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An Early Morning Surprise: An Earth 723 Fic

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An Early Morning Surprise
By Rowena Zahnrei



Ingrid Susan Wagner let out a grumpy, sleepy groan and pulled the sheet up over her head.


This time, the insistent whisper came with a sharp poke. Suzie groaned louder and rolled over, aiming a golden-eyed glare at her older sister from under the blanket.

"What'dyou want, Marti?" the twelve year old mumbled.

"Wake up, will you?" Marta whispered, grabbing Suzie's sheet and yanking it down to the bottom of the bed. "Have you forgotten our plans entirely?"

Suzie pulled herself up into a sleepy hunch, yawning hugely as she rubbed her eyes.

"No, of course I haven't," she grumbled. "Just remind me - what were they again?"

Marta sighed deeply and rolled her glowing, green eyes.

"Not funny, Suzie," she whispered. "Hurry up and get your tail down to the kitchen. I've still got to wake up Edmund."

"But, I don't have a tail," Suzie muttered, slumping back down and curling up in a warm, sleepy ball. "Does that mean I don't have to go?"

Marta jabbed her sister in the ribs with her own spaded tail.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," she snapped.

"What for?" Suzie snapped back.

"For being a lazy lout, that's what for. Now get yourself out of bed and down to the kitchen before we run out of time and everything is ruined!"

Suzie yawned again and scratched her fingers through her long, azure hair.

"What time is it?" she asked.

"Nearly five," Marta told her curtly. "Can I trust you to get out of bed if I leave now to wake Edmund?"

"Yes..." Suzie sighed, finally resigned to wakefulness as she sluggishly rose to her feet, padded over to her closet, and started tossing various articles of clothing in the general direction of her bed.

Marta nodded approvingly, then vanished in a bright BAMF of sulfurous smoke.


Edmund was already awake and dressed when Marta appeared in his room. The eight year old jumped off his bed the moment he heard the familiar BAMF of teleportation, his big white grin gleaming in the yellowish glow of his nightlight. Unlike the two girls, Edmund Wagner had not inherited their father's night vision.

"Marti!" he whispered excitedly, his smooth, powder-blue tail lashing behind him. "Is it time to get started yet?"

"You bet!" Marti grinned back, pleased that at least one of her siblings was showing the proper enthusiasm for the task ahead. "Shall I teleport you down, or would you rather take the stairs?"

"Teleport me!" the boy cheered. "I want to get down there fast!"

Marta's grin broadened, displaying her sharp fangs. Edmund ran to her, and the fuzzy, blue fourteen year old pulled her little brother close, wrapping him in a secure embrace.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Let's go!" he said, his hazel eyes shining.


To Be Continued...