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big mating party

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UU: Um... roxy... are yoU sUre?
TG: yeah i already told u!
TG: the only thing im not 100 percent abso fuckin lutely POSITIVE about
TG: is if ur uncomfortable w/it callie
TG: coz i dont want to do anything u dont want 2
TG: but im comfy if ur comfy
TG: comfy like a big fuzzy sloth snugglin up to a warm woolly blanket
TG: except also a little bit horny
TG: so like
TG: a sloth doin that whose also trying to get it on over the interwebz
TG: with a hot alien lady
UU: i think i’m comfortable with it, bUt i can’t help bUt have some reservations...
UU: we are very different species! and we might want or valUe different things!
UU: i jUst want yoU to be satisfied u_u
TG: callie callie callie
TG: i WILL be satisfied
TG: no matter what!
TG: there is nothing u could say that would make me not like u
TG: or think ur weird
TG: ok???
UU: i sUppose...
UU: bUt yoU know, roxy...
UU: i’ve never actUally *done* it, in real life.
UU: so i might get some things wrong, or say things that are silly!
TG: wow wee callie look at that
TG: ive never done it EITHER
TG: were just 2 blushing virgins
TG: blushing away
TG: blushblushblsuhblhh
TG: if u want 2 stop just tell me
TG: everything will be ok
TG: ok?
UU: ok... let’s try it :U
UU: my nerves are all aflUtter!
UU: how do we begin?
TG: shhhh
TG: i start strokin your forehead to calm ur nerves
TG: im gettin all close 2 you wearin nothing but a lacy negligee
TG: thats a thing humans wear its like basically naked but youre pretending 2 b coy
TG: so u can see right through it
TG: see my whole body
UU: oh my goodness.
UU: ok, roxy. i, Um.
UU: i reach Up and move yoUr hands gently to my horns.
UU: sensUoUsly.
UU: with my hands over yoUrs, i gUide yoU to rUb yoUr fingers in small circles aroUnd the base of my horns.
UU: is that ok? u_u
TG: whoa
TG: callie
TG: that is way more than ok
TG: that is HOT
TG: im gettin a lil more into it
TG: i start rubbin a little harder but im still taking my time
TG: tryin to make you feel good
TG: is it working??
UU: ooh, yes!
UU: i am starting to feel my body grow warm
UU: even thoUgh i’ve never felt it before, i can tell this is the incipience of the mating Urge!
TG: oh wow
TG: me 2 callie
TG: im feelin it too
TG: want 2 mate w/u in whatever freaky troll OR cherub way is gonna make u happiest
UU: hearing that makes me feel wonderfUl.
UU: like i am finally experiencing a moment of pUre, UnadUlterated happiness, the likes of which i have never known.
UU: i start to relax a little more. i nervoUsly move my hands to yoUr hips, feeling them throUgh the lacy garment yoU’re wearing.
TG: no need 2 b nervous!
TG: your hands feel good
TG: i slyly move the negligee out of the way so u can feel my bare skin w/ur hands
UU: it feels lovely.
UU: i am starting to think that i woUld like to feel more of yoUr delightfUl skin.
TG: same
TG: wat r u wearing, callie?
UU: oh goodness.
UU: i sUppose jUst my UsUal oUtfit. a sUit and a bowtie.
TG: ok
TG: i run one hand down ur chest and say
TG: why dont we get u in2 something more comfortable
TG: then i start 2 slip off ur jacket
UU: the mating Urge is bUilding inside of me.
UU: i feel hot all over, and my wings are vibrating with energy!
UU: i am feeling almost ready.
TG: me 2
TG: im gettin wet just thinking about doin it w/u callie
TG: thats not imaginary roxy talking thats real roxy
TG: aka ME
TG: i like u so much
UU: ohhh.
UU: i like yoU too!
UU: where are yoUr hands now?
TG: ive taken off ur jacket and now im working on ur shirt
TG: is this ok?
UU: yes
UU: it’s more than ok!
UU: i can feel yoUr fingertips against my bare skin and it spreads a tingling sensation throUghoUt my entire body.
UU: i’m not sUre i can hold oUt mUch longer! :U
TG: wowww
TG: already?
TG: i must b even sexxxier than i ever dreamed
UU: yes, yoU are!
TG: is this what u want?
UU: yes, please!!
TG: ok ok
TG: i lift ur shirt off and toss it to the side
TG: i trail my hands gently and sexily down ur sides
TG: if thats what feels good 2 cherubs
UU: it does, it feels so good, roxy!
UU: i start trembling all over.
UU: the mating Urge is becoming irresistible.
TG: hot diggity
TG: unleash all that sexy cherub matin on me callie
UU: ok, i will!
UU: i take a deep breath...
UU: and my body starts to metamorphose
UU: it feels very odd, but not Unpleasant
UU: i feel myself stretching Up and Up, changing into the form that destiny has always intended for me
UU: i stretch even more than i ever thoUght possible, reaching a size greater than hUndreds of stars!
UU: i can feel the power crackling throUgh my sinUoUs coils
UU: i am finally ready for the mating strUggle.
TG: um
TG: wow
UU: oh no!
UU: is it too soon? have i done something wrong?
TG: no no no!
TG: nononononononon
TG: theres nothing wrong here everything here is so hunky dory callie
TG: i am just trying to recover
TG: from seein something SO HOT
TG: like wow scorching
TG: ur burnin out my eyeballs here girl
TG: with your
TG: coils
TG: and um
TG: just wow!!
TG: i never knew it could b like this
TG: just give me a sec
TG: 2 get over how hot it is
TG: can u even see me now?? if ur that big
UU: have i not stimUlated yoU enoUgh for yoU to reach the mating form?
UU: i am so sorry, lovey u_u it jUst felt like the right time!
TG: nooooooooo
TG: it IS
TG: it is so the time 4 this!!
TG: its giant callie coilin time all up in here
TG: were throwing a big mating party!
TG: in our party room
TG: the size of a fuckin galaxy
TG: so uhhhhh
TG: do u want me to be in the matin form too??
TG: is that what i do?
UU: it’s not Up to me!
UU: whatever feels right to yoU!
TG: ok
TG: ok
TG: cool
TG: i got this
TG: suddenly im like RAAWWWWRR
TG: and i shoot up real fast like a sexy beanstalk
TG: growin super big
TG: alice in wonderland type shenanigans
TG: and ive got some coils too somehow
TG: what do i look like neway
UU: yoU are so beaUtifUl, roxy!
UU: a beaUtifUl and gracefUl star serpent like i’ve dreamed of my whole life!
TG: oh fuck yeah
TG: im a fuckin SNAKE
TG: are u kidding me this is the sexiest thing thats ever happened
TG: can i be like
TG: a hot pink snake with hella rhinestones
TG: all flicking my tongue out sexily
TG: teasin you a little
UU: oooh my!
UU: i coyly lick my eyeballs with my own forked tongUe.
UU: flirting back! if that’s not too bold...
TG: no no callie that is just right
TG: oooh lick those eyeballs harder
TG: u look so good right now
TG: ok lets see
TG: i take the tip of my snakey tail and rub it flirtatiously against urs
UU: roxy!! :U
UU: yoU’re not going to get into formation?
UU: this has gotten qUite... naUghty!
TG: oh yeah girl
TG: u know me
TG: cant be tamed
TG: especially not as a motherfuckin SNAKE
TG: fuck the formation were doin this our way
UU: roxy!!! :U
UU: that is so improper!
TG: fuck yeah
TG: were gettin SNAKE KINKY here calliope
TG: throwin the rules out the window
TG: just do what comes natural 2 u
TG: u want 2 feel me?
UU: i think... yes!
UU: i think i do!
UU: i caUtioUsly rUb the length of my neck against yoUrs
UU: feeling yoUr smooth scales and hearing the static of interstellar power blasts passing between oUr bodies
UU: like electricity arcing over two Unsheathed wires strUng too close together
TG: mmmmm yeah
TG: im feelin it
TG: i reach out my snakey tongue and lick ur scales
TG: mmmmmm
TG: u taste good callie
UU: don’t fry your tongUe on the power blasts! :U
TG: its ok im bein careful
TG: thx tho
UU: i gently slide my head back and align oUr moUths
TG: awwww yeahh
UU: and start the dUel with a big blast of enigmatic energy.
TG: ooohhh
TG: thats good
TG: thats so good
TG: i uh
TG: i blast back
TG: affectionately?
UU: ...
UU: oh yes, that’s right, yoU hUmans can’t comprehend the caliginoUs qUadrant
UU: i knew we woUld rUn into cUltUral misUnderstandings!
UU: this woUld never work.
TG: nooooooo
TG: we can be angry if thats what u want!
UU: well...
UU: to be qUite honest, roxy...
UU: i don’t really feel caliginoUsly towards yoU! :U
UU: i jUst like yoU!
UU: i hope that’s okay...
TG: thats MORE than ok
TG: k so lets stop with the duel
TG: dont think we need that
TG: lets get right to the sexy part
TG: ok?
UU: but we’ll be skipping over sweeps of combat!
TG: callie listen to me
TG: we can do WUTEVER we want
TG: dont worry about it!
UU: alright...
UU: so... i bring my head to yoUr tail to assUme the coUpling formation.
TG: k i do the same thing
UU: which of Us is the dominant one?
TG: what do u want?
UU: oh blimey! i never really saw myself as the dominant one...
TG: k ill be it then
TG: i dominate the fuck out of u
TG: nicely
TG: in a way u like
TG: i am also biting ur tail
TG: cutely
TG: just some playful nipping i guess
TG: im enjoyin it
UU: oh, me too!!
UU: it feels so good...
UU: alright, roxy. i think i’m ready.
UU: yoU can place yoUr eggs in me!
TG: uh
TG: hmmm
UU: i know it’s Unconventional if yoU haven’t beaten me in a dUel!
UU: bUt yoU said we coUld do it however we wanted.
TG: yeah
TG: i meant it
TG: so u
TG: u want me
TG: 2 put my eggs in u?
TG: thats a thing u want
TG: when we get it on
UU: yes please!
UU: if that’s qUite alright.
TG: alrighty
TG: ok
TG: i am puttin my eggs right up in u
TG: i
TG: its happenin
TG: however u want it
TG: whatever
TG: however it works
TG: its happenin how its supposed to
TG: and were both rly in2 it!
UU: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
UU: oh my goodness, roxy!!!!
UU: it feels so amazing!
TG: 4 me too babe
UU: nnngnhhhhh
TG: listen
TG: callie
TG: i have a q
UU: a q?
TG: a question
TG: when were u hopin all this would go down
TG: like
TG: if i c u in a dream bubble
TG: are u ready 4 it to be giant snake time
TG: bcuz if so
TG: well
TG: i just want 2 make sure that
TG: ur still gonna want 2 b w/me
TG: if i have a hard time gettin in2 the mating form?
UU: oh, don’t be silly!!
UU: i myself haven’t reached sexUal matUrity yet. u_u
UU: we have sweeps and sweeps before i’ll be ready for that!
UU: is that alright?
TG: yeah
TG: thats fine!
TG: i was just askin
TG: k well
TG: if we do meet up again
TG: sometime soon
TG: i got some stuff to show u
UU: i can’t wait to see it!
TG: howre those eggs doin
UU: incUbating ^u^
UU: don’t worry, i’ll keep them safe and soUnd!
TG: i bet u will
TG: i just bet u will
UU: thank yoU for being so patient with me.
UU: i hope i was a satisfactory sexUal partner.
TG: satisfactory
TG: u were amazing
UU: oh stop ^u^
UU: yoU were too!
TG: ok good
TG: <3
UU: <3!!