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The young master was undeniably ill.

Ciel had been flushed and feverish for most of the morning, and was even less inclined than usual to study or do his work; he drooped like a wilted flower over his desk, irritable and sullen, barking orders at Sebastian, who was becoming somewhat annoyed.

The butler well understood that humans were fragile, easily-damaged things, and being in poor health tended to make them uncomfortable and disagreeable; he therefore decided patience was the better virtue, and tolerated the little Earl's incessant brattiness with as much grace as he could. His self-restraint had its limits, however.

"Sebastian!" Ciel snapped, leaning heavily on his arms, very nearly resting his head on the desk. "I'm hot. Make me something cold to drink. Something sweet, like lemonade."

"It's very likely that you're dehydrated," Sebastian answered, in the calm, measured voice that somehow both soothed and aggravated Ciel. "Perhaps some ice water, with a bit of lemon? I doubt putting more sugar into your system will help."

"Don't argue with me!" the boy shouted, and Sebastian's left eyebrow crept upward slightly. "I told you to make me some lemonade. So do it!"

"My. You are in a foul temper." Ciel had hardly enough time to look up and acknowledge the comment before Sebastian was behind him, leaning around the back of the chair to whisper in his ear: "I think it's in Young Master's best interests to cool down as quickly as possible." His breath stirred the fine hairs at the nape of Ciel's neck, and a not-entirely-unpleasant chill ran down the boy's spine. "I'll prepare a cold bath for you."

"Idiot!" Ciel rebuffed him scornfully, but it didn't help much; the much larger Sebastian still managed to lift him out of the chair and proceeded to carry him towards the door. "Hey, you! I don't want a cold bath! Hey! Are you listening!?"

Smile firmly in place, Sebastian carried his noisy burden down the hall. "Be reasonable, Young Master. You're running a fever, and if you continue to behave this way, you'll only tire yourself further." To make it easier to protect his head from Ciel's indignant flailing, he put the boy over his shoulder, holding those thin coltish legs with one hand.

The furious Earl was in the midst of calling his butler every single vulgar word he knew (twice, because he honestly didn't know very many) when Finny appeared from around the corner, rosy-cheeked from the sun and smelling of fresh-cut grass. "Mr. Sebastian!" The little Irishman paused in his greeting, his expression drifting towards concern. "And... Young Master?"

"Put me down this instant, you low-born, boot-licking--"

Sebastian resisted the urge to slap the upturned behind so close to his hand and beamed his most charming smile at the gardener. "I'm very sorry, the young master isn't feeling well at the moment. As you can see, he's very much not himself, so please excuse this unpleasant scene." One of Ciel's fists thumped him squarely between the shoulderblades, and although his hand tightened reflexively on the boy's bare thigh, the demon did nothing but smile more widely.

Finny blinked, lost somewhere on the path between confusion and alarm. Then Ciel twisted around to look at him, and the sight of him peering around Sebastian's shoulder with his butt up in the air and a doggedly proud expression... well, it was damned adorable, and Finny nearly lost it. "Then... I..." he managed between barely-suppressed snickers, "I... hope you... feelbettersoongoodbye!" He took off down the hall, and almost made it out of earshot before he burst out laughing. Almost.

Ciel made a fuzzy mental note to make Finnian's life hell for a few days. "Bastard."

"Well, you are being rather silly." Sebastian's tone was almost scolding. "All this fuss over a bath." Ciel kicked him, the toe of his small shoe striking Sebastian's breastbone painfully, and this time the demon did smack that vulnerable rump, enjoying the horrified yelp from its owner. "Such childish behavior is very unseemly, you know."

For once, the Earl of Phantomhive had nothing to say; his face was hot, he was short of breath, sweat was beading on his upper lip, and his butt was stinging. It was very unsettling.

Before he quite knew what was happening, efficient hands were untying his cravat and unbuttoning his coat. "Young Master, please do hold still. This is much more difficult when you squirm."

"Good," Ciel answered, recovering enough to swat at Sebastian's fingers. "I told you, I don't want a bath."

"Yes, you've made that quite clear," the butler answered, making quick work of the boy's coat despite all the squirming. "I assure you, I won't be putting you in the bath just yet."

"Finally, you listen!" Ciel huffed; Sebastian's palm slid over his ribs, and he jumped. "Stop it, your hands are cold."

"Are they?" the demon responded, smiling innocently as he removed the Earl's fine linen shirt.

"I can feel it even through your gloves," the boy grumbled, trying to push those cold hands away and not succeeding. "Like ice. Stop it!"

"Young Master, honestly," Sebastian's tone was very definitely scolding this time. "If you're ill, you should be in bed. You can't go to sleep with all your clothes on, and you're certainly in no condition to handle the task yourself. You can barely concentrate enough to stay upright."

Ciel thought he saw glowing embers in Sebastian's eyes before all his bones went strangely wobbly and he fell backward onto the mattress. He hadn't even realized up until that point that he'd been sitting on the edge of the bed for some time. "You... what did you...?"

"What's that you said? I'm afraid I didn't quite hear you." The soft blue short-trousers slid easily down Ciel's legs and within seconds were somehow laying on the dressing-table, neatly folded.

The Earl jumped again as a cool, gloved hand brushed lightly over his hipbone."Seba--"

"Don't worry, Young Master," Sebastian soothed, leaning over the nearly-naked Ciel, his long fingers skating up and down the boy's sides. "As the butler of the house of Phantomhive, if I couldn't ease a simple fever, then what would I do?" His thumb brushed over a small pink nipple, which immediately hardened, and Ciel's body arched upward against him most enticingly. "Relax. I will not hurt you."

"What... what are you doing...?" Ciel was vaguely aware of his muslin drawers being untied and pulled down his legs; his feet felt lighter, so he could tell his shoes had been removed as well at some point, but beyond that, he really wasn't sure what was going on. "I... I don't... Seba..." Some shrewd, vigilant part of his feverish brain was telling him he should be afraid, or at least very alarmed, but how could he be afraid of anything when all his senses told him Sebastian was there and he was quite safe? Sebastian's scent, like clean linens and clove and cinnamon-spice; Sebastian's voice, as smooth as syrup and very nearly as sweet; Sebastian's touch, blessedly cool and soft in those white gloves; and when the Earl looked up through his lashes, his field of vision was filled with Sebastian's white face, black hair, and black coat... although they seemed a bit hazy.

As he leaned over his young master, the demon couldn't help but pause to admire the view: Ciel, the Queen's Watchdog, the arrogant and utterly infuriating Earl of Phantomhive, was lying flat on his back across the embroidered coverlet, his hands palm-up beside his head, his fingers curled childishly inward; his smooth skin was flushed and glistening with fever-sweat; he was wearing nothing but his garters, knee stockings, eyepatch, and jewelry; and he was looking up at his butler with such a trusting and uncharacteristically innocent expression... Sebastian wanted nothing more than to swoop down and devour the sumptuous dish, body and soul, then lick his fingers afterwards. But... "Relax," he said again, reassuringly. "I will make this very pleasurable for you."

Ciel watched as Sebastian pulled a glove off with his teeth, then gasped as the demon's bare hand slid along the curve of his ribs, icy cold. "Ah!" He jerked upward again, instinctively, though he wasn't sure if that was because he was trying to get away from that hand, or closer to it. "Cold!"

Sebastian chuckled, a wicked sound that made Ciel shiver despite his overheated state. "Fevers can be beneficial to the healing process," he said, as calmly and informatively as a textbook. "The increased temperature helps to remove the disease-causing impurities, much as boiling water sterilizes it for drinking. However, very high internal temperatures can cause lasting damage to the human body and brain. Therefore, as a loyal butler, it is my duty to reduce my master's fever and bring as much comfort as possible." He pulled off the other glove and placed both hands palm-down on Ciel's narrow chest, silently appreciating the way the boy's breathing hitched as he did so.

"Too... cold," Ciel panted, frustrated with his own voice for coming out so breathy and odd. What kind of illness had he caught, that caused not only fever and mental cloudiness, but also difficulty in speech? "Like... a wet washcloth." That wasn't quite right, but he couldn't think of a better comparison at the moment. Just thinking, period, was something of a challenge.

Sebastian frowned slightly. He did actually want to reduce the Earl's temperature, but the localized coldness of his hands was making Ciel even more uncomfortable; a cold bath would have been ideal for overall fever reduction, but of course his disagreeable and combative young master had soundly vetoed that notion, leaving Sebastian with few options. Tch. What a bother. "I apologize most sincerely, Young Master. I will try another method to cool you."

Ciel lay there, eyes mostly shut, and was relieved when the icy hands left his chest; almost instantly, though, he felt twice as hot, and he realized Sebastian hadn't done anything to cool him for several moments. Annoyed with his butler's slacking, he raised his head to see what the hell was taking so long, and his eyes flew open wide when he saw that the demon had removed his own jacket, waistcoat, and cravat, and was in the midst of unbuttoning his crisp white shirt. "Wa-- Wait-- wha--" He was suddenly aware of his own nudity, and was distinctly uncomfortable, despite the fact that Sebastian, as his butler, had seen him naked hundreds of times before: bathing him, dressing him, getting him ready for bed. It occurred to him that the situation probably seemed strange because he had never seen Sebastian without clothing; tattered, yes. Torn, most certainly. But simply undressed? No. He had almost come to think of that black tailcoat and trousers as the demon's skin - the notion that there was a seemingly human body underneath hadn't really crossed the Earl's mind in some time. It was oddly exciting, though he wasn't really sure why.

Sebastian watched the boy's reactions with some amusement; seeing his young master's normally dour poker-face shift from shock to uncertainty to confusion to fascination was a rare show, more entertaining than a stage act and all the more delightful because it was genuine. "Do you approve of this form?" he asked, a playful smile curling his thin lips, and was rewarded for his teasing when Ciel's already-flushed face went a shade or two redder.

"What are you talking about?" the little Earl huffed indignantly. "Who said anything about your... form? I wasn't even looking!"

Sebastian leaned down, so close that the ends of his hair tickled Ciel's face. "Forgive me for presuming, then," he murmured in that butterscotch voice. "I had not considered that the fever-fog could be obstructing your vision, and assumed that since Young Master was looking directly at me, I was being observed."

Ciel, thoroughly caught in his own lie, huffed with embarrassment and looked away.

The demon's sparkling, amiable smile returned, and had Ciel not been pointedly averting his gaze, he would've seen it and realized his butler was planning some mischief. As it was, though, he was totally unprepared when Sebastian wrapped him in a cold embrace, pressing him to that icy bare chest and abdomen. "Perhaps," the demon murmured directly into his ear, "I should come very close, so as to give my master a clearer view."

"Shut up," Ciel hissed, though there was very little venom behind it. "As if I'd want to look at you! You're very full of yourself, servant."

The obvious insult should have annoyed Sebastian - it usually did - but the fact that the Earl was almost completely naked, addled by fever, and at a total disadvantage, yet still maintaining his proud fighting spirit was utterly charming. Humans were interesting that way; some fell apart at the first sign of misfortune, and others stayed staunchly confident throughout even continuous disaster, certain of their own imperviousness. Sebastian found the former type to be boring and common, hardly worth a second glance - but the latter, full of fire and spice to the very end, was the type of human whose soul he craved. A meal like that could sustain him for decades - and a meal like that wrapped up in the paradoxically jaded innocence of a damaged child was a delicacy like no other, one that was difficult to find, and could satiate him for centuries if properly nurtured to full ripeness. "I appear to have been presumptuous again. Please excuse my rudeness."

"Well, whatever," Ciel grumbled, his visible eye darting back and forth beneath its long lashes as he struggled to look anywhere except at the demon encroaching on his personal space. "Don't you think holding onto me like this is presumptuous in itself?"

"You don't seem to be fighting to get away," Sebastian pointed out, not bothering to hide the amusement in his tone this time. "A casual observer would think you were enjoying it."

"A 'casual observer' wouldn't be seeing me naked, anyway!" It was a completely irrelevant point and Ciel knew it, but it was the best he could come up with, considering the fact that - on some level - maybe - just maybe - the butler was right. But only because his cold, smooth skin was soothing to Ciel's flushed, overheated body, of course.

"Tch. Semantics? I'm disappointed in you, Young Master."

Ciel was mentally preparing a furious diatribe when Sebastian slid lower, nestling his face in the crook of the boy's neck and shoulder; Ciel's heart skipped a beat or two, and he was suddenly aware of how perfectly smooth Sebastian's face was, as though he'd just shaved, though it was late afternoon and any other man would've had at least a little sandpapery growth along his jaw. Then he remembered Sebastian wasn't human, and idly wondered if demons had to shave when they took such a form. What else differed? He'd never seen Sebastian really eat or drink anything; he always smelled the same, whether or not he'd been working hard; Ciel had given him his own bedroom, but he wasn't even sure if the demon slept. How far did the illusion go? Did he breathe continuously, or only when speaking? Did he have a heartbeat? He reached over with one hand and pressed it to the side of Sebastian's neck, feeling for a pulse, his fingertips sliding along the cord of muscle that ran down to the demon's collarbone.

Sebastian went very still, like a hunting wolf trying not to spook a rabbit. "Young Master...?"

"Shut up, your neck moves when you talk. It's distracting." As if to prevent further movement, Ciel's other hand came down to rest on Sebastian's head, his small fingers burying themselves in the glossy black silk of the demon's hair.

Hot little hands stroking his neck and fondling his hair absently; heated breath on his cheek; small proud heart thumping fiercely in that smooth, narrow chest that rose and fell with increasing rapidity; though it took a monumental amount of effort, Sebastian lay calm and still as the boy indulged whatever curiosity had struck him, and savored every movement, every breath, every touch, just as a human would savor a fine meal by deeply inhaling its aroma. Ah, Young Master, and what a fine meal you'll make...

Ciel was so hazily preoccupied with his exploration that it took him a few moments to realize Sebastian had slid even lower and had begun to very lightly kiss his right collarbone. "Hey... wait... you--"

Sebastian's mouth opened, and Ciel thought he caught a glimpse of a wolf's sharp white teeth just before the demon's tongue slipped between them to continue what his lips had started.

"Wah! Hey! Stop it..." Sebastian's cold wet mouth on his burning skin, that tongue tracing an icy path from his clavicle up the side of his vulnerable neck. "Sebastian... wait..." He was suddenly afraid that those pointed teeth would pierce his throat, and only managed to keep calm by reminding himself that Sebastian was a demon, not a vampire. But... were vampires demons? Fuzzily, he tried to recall the books he had read on the subject, but then that maddening tongue - the one Sebastian himself had claimed could tie a cherry stem into a knot - flicked lightly over his ear, gently probing the pink shell and the pierced lobe, and Ciel forgot what it was he was trying to remember. He made a small sound of surprise and put both hands on Sebastian's bare shoulders, trying to push him away. "Wait... stop...." To his surprise, the butler allowed himself to be pushed down and away - but he got an even bigger surprise when Sebastian resumed his licking lower down, along Ciel's breastbone. "Seba--!"

"Young Master, I'm shocked." Sebastian's velvety chuckle was positively wicked. "I never would have expected you to be so eager as to direct me yourself to the areas you wish to be attended to."

Mortified, the boy began to thrash against him, incorporating every part of his body to push upward with all his feeble strength. "Bastard! Let me go!"

"Are you certain that's what you want, Young Master?" The demon asked, his eyes glowing a hungry scarlet beneath the black fringe of hair shading them. "Is this not to your liking, then?"

"No..." Ciel panted, realizing for the first time that Sebastian was so much larger than he that just his torso covered the boy almost completely, tendrils of black hair tickling his chest, black trouser-buttons leaving imprints on his knees. It was alarming, embarrassing and vaguely thrilling, having nearly his entire bare front - even... that - pressed up against the demon's cold skin. "I... don't like it at all."

A dark look crossed Sebastian's face like a cloud, then vanished as quickly as it had come. "I apologize most humbly. I shall simply have to try harder to please." He lowered his head and licked one of Ciel's nipples, that indecent tongue flicking and caressing it until it hardened into an aching pebble and the boy was writhing beneath him in a most alluring fashion.

"Se-- Seba... stian... s-- stop... I--" Ciel began, but the butler would have none of it.

"I told you I would make this pleasurable for you. I do not lie." He continued licking, reaching up with one hand to gently stroke the opposite nipple until it too was hard and Ciel's gasps of protest had turned into small whimpers. "Will you still try to tell me you are not enjoying this?"

Ciel didn't think he could form a coherent sentence, let alone a convincing lie, so he said nothing; he brought his hands up to Sebastian's head, fully intending to stop the demon's scandalous tongue from doing or saying anything else, but what actually happened was that he twined his fingers in Sebastian's thick black hair again and arched up into that cold, sinful mouth with a soft moan.

An evil, self-satisfied laugh rumbled from Sebastian's chest. "Your body is very sensitive, Young Master." His free hand trailed downward along Ciel's side, icy fingertips tickling playfully just to make the boy squirm even more, and was delighted when it had the desired effect. "My, my. Very sensitive."

"Sh-- shut up... Ah!" Ciel jerked as Sebastian bit lightly at a nipple and then licked it, turning the sudden pain into a tingling throb, and a shiver ran through him from the roots of his hair to the very tips of his toes. His entire body reacted to it: his eyes closed, his head fell back, his mouth opened; his fingers knotted almost painfully in Sebastian's hair; his buttocks and legs tightened as his hips lifted up from the bed; and, most embarrassingly, his cock began to stiffen, pressing lewdly against the demon's muscled abdomen.

Sebastian was thoroughly enjoying himself, loving the soft whimpers of pleasure he coaxed from his young master with just the lightest of touches, the faintest scratch of his black fingernails over that small, trembling body; it was deeply gratifying to see the little bully melt like hot paraffin into the coverlet, moaning the demon's bestowed name, tormentor becoming the tormented. Most delicious of all was the expression on the boy's face: pleasure and shock and arousal, flushed with fever and shame, long lashes fluttering, soft pink mouth open and gasping. Oh, yes - most delicious indeed.

"Sebastian..." It was no longer an objection - it was an invitation.

The demon descended on him like a raven on its prey, pinning him to the mattress, probing the boy's open mouth with long, velvety strokes of his impious tongue, swallowing up Ciel's small cries and stealing his breath. When Sebastian finally withdrew, the Earl's chest was heaving and he was quivering all over, that blue eye glassy and half-lidded, gazing up at the demon beguilingly.

Sebastian was utterly delighted.

"How shall I proceed, my lord?" he asked, caressing the underside of Ciel's jaw with the back of his hand. "Tell me what you would like."

Ciel looked shocked, then terribly embarrassed, much to the demon's amusement. "You-- I'm not-- I can't--"

"Oh? Why is that?" One corner of the demon's mouth curled slightly upward. "You've never had difficulty giving me orders before."

Ciel's own lips pursed angrily as he attempted to make his expression disapproving; however, with his chest still heaving, his eye still full of desire, and his mouth swollen from Sebastian's rough kisses, he ended up simply looking like he was pouting. "I'm not going to say something like that!"

"My apologies," the demon crooned in a cruel, beautiful voice, "I was certain there was something you wanted me to do... or could it be that you don't know what you want?" A sharp fingernail trailed down Ciel's side to his hipbone, and the boy's body responded just as Sebastian had known it would, the hard little ridge pressing against his abdomen stiffening still further. "Hmm. At least one part of you seems to have some idea."

"It-- it does not!" Ciel snapped, trying very hard not to notice how nice the sensation was, those firm muscles flexing against him, that cold fingertip so close, so close...

Sebastian shifted his weight slightly to one side, which allowed him access to more of Ciel's body. "Are you certain there's nothing you want? No order you want to give at all?" His fingernail scraped over the tender skin between the boy's hipbone and thigh. "Not even to tell me to stop?"

Ciel was trembling with fury and arousal, and that butler, that evil, sadistic, talented butler, was smirking like he'd just won some game he'd made a wager on. It was time, the proud Earl decided, to level the playing field. "Sebastian!" he barked in his most commanding voice, and reached up to yank the eyepatch off. "This is an order!"

The demon's smile got wider. "Yes?"

Ciel took a steadying breath, the Faustian mark glowing brighter and brighter as his will strengthened. "Strip!"

Sebastian blinked, taken aback.

"Didn't you hear me? Stand up and undress this instant! You aren't to be wearing a single thing when you've finished!"

The demon's eyes flashed. "Yes, my lord."

Sebastian moved away, and Ciel sat up and scooted back until he was resting against the pillows; grabbing a handful of the duvet, he pulled a corner of it over his lap, a triumphant smirk curving his own mouth this time. Heh, he thought. If I'm going to be nearly naked, you'll have nary a stitch to cover you! I refuse to be the only one vulnerable and shamed!

It took him about fifteen seconds to discover he'd made a grave mistake.

Sebastian stood beside the bed and began to undress, slowly and deliberately; first his immaculately-shined shoes, then his black socks; then, with his gaze focused directly at his imperious little master, he began to remove his trousers. One button... two buttons... three... more and more of his pale skin showed as the material parted, and Ciel's eyes widened as he realized the demon didn't wear undergarments. By the time the trousers fell to the floor, the boy was staring in openmouthed shock, his eyes round, his cheeks pink; Sebastian began walking back to the bed, every movement a hypnotic source of fascination to Ciel, who just - couldn't - stop - looking.

"Ah, so you do like this body." The demon knelt on the mattress and crawled across the coverlet, graceful and pantherlike; his shoulderblades rose and fell as he moved, the muscles in his broad back flexing, his long, elegant arms and legs carrying him closer and closer.

Ciel instinctively shrank back into the pillows, his heart pounding. How could he have thought a demon would have any shame? How could he have assumed nudity would be just as great a handicap to Sebastian as it was to himself? How could he have made such an obvious miscalculation? Had the fever befuddled his usually sharp mind that much? And... and... and how on Earth could anyone not like a body like... that? "I... I... "

"Mmm?" The demon loomed over him, smiling. "Yes? Go on."

"I... never... said that."

Sebastian laughed, the sound sending shivers throughout Ciel's entire body. "Your mouth didn't." He took hold of the duvet - which Ciel had protectively drawn up to his chest - and gave it a merciless yank, pulling it right out of the boy's hands and flinging it aside. "The rest of you did."

Ciel was panting anxiously, trapped against the pillows, entranced by those red eyes that shimmered and swirled like oil on water. "The... the rest of me... didn't say anything either!"

Sebastian lunged at him and pinned him to the mattress, holding both the boy's thin wrists over his head in one hand. "Oh, but it did. Every single part of you is calling out to me, wanting me, craving me." The Faustian mark covering Ciel's iris glowed softly, as if in agreement.

"Sh-- shut up! Let go of me! Arrogant, conceited---"

The demon's free hand stroked over the boy's smooth underarms and chest, his prominent ribs, his flat belly. "Your skin is very soft... like a young girl's."

Ciel blushed so deeply his ears burned. "Bastard," he muttered, humiliated.

"Ah, but this part is very definitely male." One maddeningly gentle fingertip slid along the length of the boy's shaft, which pulsed in response and hardened so much so quickly it was almost painful. Sebastian chuckled: "Yes, definitely male, small though it may be."

"Shut up! Shut up!" Ciel squeezed his eyes shut and turned his head away. "I don't want to hear you say things like that!"

The demon's tongue flicked lightly over the throbbing vein in Ciel's neck, so carelessly exposed. "Have I touched a nerve, perhaps? My humblest apologies, my lord." Cold lips on the boy's ear, a little breath of laughter that raised gooseflesh over his entire body.

Ciel turned to face him again, eyes blazing. "It's a perfectly normal size for my age," he informed Sebastian haughtily. "And anyway, who'd want it to be huge like yours?"

The corners of the demon's eyes crinkled with amusement. "Oh? Is it huge, then?" He paused, considering. "I suppose if Young Master's theory is correct, and the size depends upon one's age, then mine is also perfectly normal."

"You must be ancient," Ciel replied, belatedly realizing it wasn't exactly the insult he'd intended it to be.

To the Earl's chagrin, Sebastian actually threw his head back and laughed, a rich, deep rumbling sound almost exactly like thunder. "I suppose so," he answered as soon as he'd regained his composure. "Would you like to speculate?"

Ciel huffed irritably. "How would I even begin? I doubt there's a medical reference chart on the subject."

A mischievous look crossed Sebastian's features. "Why would you need a reference chart when your subject is right here?" He took one of Ciel's hands and reached down to place it directly over the body part in question, watching the inexperienced boy's expression with great enjoyment. "Surely you can come to a reasonable conclusion just by measuring with touch."

"That's--" the Earl began, his heated palm warming that large, cool shaft, one finger lightly resting over the vein on the underside; it swelled and hardened in his grip until it was so thick he could barely wrap his small hand around it, and just as it was dawning on him just what, exactly, he was doing, Sebastian returned the favor, his long fingers stroking lightly up and down, and suddenly nothing really mattered anymore.

The demon had to admit, his bossy little master looked especially delectable like that, twisting and squirming and mewling like a kitten... despite the fact that being fondled had distracted the boy so much he'd left off what he'd been doing, leaving Sebastian somewhat frustrated. Ah, well, he thought, leaning down to suck lightly at one of Ciel's nipples. I suppose it can't be helped. He is a selfish little thing, anyway. He released the boy's other wrist and began to work his way down Ciel's front, licking and nibbling and kissing; just as he'd expected, those small, soft hands went straight to his head, burying themselves in his hair; Ciel was squirming and writhing and whimpering; and for the love of Hell, Sebastian was going to lose his damned mind if he didn't have a taste of that boy soon.

He licked Ciel's hipbone, one hand still toying with him. "My, my," Sebastian purred, crimson eyes glimmering with lust. "What a state you're in, Young Master - look, you're dripping." He rubbed lightly at the droplets of slippery fluid leaking from the tiny slit in the tip and Ciel fairly howled, his hips lifting up off the bed, wriggling so much Sebastian had to back away lest he get hit in the face.

The sight of the boy, flushed and panting; the sweet smell of his body; the heady scent of his arousal; and the sounds he made! The demon growled hungrily and pushed the boy's legs apart, using all of his considerable self-restraint to be gentle; he stroked Ciel's inner thigh, and to his great delight the little Earl obligingly spread his legs wider, watching Sebastian with curiously trusting eyes.

Sebastian rewarded him by licking those salty droplets away, teasing the foreskin with the tip of his tongue, and then finally taking the entire length into his mouth; Ciel's fingers tightened in his hair, the sound of the boy's moans finer than any symphony written by humans.

"Ah! Se-- Sebastian... ohh... d-- don't..."

The demon raised his head. "Don't?"

"Don't... don't stop..."

Sebastian almost laughed, but managed to smother it for the sake of the Earl's pride. "Yes, my lord."

Those hands on his head, stroking and petting blindly; those smooth colt-legs spread wantonly; the narrow, bony little hips wriggling and thrusting purely by instinct; the beautiful cries of pleasure spilling from the boy's lips; it was incredibly satisfying, and when Ciel began to shudder and his moans rose in pitch and volume like a great crescendo, the demon said softly:

"It's all right. Let it come."

"Se-- Se-- ba-- stian-- ahh!!" Ciel's body stiffened, his spine curving like a drawn bow; a long, enraptured wail escaped him, and he climaxed in shattering pulses that spilled like honey over Sebastian's tongue, luscious and sweet. It wasn't blood, nor was it a soul, but it was very definitely a component of Ciel's life essence, and the taste of it was as close as Sebastian figured he would ever come to Heaven.

Ciel fell back onto the pillows, breathing heavily, eyes glassy with pleasure.

"Did you enjoy that?" Sebastian asked, licking his fingers.

"Y- yes..." the boy admitted quietly.

The demon only smiled.