed with that statement, but did reply to it. "I can't ask Lydia. Not now."

"No." Magnus agreed sipping from a cocktail that was a brilliant neon blue. "That would be awkward." He stirred his drink with his pinky then sucked the liquid off, coyly watching to see if he was having an effect. When Alec did not react Magnus sighed and patted the seat next to him. When Alec was seated he smiled kindly. "I'll tell you what I will do. I'll promise that if Valentine captures you that I will move heaven and earth to get you back. No matter the cost."

A small, shy smile creeped across Alec's features for a moment before it was replaced by a horrified frown. "That's the opposite of what I asked!"

"I know." Magnus set down his drink and took Alec's hands in his. "And yet that is all I can offer you. Abandoning you to your fate is not something I can or will do."

Alec's face crumpled and he fell forward until his head was resting in the crook of Magnus's neck. Gently, Magnus carded his fingers into Alec's hair, smiling when Alec leaned into the contact. There was no doubt in Magnus's mind that Alec would sacrifice himself for Jace or Izzy, but at least for the moment he'd given up on the argument and being a practical man Magnus was willing to call it a, probably temporary, win.

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They told him that time would make things better. Time and distance would heal everything. If that's true, and he wants to believe, he really does, then why does he still see the demogorgon every night in his dreams?

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"Do you have any plans for tonight?" Simon smiled a little shyness showing he held himself a bit apart from Raphael.

Raphael shrugged, his movements filled with liquid grace. "Nothing that can't for another day. Why?"

"I was thinking that we could go do something." Simon's eyes were bright with a boyish eagerness that overrode the unnatural gleam.

"I suppose we could go to the Club. I haven't put in an appearance lately."

Simon shook his head, frowning. "I was thinking of something more like the amusement park. You know, fun like you did before." He made a gesture as if he was waving over his shoulder, but expression on Raphael's face made it clear he understood what Simon was trying to convey.

"There wasn't any fun in my.." Raphael duplicated Simon's gesture, his tone dry. "It wasn't invented until after."

"Really?" Simon drew the word out, disbelief strong in his voice.

"I was raised Catholic." Raphael's smile broaden into what, on anyone else, would have been called wolfish.

Snorting, now visibly amused Simon laughed. "I think you've done okay all things considered."

"Well, thank you, I feel so...adequate." He stood and offered his hand to Simon. "Lets go find some fun."

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"What the hell is that?" Steve frowned and pointed down the beach with his hand that still holding Danny's.

Danny turned away from where he had been admiring the moon rising over the water to follow the line of Steve's finger.

"Sea turtle?" He shrugged.

"No." Steve shook his head. "They never beach alone and besides they don't nest on this beach." Even as he spoke he was picking up speed, moving closer and pulling a grudging Danny behind him. "It looks like a person only not."

As they drew close the creature moved it's oversized head towards them showing a mouthful of large, triangular shaped teeth. Steve froze then backpedaled quickly, his eyes never leaving whatever it was that was slowly creeping into the breaking tide.

"Holy shit!" Danny breathed when dorsal fin disappeared from view into the inky sea. "Was that?"

"Kamohoali’li, yeah. I think so."

Danny nodded, his eyes glued to the water, scanning for anything out of the ordinary in the cresting waves. "And you wonder why I want to go back to New Jersey."

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It should have been easy to accept that he was wrong and let it go. To say he was sorry to the man he loved with every ounce of his being and yet Quatre fought it every single time.

He knew that Trowa wouldn't ever judge him or hold his anger or miscalculations against him. But, then maybe that was the problem. Maybe Quatre wanted to be judged, to be found wanting in Trowa's eyes. To finally that moment arrive that he knew was bound to happen.

Sooner or later Quatre let everyone down. He'd been a disappointment to his father and had never lived up to any of the expectations he'd put on himself. Not. One. No matter how hard he tried he always fell short of what he wanted or felt he needed to accomplish.

Even his best was never going to be good enough. Why couldn't Trowa see that and accept the inevitable? Why did he have to keep forgiving and understanding the merger effort that Quatre could do?

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It wasn't the big things that Tim regretted when his father died. Sure he was sad that there would be an empty chair at his wedding and that the holidays would never been the same even if still enjoyed them. No, it was the small things, the tiny moments when they connected and for the flash of a single word or thought actually understood each other.

There would never be another epiphany or moment of understanding that this, whatever this was, was something that tied them together and proved despite their many differences that they were indeed father and son.

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"Sometimes when we touch..." The last note wobbled and reverberated through the small apartment.

In the kitchen, Peter poured batter onto a warm griddle and laughed, shaking his head. The fact that Wade sang, well shouted actually, cheesy love songs in the shower was one of his more socially acceptable quirks. In fact it was almost endearing.

He flipped the pancakes then frowned, listening more intently.

"I wanna hold you til they die. Til we both break the bad guys. I wanna hold you 'til the beer in me subsides."

Snorting with barely suppressed amusement Peter once again shook his head. Now that was the Wade he knew and might possibly, though he really didn't want to believe or admit it even to himself, loved.

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The war was over and the pilots scattered to the winds. Heero was wandering, trying to find himself. Duo had returned to L2 to help Hilde with the salvage business. Trowa was traveling with The Circus again much to Cathy's delight and Quatre had was back with his family on L4 trying to pick up the pieces of WEI.

Everyone had a place to be, someone to come home to who cared. Everyone, but Wufei. His colony, and with it his clan, were just bits of matter floating somewhere in space. At least while he'd been fighting he had a purpose, a reason to keep going and now there was nothing, just a void the size of the Earth and the colonies trapped in his chest.

He couldn't believe that peace was real or that humanity deserved it. They hadn't earned it. Not yet, probably not ever. They were too weak, too undeserving. Himself most of all.

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"Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?" Wade rested his hand on his hip, cocking it in a way that would have been at home on the runways of Paris, Milan or New York City.

"If you start now you might get your ten thousand steps in before I have to leave to go fight some bad guys." There was a smirk plain as day in tone of Peter's voice, but fortunately he was wearing his mask so Wade couldn't see the blush coloring his cheeks.

Wade tilted his head, looking like a confused cocker spaniel. "How many steps for lust at first sight?"

"That depends," Peter answered, surprising himself. "On how many it takes to get over here."

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"These are for you." Clint thrust a bunch of five petaled purplish blue flowers at Phil, shifting nervously from foot to foot.

Phil raised an eyebrow in question, but accepted the flowers, burying his nose in them and inhaling. "Is it our anniversary already?" He joked, attempting to lighten the mood and soften the intense look on Clint's face.

"Yeah. Sort of." Clint looked down and away, his gaze settling briefly on everything, but Phil. "You brought me in a year ago and offered me a job with SHIELD." He shot Phil a grin then looked away quickly. "I mean you shot me to do it, but it was a good shoot. I don't even have a scar."

"Coming from you that is quite a compliment." Phil smiled, a genuine one that showed a hint of his softer side. "Thank you and thank you for the flowers." He rose to fill an empty coffee cup with water and when he turned back to his desk Clint was gone. Smiling again, though this time with a bit more wistful longing Phil took another long look at the flowers before shaking his head. As if anyone could actually forget Clint Barton.

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Joshua stared unblinking at his sister, noticing in an out of body sort of way that the tactical suit she was wearing was much too form fitting for the baby girl he used to read bedtime stories to. "What the hell?" The fact he managed to squeak that out was pretty impressive considering his brain felt like it was a high impact spin cycle. "Seriously, what the hell?"

"I wanted to tell you." Claudia leaned forward and applied her index finger to the underside of his jaw so that his mouth no longer hung open. "But Artie said no."

"Artie? Your boss Artie? He knows about this?"

She shot him a look the clearly said duh even though no words were spoken. "He's the one who hooked me up. He helped me pick out a name and get a costume."

"Oh, Lord." Joshua sank down on the nearest piece of furniture which fortunately happened to be an overstuffed ottoman. "What about everyone else you work with? Are they..." He let the sentence trail off not quite able to wrap his head around the idea of his sister being a superhero, let alone saying the words.

"Yep. All of them." Claudia's grin was more gleeful than it necessarily needed to be, but she made no effort to tone it down. "Steve's superpower is that he knows if people are lying." Her grin widened and took on a decidedly pointed edge when Joshua's complexion went white then a deep red blush.

"So he knows." Joshua dropped his head into his hands and made a sound that would not have been out of place coming from a small, sad, puppy.

"Yep." Claudia patted her mortified brother on the top of his head, clearly enjoying herself. "The good news is he likes you too."

"Really?" Joshua lifted his head just enough that he could see Claudia's face.

"Really." She laughed, ruffling his hair then added. "Would I lie to you?"

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Living through the Eve Wars had been difficult, Quatre would agree. All of them had almost died many times, most of them at least once by their own hand. War was nasty, ugly, business, but at least when you were fighting a battle you knew where you stood and what you were trying to accomplish. Survival was the goal and that made everything else simple.

Now, with peace accomplished, even if only for the moment, and the weapons of war put to rest the hard part began. Two questions loomed large in his mind.

Who was he?

What did he want to do?

From them came so many more. Who did he want to be? Could he be that person? Did he still have value? Had he forfeited all right to happiness?

The only thing that kept him grounded, kept him for losing himself in a world of darkness and despair was knowing that his friends, the other Gundam pilots, were fighting the same battles with him and together they would win this war as well.

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There are so many things that Magnus finds incredibly attractive about Alec. His smile and the fact that he is completely unaware of his affect on the people around him are near the top of the list, but thing that does Magnus in every single time is Alec's eyes. Whether they are dancing with laughter or dark and stormy with anger or passion they grab Magnus and hold him trapped against his will.

It's a bit disconcerting for a man Magnus' age and supposed sophistication level, but something about Alec makes Magnus feel like a giddy young warlock discovering the world of sexual pleasure for the first time.

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"Francis." Wade enunciated each syllable of the word careful and with great emphasis. "Where. The Fuck. Is. Francis?" He shoved the barrel of his gun harder into the face of sweating man he was dangling several inches off the ground.

"I...I don't know...any Francis." The words were choked out leaving spittle collecting at the corner of the man's mouth. "I swear. I fucking swear! On my mother's grave."

"Now that's just rude. I asked you nicely." Wade paused and cocked his head to the side. "The first time." He amended his statement. "I asked you nicely the first time. But," He shook the man like a terrier with a rat. "I lose my patience and my temper very quickly when people try to punch me and then lie. So I'm going to ask you one more time. Where the fuck is Francis?" The tone was light, almost conversational, but did nothing to hide the threat inherent in them.

"I don't..." Wade didn't even let the man finish his sentence before putting a bullet in his head. With a sigh he let the now very dead man drop to the floor before wiping his hand on the wall to clean the blood, brains and other assorted viscera from it. Somebody better have some information for him soon because this wading through layers of minions was really starting to piss him off.

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"I missed you." Clint snuggled up closer to Phil, draping a leg over Phil's and nuzzling his neck in a way that was more comforting than sexual. "The mission lasted way too long. Hill is a slave driver and Sitwell always sides with her."

Phil made a happy sound low in his throat then chuckled. "Jasper knows she'll make his life miserable if he doesn't."

"It makes my life miserable when he does." Clint grumbled though he sounded less out of sorts than his words led anyone listening to assume. "The couch in his office isn't nearly as comfortable as yours."

"Good." Phil grinned rolling slightly to plan a kiss firmly on Clint's lips. "I'd hate to think you'd trade up because Jasper had a better couch."

"Nope." Clint chuckled then returned the kiss with one that a little more demanding and needy. When they broke apart he ran his finger tips over Phil's jaw touching him lightly. "Even if he had the best couch in the world that would never happen."

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Trowa stared out through the view port his gaze fixed on the distant stars. It had been a year and three months since the end of the eve wars. Four hundred and sixty days since he had slipped out of Quatre's bed and disappeared, making his way into space where he could be anonymous as he tried to figure out who he was in a world that was no longer in need of weapons of war. No longer in need of him or his particular skill set. But still in need.

For a long time,four hundred and fifty days, he'd thought he had no value, that there was nothing he could do to help or make a difference no matter how hard he drove himself.

It was the dream that had changed his mind. Quatre had been calling out to him just like during the war only this time he wore a Preventers uniform. He'd smiled warmly and promised Trowa a home; a place to make a difference. Every thing he wanted, needed, and nothing he had.

And so, he'd gone, quitting his job and hopping a freighter that would let him work off the price of his ticket to Earth. Maybe it was stupid. Maybe the dream had just been his subconscious reminding him of everything he'd never had, but somewhere in his gut, the part of himself that Trowa always trusted, he had the sense that he was finally going to find his future, right where he'd left it.

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Donald pushed the smaller pile of leaves he had just finished raking into the edge of the large one that dominated the backyard then stepped back to admire his handiwork.

The sound of backdoor closing was followed by the scrabble of claws on the patio tile. Bracing himself for what he knew was coming next he dodged to the side as a small, white, ball of energy dashed past him and landed in the leaves with a thump, his perfect pile exploding into the air and out as Watson turned it into his personal play toy.

Warm arms wrapped around his waist and Donald leaned back into Timmy's familiar embrace. "I could just keep him in the house until you bagged them you know. That way you wouldn't have to rake them twice."

Donald shrugged, chuckling as he watched Watson tearing around in a frenzy, red and brown leaves stuck in his fur. "He's having so much fun it seems wrong to deprive him of that. Besides," he added, turning slightly to plant a kiss on Timmy's jaw, "it gives me an excuse to stand here and cuddle up with you."

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The wind whipped around the corner of the art building pulling on Takuto's hair and blowing it into his face. Using one hand to push it back out of his eyes he shivered, wishing he had paid more attention to the piles of storm clouds when he had left his room earlier in the day. He'd been so focused on the idea for his newest painting that they'd seemed unimportant.

"Why are you out here in only a thin jacket?"

Takuto startled, surprised to find Kouji at his elbow. Either he was a certified ninja or Takuto had let himself get lost in his thoughts again. He was guessing it was the second though the idea of Kouji in a tight, black, ninja outfit was enough to make his cheeks burn with embarrassment. "It wasn't so cold when I left this morning."

"You should pay more attention to the weather." Kouji's reprimand was kind and his touch gentle as he wrapped the heavy scarf he had been wearing around Takuto's neck, making sure to cover his ears and pin his unruly hair in place. "You're shivering."

Takuto nodded, not willing to admit out loud that the fact he had trembling had more to do with Kouji than the first, fat, raindrops that heralded the beginning of the storm.

"Here, you'd better take these too." Kouji handed Takuto a pair of expensive fur lined gloves which he slipped on gratefully. "Better?" He asked when Takuto was done.

"Yes, thank you. I'm sorry to be such a burden."

"No, it's fine." Kouji resumed walking in the direction of the dorm, a soft smile toying at the corner of his lips. "I like the way you look in them."

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"It's so cold." Quatre shivered, snuggling deeper into his heavy coat.

Duo laughed, smirking in amusement. "You think this is cold you should spend on some time on L2. When the weather controls break down, which is all the fucking time, it makes this look like a summer day."

"I'm sorry." Quatre rested a hand encased in an expensive leather glove on Duo's arm.

"Don't worry." Ducking the look of Quatre's horrified sympathy Duo quickly changed the subject. "Why don't you go inside if you're cold? Wufei's got the fire going and Trowa was going to make hot cider."

"I will, soon." Quatre wandered a little further down the leaf strewn path. "It's just so beautiful I want to enjoy every minute of it that I can." He was silent for a minute staring up at the mostly naked branches. "It's so different here on Earth. On L4 we never really had seasons, everything was programed to be the right temperature all the time. Here the weather seems so random and harsh and yet so real." He stopped, chuckling ruefully. "You must think I'm crazy."

"Nope." Duo shook his head then steering Quatre by the shoulders, turned him around he was headed back in the direction of the lodge. "It's weird for me too. Makes me jealous of the people who grew up here."

"Oh good." Quatre relaxed, a smile lighting his face. "I thought it was just me."