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Best Enemies, Doctor, Best Enemies

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Author's note: First chapter, The Doctor tries to cope with the realization, The Master's really here, and he did him last night.

The Doctor awoke in what appeared to be a motel bedroom and yawned. He sat up and stretched. He immediately noticed he was naked down to his boxers and the room smelled of sex. Also, his body was sore. Oh no. He noticed a lump under the sheets. He gasped. He did it last night, with, a man?!?! He tugged lightly at the covers so not to wake his mysterious partner. As soon as he saw who was under it he moaned in dismay which nearly woke his lover. His partner groaned in morning grogginess and turned over in his sleep. The Doctor tried to go over what went on the night before but had no memories of it. The Master yawned and stretched, purring into his musty pillow. The Doctor couldn't help but smile. He watched The Master closely, not out of caution but out of how adorable he looked sleeping. His clothes were scattered and his hair was messy. The Doctor cooed lightly. He wasn't that bad when he was sleeping and not destroying the universe but The Doctor knew when he awoke that there would be hell to pay. The Doctor scavenged the room for anything to tie The Master down and found a pair of handcuffs under the bed. Also some half-used lube and a couple sex toys. He shivered at what could've happened. He crept over to the sleeping Master and locked one cuff on the bedpost. He carefully lifted The Master's left hand and locked it in a cuff as well. The Master snorted which made The Doctor jump and drop his hand. The Master groaned and rubbed his eye with his right hand. He soon found handcuffs shackled to his left wrist and growled, very animal like. "Who the fuck-" he opened his eyes to see a terrified Doctor backing away slowly. "What the fuck!" He looked down to see he was stripped down to his boxers. His combined rage and confusion made him lash out at The Doctor. He grabbed at The Doctor's limbs with the intention of ripping them off. He caught hold of The Doctor's left leg. He dug his nails deep into the flesh and pulled. The Doctor yelped and pulled away. The Master was still raging mad when The Doctor moved over to him, dodging blows, trying to calm him the only way he knew how. The Doctor locked lips with The Master and forced his tongue into his mouth. He explored the region with his tongue, then pulled off to nip at The Master's lips. The Master snarled and bit The Doctor's bottom lip, tearing at the flesh. The Doctor yelped and backed away, but straddled The Master. He held his right hand down and kissed The Master again, doing his best to calm him down. The Master roared and bit The Doctor's tongue. When The Doctor yelped and backed away a bit, The Master freed his right arm and grabbed a hold of The Doctor's neck. He squeezed with all his strength as The Doctor coughed and sputtered in his grasp. The Doctor was able to grab The Master's hand and push it away. He got up and scoured the room for anything more to tie The Master down. He found another pair of handcuffs in an old cardboard box. How convenient. The Doctor quickly locked the cuff around The Master's right wrist and the bed post. The Master roared in rage and kicked at The Doctor with all his might. The Doctor grabbed A napkin from what looked like a fancy restaurant and tied it over The Master's eyes. The Master hissed strongly and jingled the handcuffs. 

About an hour later, The Master began to speak to try and convince The Doctor to let him go. "Okay Doccy, I'm better now, you can let me go..." The Doctor didn't answer which enraged The Master. "Doctor, let me go!" the Master said trying to hide the hints of rage in his voice. When The Doctor didn't answer, The Master roared in rage and kicked blindly. "Doctor let me out of this fucking bed or I'll!" The Master paused. "Your not here. Are you?" With no answer or sense of The Doctor, The Master groaned and jingled the cuffs in defeat. 

Meanwhile, The Doctor was out looking for something The Master could eat as well as figuring out how the hell he got there. He thanked the butcher for the doe carcass and started walking back to the cruddy motel they had supposedly found last night.

The Doctor opened the door slowly to find The Master snoring up a storm. "Jesus Master! Of all times!" The Master jolted awake, sensing the bonds, and groaned. "Let me ouuutttt..." the Master moaned. "You tried to kill me half bound, much more free? Psh. You must be-" "Mad? Mental? Insane? Have you not met me?" the Master smiled slyly. The Doctor sighed and placed the carcass on the chair by the desk. The Master sniffed the air. "Brought me food, eh? Finally. I'm absolutely starving." "Doe carcass, need to cook it first." "Doe? Petite size so I don't get fat? How sweet." The Master cooed. "Now if you could just let me go so I can eat my 'fancy' meal," The Master shook the cuffs. "Ill be on my way." "No can Do," The Doctor replied "But I will take the napkin off." The Master growled. The Doctor cautiously moved over to The Master and took of the napkin. "That all?" The Master complained. "Yep. At least until I figure out how you got here." he trailed off in thought. "Well if your gonna treat me like a dog, I'll act like one." The Master hissed. "FEED ME!" The Master screamed. "Bark bark! He's starving me! Someone help!" The Doctor covered the Master's mouth with his hand. "Shush now. We're in a motel." As soon as The Doctor dropped his hand The Master blabbed out more ridiculous shouts. "Help me! I've been kidnapped! Oh he's trying to molest me!" The Master moaned. The Doctor hissed and pulled The Master into a kiss. The Master kicked and shrunk away. The Doctor pulled away. "Fuck off!" the Master yelled and kicked The Doctor in the leg. "Oo so close. " the Master grinned. "Stop! This kind of behavior wont get you free you know." "Your not my mum, or authority for that matter." the Master paused. "He's raping me! HELP!" the Master sniggered. "Shush!" the Doctor balled up the napkin and shoved it in his mouth. He grabbed a small piece of ripped cloth and tied it over the make shift gag. The Master jerked and groaned. "Stop it Master! You brought this on yourself." 

The moment he heard a knock on the door was the moment when he gulped  and shuddered. The Master snickered and yelped purposefully. The Doctor got up and slowly moved to the door. There, was were he saw, through the peep hole, a few police officers. He gulped and unlocked the latch from the lock....

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