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no one here is cis

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- geewhiz has added moikey , morethanafro , and zoid to a bunch of hets being het -


moikey : g why

geewhiz : u need friendship mikes u are about to high school

gwwhiz : it is a dangerous land

morethanafro : esp if you’re not a het like gerard

geewhiz : excuse u ray i am the most het

moikey : do not lie to our mother like that

geewhiz : i will do what i want also where’s lynz

morethanafro : you killed her gee

geewhiz : but i’m in love with her why would i do that

geewhiz : (see mikey i’m a het)

moikey : blocked and reported

morethanafro : both of you are children

zoid : duh that’s why u r the mom friend

morethanafro : fuck

morethanafro : i’m too young for motherhood

moikey : then learn how to keep it in your pants and stop birthing us

geewhiz : don’t be a dick mikey

moikey : i cannot be a dick gerard i do not have a dick

moikey : where is my dick gerard who has it

zoid : i think she’s ready for high school



Mikey and Gee both looked up from their phones. The two of them were in Gee’s room, on xer bed. Mikey bit at their nails. They knew that Gee had started the chat so that xe and Mikey could both come out to their friends. Gee was non-binary, and Mikey was agender. Both siblings figured that Lindsey and Ray would be accepting, since Lindsey was a lesbian and Ray was bisexual. Mikey and Gee weren’t straight, either, but Mikey knew that there were gay people out there who didn’t like trans people, or who thought that there were only two genders.


They were nervous. “Gee, I don’t know if I can do it.”


“Then we don’t have to.” Xe said. “If you’re not ready to come out, then we don’t have to come out.”


“No, I’m ready,” Mikey said, shaking their head, their stringy, shoulder-length hair falling into their face. “I just don’t think I can send the actual text saying that we’re both trans, you know? What if they get angry like Mom and Dad did? I don’t want to start crying again.”


“Lindsey and Ray won’t get mad. They’re both good people.” Gee said. Xe sat up, swinging their pale legs around. Over the summer, Gee had developed a weird obsession with short shorts. Mikey wasn’t sure how xer parents hadn’t noticed it yet, but Gee had been sneaking things past the parents for years. Xe probably knew what they were doing. Xe patted the seat next to xem on the bed. “If you want, you can come sit by me. That way, if either of them do take it badly, you’ll already be over here for me to hug.”


Mikey nodded. They got up and came over, sitting down next to their older sibling and resting their chin on xer shoulder. “Okay. I’m ready. Send the text.”


geewhiz : so we gotta tell you two something

zoid : omg are you pregnant

geewhiz : friendship terminated

geewhiz : no i’m not pregnant i’m trans

morethanafro : really?

geewhiz : yeah, so’s mikey. i use xe/xer or she/her and mikey uses they/them

zoid : cool

zoid : sorry for saying u were pregnant also do u guys have a gender or???

morethanafro : you don’t need to tell us everything, btw

zoid : yeah if we get too personal you can smack us through the internet or whatever


Gee looked over xer shoulder at Mikey. “Do you want to go into details with them?”


“Yeah.” Mikey said, nodding against Gee’s shoulder. “I trust Ray and Lindsey. We’ve known them since forever.”


geewhiz : what do u want to know

morethanafro : when did you and mikey find out

morethanafro : like how did u know

moikey : gee knew first. xe came out to me like a year ago and then i started thinking about gender n stuff and asked them a fuckload of questions and basically realised that my gender is no

geewhiz : idk how i knew but i think when puberty hit i got really jealous of all my more feminine friends b/c they all got really pretty and i was like “why am i not a pretty girl”

geewhiz : except i don’t actually want to be a girl girl u kno

geewhiz : i just wanna be all the genders. in like a feminine way

zoid : so do you guys want/need new clothes or is this going to be between the 4 of us???

moikey : our parents didn’t take it well so we can’t be out at home

moikey : gee has a plan for school tho

moikey : gee share ur plan


Gee flicked Mikey’s forehead, missing their glasses. “You fucking nerd, we are in the same room.”


“Okay, and?” Mikey said. “You still need to share your plan.”


“Fine.” Gee said.


geewhiz : basically me and mikey are gonna go school shopping next week for like new clothes and books and shit and buy whatever we want regardless of whether it’s “boy” or “girl” clothes

geewhiz : then we’re gonna sort the clothes by assigned gender before we get home and mikey will say they bought all the “girl” clothes and i got all the “guy” clothes

moikey : but i’m not wearing any of gee’s shit

moikey : we’re gonna go freaky friday on these bitches

geewhiz : mikey don’t say that it’s fucking rude

moikey : bitches

zoid : bitches

morethanafro : bitches

geewhiz : i hate all of u

moikey : no u don’t

geewhiz : i hate u most

moikey : i’m telling mom u still smoke

geewhiz : i’m telling mom u gave gabe saporta a blowjob

morethanafro : OH SHIT

zoid : MIKEY


morethanafro : I HAVE FAILED AS A MOTHER

morethanafro : also mikey pls don’t get mouth herpes gabe saporta has stuck his dick in many places if u know what i mean

geewhiz : i regret bringing this up

zoid : u should

zoid : how dare you inform us of your siblings sex life

zoid : now how will they ever win at never have i ever

moikey : speaking of that game are we still going to ray’s house to play it and will there be shots

morethanafro : MIKEY UR 12 also yes to both

geewhiz : wine mom wine mom wine mom wine mom wine mom

morethanafro : vodka aunt vodka aunt vodka aunt vodka aunt vodka aunt

zoid : nah gee’s the beer aunt

moikey : is that even a thing

geewhiz : don’t question lindsey she knows all

zoid : yeah mikey also isn’t it past your bedtime

moikey : i am thirteen i am not a child

morethanafro : no ur a child

morethanafro : being 13 makes you the most child

moikey : bye i’m leaving it’s been fun i’m gonna make my own friends

- moikey has left a bunch of hets being het -