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Hotline Bling

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Hux was horny. And tired. Tired and horny. What a dreadful combination. He grabbed for his phone which was lying and charging on the bedside table. Wincing at the bright light of the screen, he saw that it was shortly after three in the morning. He had to get up in three hours. But something else had decided to get up too.

Hux groaned into his pillow. He was too lazy to search for good porn online. His brain was too tired to make up good scenes to jerk off to. What a terrible dilemma. He chucked the phone back on the small table and the phone landed on a small piece of paper that had been lying here for three days now. The number of his latest hook-up. Hux had been very drunk during his latest fuck with some random guy and had woken up alone. But the guy had left his number. Hux couldn’t remember very much. But what he remembered was a very nice, thick dick that had fit in his ass perfectly. He wanted to see that dick again. But not with the attached body. No. Hux didn’t repeat performances with hook-ups.

But the guy didn’t need to know that, right?

Hux reached for his phone again, taking the small piece of paper with him.

Yawning, he squinted at the paper and tried to save the number into his phone without making a mistake. When he finished that task, he immediately opened the app to send that number a text.

[2:56] AWeasleyInSlytherin: Send me a pic of your dick. I need to come and then I need to sleep.

Hux grinned. He could remember that his hook-up had been very fond of Hux and his demands so he was sure that he would get an answer. Hook-up wouldn’t mind that it was three in the morning, right?

While Hux was thinking that, he saw that the message was marked as read and the three tiny dots telling him that hook-up was answering.

[2:58] SithL0rdV4der: what

[2:58] AWeasleyInSlytherin: Just do it. Jesus.

[2:59] SithL0rdV4der: no need 2 call me jesus k fine

[3:00] SithL0rdV4der sent a picture!

Hux opened the picture smugly and smirked. Ah, what a nice dick. Long and pretty, already half hard on a thick thigh that was full of moles and freckles.


That wasn’t the dick that Hux remembered so fondly. The dick of his hook-up had definitely been nestled in blonde hair. This guy apparently had dark hair. And that dick was also bigger than the one from his hook-up. Hux’s cock twitched at the sight and palmed himself through the pajama pants. With the other hand he typed out,

[3:01] AWeasleyInSlytherin: That’s the wrong dick.

[3:01] SithL0rdV4der: theres nothing wrong w/ my dick

Hux bit his lip and pulled down his pants to stroke his fully hard cock now. He pressed his thumb into the slit and moaned quietly. Yes, perfect. He typed out his last message.

[3:02] AWeasleyInSlytherin: Wrong number. I apologize. I’m keeping your picture, though. That is a very nice dick. Goodbye.

He put the phone away, facing it downwards on the table and retrieved a small bottle of lube. He slicked his hand with it, coating his erection. Leaning back into the pillows, he started to stroke himself fervidly, imagining the cock he just had seen. It would look beautiful fully erected. Flushed and maybe a bit curved to the belly. It had looked big. The thick thighs had promised long legs; probably a long body. Very tall.

Hux whimpered, imagining the tall body draped over him, fucking him into oblivion. Or even better, Hux sucking that cock, or manhandling the big body around, just as he pleased, fucking into it and pumping the dick with his fist.

He imagined how his stretched lips would feel around it, how he’d struggle to work it in without gagging too much, how --

Hux came with a soft grunt. Frowning at the sticky mess in his hand, he wiped it clean on the sheet. He was to tired to go in the bathroom. And he just would change the sheets tomorrow.

Satisfied, he rolled to the side and was asleep in seconds.

His alarm woke him three hours later. There were three unread messages from the (now he knew) unknown number.

[3:03] SithL0rdV4der: u gonna jerk off now?

[3:04] SithL0rdV4der: u totally r, fuck thats so hot

[3:09] SithL0rdV4der: feel free 2 ask again but i demand a dick pic then too, gn

Hux closed the app, but didn’t delete the messages. Maybe he would want to have some other material soon. Who knew. It never hurt to be fully prepared.

After grooming himself to his usual perfection in the bathroom, Hux made a strong tea in the kitchen and ate half a toast with jam. He left his small apartment exactly at seven on the dot. It was icy cold when he left his building and little snowflakes were swirling around in the air. Winter had come early this year. It was only the end of October and the first snow storm was supposed to hit the city at the weekend. He tightened the scarf around his neck and checked his Dolce & Gabbana messenger bag. Then he took a deep breath and slowly made his way to the subway station, awkwardly gliding over the frozen pavement.

He reached Senator Organa’s office a few minutes before eight and was oddly annoyed that his boss was already there. If she was here before him, it meant lots and lots of work. More than usually.

“Ah, Mr. Hux,” Senator Organa said, smiling politely at him. Their relationship was a bit weird. She obviously liked what he was doing for her; how he was exceeding in every research topic she tasked him with. But they disagreed in some political aspects and some other staff members had already asked him why he wasn’t in Senator Snoke’s office with some of his rather strong opinions.

Well, the truth was that Hux had very clear ambitions. And he calculated that Snoke would choke on his paroles soon enough. He wouldn’t make it to the top -- Senator Organa, though…

“Could I talk to you for a minute? In my office?” Organa asked him and Hux nodded.

“Sure,” he said, dropping his messenger bag on his desk and following her into her office. When she closed the door, he actually wondered if he did anything wrong. She had a pinched look on her face. She wouldn’t fire him now, would she? Was something wrong his newest research? Maybe he should have held back with his own remarks on some things. It wasn’t that he told her what to do. It was merely his opinion. She valued her staff’s opinion. That’s what she was telling everyone, at least.

“How old are you, Brennan?” she asked. Shit. First name.

“31, Ma’am,” he sounded unsure which was stupid. As if he didn’t know his own age.

Organa actually frowned at him and then nodded. She seemed to come to a conclusion in her head.

“And you are single, yes?”

Okay. He knew that Organa was married. It kind of was a rocky marriage but did she really want to proposition him? Didn’t she know that he preferred dick?

Hux, not trusting his own voice, nodded.

“Perfect,” Organa actually clapped her hand and smiled. “My son is coming to the Christmas party. I thought you’d like to meet him. I think you and your discipline would be perfect for him. You two have to meet.”

Son? Oh, yes. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that she had a son. He was just never mentioned. There were whisperings among the staff that Organa and her son weren’t on the best terms and that he was living at the West Coast, trying to survive as an artist or something. Hux made it a point to never listen to the office rumors. It was just distracting. Now he wished he would have listened. Because his boss was trying to set him up with somebody. Some Loser who didn’t even study something serious and tried to have an artistic breakthrough.

Hux didn’t do relationships. Especially not with his boss’s sons. But he also wanted to keep his job.

“Is this your way of telling me that I am cordially invited to your Christmas party?” he asked dryly.

Organa laughed at that.

“Yes, you can see it like that. Please don’t be mad at me. I’m just an old woman who wants the best for her kid. I just told you as a -- ah -- heads up. So you won’t bring a date to the party. There’s still two months, I know. But I like to plan ahead. I told him about your research for me yesterday via skype and he seemed interested in you. That doesn’t happen often. That he’s interested in anything at all, that is.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that. I just mentioned you and how very lucky I am to have you and told him how you are a hard working person. I didn’t show him a picture of you! But he did ask questions about you and the staff in general, which was nice.”

Hux’s eyebrows had raised to his hairline. Organa’s son was interested in him? Just because his mother decided tell how it was done in the office? Inwardly, Hux snorted. Organa’s son probably just pretended to be interested in her stuff andme.”

Hux almost cracked a smile. Almost.

“Thank you, Ma’am.”

It was a few day later when he got the next message. Totally out of the blue.

He was huddled under an original Japanese kotatsu, keeping his legs warm while doing some research for Organa’s next campaign’s topic. He had swapped his contacts with glasses when his eyes had seriously started to burn. So when his phone chimed rather late, he squinted at the clock. It was half past midnight. Who of his few friends would dare to send him a message in the middle of the night?

Hux swiped his thumb over the screen and was greeted with a dick.

A fully erected dick, with a huge hand wrapped around it.

Hux’s mouth watered at the sight.

There also was a text accompanying the picture.

[12:38] SithL0rdV4der: been thinking of u

What on earth?

[12:40] AWeasleyInSlytherin: I thought you’d have me blocked by now. What with me writing the wrong number and all.

[12:40] SithL0rdV4der: u like it? i thought ud appreciate it more in its full glory

Hux had no idea what possessed him but he actually answered that cocky text with a small smirk. He crossed his legs under the kotatsu and pushed his glasses up his nose with two fingers. He didn’t know the guy, would never know him. Anonymity was by far Hux’s favorite.

[12:41] AWeasleyInSlytherin: Oh yes. It’s a very nice dick. You spoil me. Now I know I will have good night’s sleep after an even better wank.

[12:42] SithL0rdV4der: oh yeah baby. U kno how itd look even better. w/ ur lips stretched around it

Hux rolled his eyes. Apparently there was a real douche attached to that glorious cock. Whatever. This texting was really beneath his dignity but his own cock had already stirred and maybe he could get a few other pictures. (He did save the first one. In a folder called Screenshot Recipes.)

[12:44] AWealeyInSlytherin: Oh, I bet. I love to suck cock. Especially big ones. And yours would fit so nicely in my throat. I would gag. I pride myself with having good practice with things down my throat but your dick. Hm. It’d make me choke and cry. I’d touch myself while sucking you off. And you’d be wax in my hands. And my mouth. You look fucking huge everywhere but I could bend you to my will with my tongue alone.

Oh wow. His thumb had moved on its own accord. And his pants were uncomfortable. Uncomfortably tight.

There was no answer. Hux was disappointed. And he had tried to hard to write something good. Frowning, Hux put the phone back and stared at his darkened laptop screen. He punched the space bar with more force than necessary, sent a not now boner to his dick and continued working.

He was more scrolling through cat memes than doing actual work when his phone alerted him of a new message.

[12:52] SithL0rdV4der: thx. that was intense. imma go 2 sleep early now thx to you. c u around. next time i want ur dick gracing my phone

[12:53] AWeasleyInSlytherin: Why would you assume that I am a man?

Hux only saw that hot-dick-guy read the message but he didn’t answer.

He huffed in annoyance and closed his laptop.

His erection came back full force when he thought about that guy jerking off to Hux’s text. Accepting his fate, Hux grunted and shoved his hand into his pants.

During the next two weeks, the flu thinned out Senator Organa’s staff and Hux was one of the last men standing. He had never worked so much overtime. It was almost too much. Even for him. He slept about four hours during the night, falling into bed as soon as he entered his apartment and sleeping soundly until his alarm would raise him at six in the morning again.

Hux even logged out of all of his apps to only attend work-related things on his phone. (It was not like he got regular messages from friends anyway.)

When the madness was over at the end of November, Hux got promoted. He had done most of the work and Organa was clearly impressed with him. Hux got his own office, a nice pay raise and was told to take the next three days off. Since it was a Tuesday, he’d have actual five days of well deserved vacation.

He pondered about booking a flight to California -- his mother had a very nice Malibu home since the divorce from his father -- but then decided against it. It wasn’t worth the stress of flying and needling questions about his non-existent love life.

He indulged himself in buying too much food at his favorite Thai place on his way home that evening. When he was finished eating it (cold legs again huddled under the warmth of the kotatsu) there was so much food left over that he thought about inviting Phasma over. Phasma could eat like a horse and would polish off the food in minutes. Hux was sure of that.

Leaning back, stomach full and a cold glass of wine at his side, Hux pulled his phone out of his bag and logged into his apps again. As expected, no friend had texted him during the last weeks of madness. That should be worrying for him regarding his social tendencies, but he was almost relieved that nobody did bother him.

Well, not nobody.

As soon as everything loaded, Hux was greeted by three new dick pictures. One more beautiful than the other. Hux clicked through them greedily and almost choked when he saw the last one. It had been sent to him yesterday at four in the morning. And it showed that magnificent cock buried in a small, round and perfect ass. The caption said,

that could be u. if u werent ignoring me

He marveled at the guts of that idiot for a moment. That douchebag clearly thought that Hux would spread his legs just because Hux happened to like his cock aesthetic.

Sneering, Hux typed a short text to answer.

[11:23] AWeasleyInSlytherin: I pity the poor boy you buried yourself in.

Funnily enough, Hux didn’t have to wait long for an answer.

[11:25] SithL0rdV4der: me 2 he wasnt u

[11:25] SithL0rdV4der: i thought u blocked me

[11:25] SithL0rdVader: im glad u didnt

[11:25] SithL0rdV4der: u luv my cock, i bet id be ballsdeep in u within an hour if we ever were 2 meet

And before Hux could answer this bombardment of texts, the next one came through.

[11:26] Sith0rdV4der: send me a pic of ur dick

[11:26] SithL0rdV4der: i need 2 know what it looks like

[11:27] AWeasleyInSlytherin:I certainly won’t send you a nude picture. You could be 12 for all that I know.

[11:27] SithL0rdV4der: a 12 yr old hung like a horse? lol

Hux closed his eyes, feeling actual physical pain by reading this garbage.

Slowly, he typed out,

[11:28] AWeasleyInSlytherin: Your username certainly indicates it.

[11:28] SithL0rdV4der: ur 1 2 talk

[11:28] SithL0rdV4der: now send me a pic, i kno ur hard

[11:28] Sithl0rdV4der: b/c my dick does that 2 u

[11:29] AWeasleyInSlytherin: Oh my god. Logging out now.

Hux saw that the other man was writing but logged out before he could read the message. Jesus Christ. What a weirdo. Hux wondered what gave him away. Not only did that asshole now that he liked looking at his dick; no he somehow also realized that Hux was in fact male.

(If Hux started off his vacation with jerking off to the newest dick pics...well nobody had to know.)

It was in the middle of Friday night. Phasma had dragged him out to a club that Hux only could tolerate with much alcohol. Given his recent promotion, he was able to keep the alcohol for him and Phasma at a steady flow. When the happy hour for cocktails was over, both of them were pleasantly plastered and Hux made the mistake to tell Phasma about dick pic guy.

Phasma snorted and snickered her way through Hux’s tales of that excellent dick and demanded to see his phone. She wanted to see that dick too. Hux, feeling oddly protective of the dick, slurred that he didn’t want her to see it. He pressed his phone to his chest and leaned away from his friend.

Phasma rolled her eyes.

“Don’t be such a fucker. C’mon, gimme,” she demanded. And Phasma, being two inches taller and five times stronger than him, managed to wrestle the phone out of his hands. She knew immediately in what folder he had saved the dirty pictures.

Sometimes, Hux hated her.

“Woah,” she said when she finally saw what Hux was talking about the whole time.

“That’s some nice dick here. And did you see his hands? Fuck me sideways, that guy’s huge everywhere. You’d totally climb him like a tree.”

Hux sniffed, downing his next shot.

“Most certainly not. Did I tell you what his username is? He’s probably a fucking teeanger -- what the fuck are you doing?” he asked in a panic voice when he saw her typing. Phasma held out a raised index finger, telling him to shut the fuck up, and continued writing with her other hand.

“Just writing dick pic guy how wax-poetic you are about his dick and that you wanna ride him into hell.”

“You what?” Hux yelled and tried to get his phone back.

Phasma held it out of his reach and continued typing, smirking.

“Oh, he likes that,” she told him smugly. “He still wants a dick pic from you. But I will give him something better.”


And suddenly Phasma aimed his phone at him and Hux cried out. No, she wouldn’t dare. Hux held his hands before his face just in time before the flash went off. What the fuck?

When he blinked through his fingers, Phasma was smirking and still typing.

“Give me back my fucking phone. Now.” Hux hissed. The fun was over. If she actually just sent a picture to --

“Why are you such a bitch, Hux?” Phasma asked, but did as she was told when she recognized his ‘don’t fuck with me’ tone. “I’m going to get us a few more shots, Jesus Christ.”

Hux showed her his middle finger halfheartedly and already scrolled through his messages. Damn it, she indeed had talked with glorious-dick.

[1:01] AWeasleyInSlytherin: ive been hearing odes about ur dick.

[1:02] SithL0rdV4der: who dis

[1:02] AWeasleyInSlytherin: a friend. chillin with ‘weasley’ i hear u want a dick pic of him too

[1:02] SithL0rdV4der: ye

[1:03] SithL0rdV4der: plz i need it

[1:03] AWeasleyInSlytherin: were ina club tho. i could send u the whole package

[1:03] SithL0rdV4der: am i going to survive it

[1:03] AWeasleyInSlytherin: probs not

[1:04] SithL0rdV4der: hit me

[1:05] AWeasleyInSlytherin sent a picture!

[1:05] AWeasleyInSlytherin: there he is. In his half glory. Dw, his face is kinda cute too

[1:06] AWeasleyInSlytherin: hes pissed. gotta go

Hux stared at his phone and could see that dick-pic-guy was typing. He snarled at his phone. His face wasn’t visible -- thank fuck -- but the whole picture itself looked ridiculous. He looked like he had --

[1:07] SithL0rdV4der: omg is that pink hair. u have pink hair this is amazing. I can c u r cute.

[1:07] AWeasleyInSlytherin: I do NOT have pink hair. That is the light of the club I am in. And now leave me alone. I won’t send you any dick pictures. I really should block you.

[1:08] SithL0rdV4der: ur so cute. is ur hair red then

[1:08] SithL0rdV4der: i bet its red. u have my dick buried in ass pic saved? that was a ginger ass. ginger is my type.

[1:08] SithL0rdV4der: fuck u r ginger. admit it. i dont need a dick pic anymore. I kno that im gonna fuck u

[1:09] SithL0rdV4der: wherever u r, ill find u and ill fuck ur cute ginger ass

[1:09] SithL0rdV4der: fuck im hard u wanna c a pic

[1:10] SithL0rdV4der sent a picture!

Hux pressed his thumb three times on the home screen button before he could see the picture. He really should stop that. Saving dicks on his phone...this way lay madness. He really should stop.

He looked up and could see Phasma on the dance floor, cozying up to a cute brunette. She was stubbornly not looking in his direction. Okay, Hux had been a bit harsh, but it was her fault nonetheless. Let her pout all she wanted. It looked like she’d get a decent fuck tonight so she wouldn’t stay mad long. His phone was vibrating furiously in his hand. Hux refused to look at it. But his desire to get even more drunk and look for a decent fuck was somehow tempted now.

Hux sighed and turned his phone off completely. The battery was almost dead anyway. He paid for his and Phasma’s drinks and left the club.

He tried not to think about nice-dick-guy’s words on his way home. Hux hated himself for still admiring that dick. Just thinking about it made him half hard and he tried to adjust his uncomfortable problem without getting the taxi driver’s attention.

He managed it through his post-clubbing ritual (applying a moisturizing mask, drinking at least one liter of water and swallowing down two painkillers with it, furiously brushing his teeth.) and falling into bed until he caved. He reached blindly for the phone he’d plugged in next to his bed, practically ripped off the charging cable and turned it back on again.

Hux tried to ignore the text messages in between that all were along the lines of u cant ignore me 4eva i kno ur gonna watch them when ur home. And opened the three new pictures. His mouth watered and he could feel his blood rush down, leaving his head peacefully empty.

“God fucking dammit,” Hux cursed. The first two pictures were that glorious thing fully erect and a large hand stroking it. The last one, though. The last one wasn’t a picture but a video.

No, no, no, no, no.

Hux firmly believed that he was the weakest piece of shit on the planet.

He pressed play and used the very same hand to shove it into his pajama pants and wrap it around his hard cock.

The video was exactly eleven seconds long. It contained the grande finale of SithL0rdV4der. Hux’s mouth went dry when he got an actual sound. He could hear a harsh breathing sound, the slick sound of the large hand pumping up and down impossibly fast and absolutely ghastly sounding music playing in the background. But the worst thing was actually the voice at the eight second mark. It was a deep moan; a raspy voice that sounded utterly filthy to Hux’s ears. The video shook violently and deliciously white, thick and creamy come spurted out, covering the large hand, slowly dripping down and getting caught in the dark curls around the base of the spent cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Hux moaned, his own hand speeding up. He only needed two more repeats of the video to come so hard that his vision whitened for a moment.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he was still chanting when he threw his phone across the bedside table, completely disgusted with himself.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he mumbled when he wiped himself clean with a tissue and pulled the blanket over his head.

Fuck, fuck, fuck his dreams chanted when he had mindblowing dreamsex with faceless SithL0rdV4der.

It was as if the guy knew that Hux was using the little video to get off every night. He was trying to sext Hux all the time, getting filthier and filthier with every message. Hux had so many inappropriate not now boner moments at work that he was seriously thinking about quitting. Honestly, somebody had to notice

Most-admirable-dick-in-the-world didn’t stop sending his messages, because of course every little message was marked as read sooner or later, because Hux was the fucking weakest person that had the pleasure to live. Because that fucking dick was addicting.

As if he hadn’t enough to deal with, there also was this damned Christmas party looming. With all the one-sided-sexting and his work, he’d totally forgotten about this.

He had to try really hard when the Leia Organa reminded him about the party with a cheeky grin and that he had to wear something nice, and not so uptight, dearie.

As if he would ever date the son of his boss.

Absolutely fucking laughable.

He’d say hello to that loser artist and then drape himself over the open bar and continue ignoring SithL0rdV4ders texts.

Speaking of --

He could feel his phone vibrating again when he opened his apartment door. Freshly cleaned clothes from the dry cleaners in one hand, his messenger back in the other and some take away bag between his teeth. Of course he let everything fall down when the phone didn’t stop and vibrated with every incoming message.

He was excited to read it. His heart gave a slight lurch.

“God dammit,” Hux cursed. He normally didn’t curse much. But with the recent activities...

Hux knelt down to awkwardly get his things again and more or less fell through his door. Feeling paranoid, he looked behind him, but old Miss Kanata wasn’t there to witness his misery. He hated the knowing look in her face whenever he passed her in the hall. It was as if she knew that his dick and hand would soon have blisters from his frantic masturbation sessions.

Hux managed to discipline himself. He didn’t rip the phone out of his pocket immediately. No, he laid out his take away food, putting the side dishes on one plate each. Then he filled a large glass with ice cold Evian from the fridge. After that, he filled a wine glass with the rest of the red wine, he’d opened two evenings ago. And then he sat down, dug his fork into the food in front of him and pulled his phone out. He pressed the button, swiped over the screen and held his breath.

The messages were a litany of things he wanted to do do Hux, without ever receiving a picture or an answer from Hux. But that didn’t seem to faze the guy in the slightest. It only seemed to make him run hotter. As if he knew that it certainly made Hux incredibly horny. As if Hux’s non-answers were the answers he needed.

The most recent texts made Hux choke on his food.

[9:12] SithL0rdV4der: ur living in ny rite

[9:12] SithL0rdV4der: on ur picture theres the name of the club uve been in

[9:12] SithL0rdV4der: been there myself

[9:13] SithL0rdV4der: im from ny too but i dont live there anymore

[9:13] SithL0rdV4der: but im in town in two days

[9:13] SithL0rdV4der: im gonna find u and im gonna fuck u

[9:13] SithL0rdV4der: plz text me ur address. im gonna fuck u as soon as im off the plane. i kno u want me 2 fuck u. uve read every message i sent u. ur just too shy to answer. u luv my dick. i can give u a good time. u havent blocked me yet.

Hux’s cock twitched when he read the last message and he groaned. This was it. He had to end this horrible thing. This asshole was too cocksure. Hux couldn’t have that. He would say a few strong words, then block the number and then…maybe delete the pictures. (Not the video, though. The video was a masterpiece.)

[9:15] AWeasleyInSlytherin: You are a disgusting human being. The things you write are borderline stalkerish, but I will let it slide because you have such a nice dick. I do not understand how you want to find me in NYC, good luck with that. I think you are getting over your head here and we should stop this whole arrangement. Please refuse from contacting me ever again. This is embarrassing enough. Goodbye and have a nice life.

He couldn’t even close the app fast enough, and there was already an answer.

[9:15] SithL0rdV4der: oh he can speak

[9:15] SithL0rdV4der: ive missed u. conversation was a bit 1 sided dontcha think

[9:16] SithL0rdV4der: i wouldnt be so crude if i didnt know that it turns u the fuck on

Hux gritted teeth and definitely did not look down between his legs where an obvious bulge was visible. He had to block this guy. Now.

But the app told him that he was writing again.

[9:17] SithL0rdV4der: i take ur silence as an agreement. dont be ashamed. imma come over soon and make u feel better.

[9:17] SithL0rdV4der: whats ur name. gimme a name so i can find u. i bet its sth fancy. id love 2 remove the stick in ur ass. plz tell me ur name. im ren. kylo ren

Hux barked out a laugh against his will. Because this couldn’t be his life right now. He couldn’t be texting with this...idiot. This name was so fake. It was even worse than his username.

[9:18 ] AWeasleyInSlytherin: Oh my god. You are actually a 12 year old who’s hung like a horse. It’s a pleasure to meet you, KYLO REN. My name is Bill Weasley.

[9:18] SithL0rdV4der: thats not ur real name.

[9:18] AWeasleyInSlytherin: Gasp. How on earth did you find that out? You must be a real genius. Do you honestly expect me to believe this Kylo Ren nonsense? This is so immature, I don’t even know why I am talking to you.

Hux smirked and took another bite from his food. Oddly enough, there wasn’t an immediate answer. Huh. Strange.

Hux could see that Kylo Ren had read the message but he stayed quiet.

Hux frowned and didn’t want to admit that he didn’t like it. He normally answered seconds after. Apart from his delicious (probably) dick, his texts were oddly refreshing.

When Hux’s screen turned dark and there still wasn’t an answer from Kylo Ren, Hux huffed and felt a bit sulky. He brought his phone to the bedroom to charge it and left it there. Taking his food to the living room now, he turned on the TV to distract himself from the funny feeling in his stomach.

When he went to bed two hours later, he looked at his phone again. Only to check if his alarm was on, of course.

Still no message.

Hux grunted and turned away.

He had difficulties falling asleep.

At four in the morning his phone vibrated. Hux didn’t hear it and continued to sleep.

[4:14] SithL0rdV4der: It’s my chosen name. It’s me. It defines me. I am Kylo Ren.