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Saviour's Song

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The evening at Scandles had turned out to be a good one. After his brief chat with Karofsky Kurt had let go of his reluctance and he had danced, with both Blaine and Sebastian. Much to his surprise Sebastian had been relatively nice to Kurt, he'd danced with him when Blaine went to the bathroom without insulting him and he had supplied Kurt with (non-alcoholic of course) drinks all night too.

However at around eleven Kurt decided that Blaine had drunk enough. He was slurring his words and stumbling through the crowds of dancing people. After saying goodbye to Sebastian Kurt carefully led Blaine to the exit of the bar and out onto the car park.

"This is the best night of my life" Blaine slurred, his arm wrapped around Kurt's shoulder, leaning on him for support

"Ok" Kurt said dismissively- just trying to get him in the car

"It's the best night of my life" Blaine repeated "I wanna live here. I wanna live here and I just wanna make art and help people" Kurt laughed at his boyfriends drunken babble, wrinkling his nose and the smell of Blaine's breath as he spoke.

"You're definitely helping people make fires with your breath" Kurt stated

"Hey, Come on I only had one drink" Kurt opened the back door of his car as Blaine got closer "Kiss me," Blaine said , invading Kurt's personal space "Kiss me"

"No, no, no" Kurt laughed, pushing Blaine back slightly "You're riding in the back. Come on, lay down. You're less likely to throw up that way"

Kurt gently lay Blaine down in the back of the car. Suddenly Blaine pulled Kurt on top of him, kissing his neck. Kurt tried to pull away, shocked noises tumbling from his mouth but Blaine didn't let him up.

"Blaine, cold hand, cold hands" He squeaked as Blaine pushed his hands under Kurt's shirt. Kurt managed to sit up in the backseat

"Kurt, let's just do it" Blaine stated tugging at Kurt's shirt again. A deep sense of dread took over Kurt and pooled in the bottom of his stomach. "I, I want you. I want you so bad."

"No. Stop. Blaine" Kurt protested as Blaine grabbed his face and tried to bring their lips together. Kurt was suddenly reminded of what happened in the locker room a year ago and tried to pull back "No. Stop it"

"I know you wanted to do it in a field of lilacs with Stig in the background and all that, but who cares? It's all about us" Blaine panted as he continued to try and remove Kurt's shirt.

"Right, It's all about us. Which is why I don't want to do it on a night that you've spent dancing with another guy. And that you're sober enough to remember it the next day" Kurt exclaimed. Finally managing to get free from Blaine's hold and get himself out of the car. Blaine sat forward in the seat staring at Kurt.

"Why are you yelling at me?" Blaine asked confused

"Because I have never felt less like being intimate with someone, and either you can't tell or you just don't care" Kurt shouted at Blaine. The looked at each for several long moments in silence before Blaine spoke up.

"God Kurt, I'm sorry" he said running a hand over his gelled back hair. He stood up and moved closer to Kurt, opening his arms in for a hug. Kurt hesitantly walked into the embrace. "I just wanted to make you feel good Kurt" Blaine whispered

"I know" Kurt replied quietly, his voice muffled by Blaine's jacket.

"I just want to show you how much I love you" Blaine carried on, Kurt froze at the change in tense as Blaine pressed a light kiss to Kurt's neck. "I want to make you scream my name" Blaine kissed Kurt's cheek "I want to be inside you so bad Kurt" Blaine kissed Kurt hard on the lips, forcing his tongue into Kurt's mouth.

"Blaine" Kurt protested pulling away, or at least trying to. Blaine was a boxer, at Dalton he had also been apart of several athletic clubs. Blaine was stronger than Kurt and there was very little Kurt could do about it.

Blaine spun them around, pinning Kurt against the car, kissing him all the while. Kurt struggled against Blaine's grip, trying to get free. Shouting "stop" and "no" numerous times. The next time Blaine forced his bitter tongue into his mouth Kurt bit down hard. He was sure he tasted blood but when Blaine pulled away he was smirking.

"Oh, so you like it rough do you Kurt" Blaine pushed Kurt down onto the backseat and climbed on top of him.

"Blaine stop. This isn't a game. I don't want to do this Blaine, please stop" Kurt repeated over and over. Blaine moved to undo Kurt's zipper and Kurt's hands automatically flew down to stop him. However Blaine slapped them away and pinned them above Kurt's head.

"Now now Kurt. You've got to relax. We haven't got any lube so it's going to hurt if you don't" Blaine chastised teasingly.

Kurt began to cry as Blaine undid his zipper and palmed Kurt's growing erection through his boxers. Kurt hated his body for reacting that way to the unwanted attention it was receiving. Kurt continued to beg Blaine to stop whilst Blaine whispered praises and obscenities. This wasn't how Kurt ever imagined loosing his virginity but he realised that right now he didn't have a choice.

Kurt's hips jerked forwards suddenly at the building pressure on his groin and Kurt sobbed harder, Blaine took all of this as signs that, despite his protests, Kurt was enjoying himself and that he wanted Blaine to continue.

Blaine pressed his growing erection into Kurt's hip, Kurt tried to kick Blaine away, he tried to push, he tried to scratch but nothing seemed to slow Blaine down- he didn't seem to here Kurt's protests as they grew louder and more panic filled.

Kurt's cries for help fell unto deaf-ears, he screamed for help but no-one came.


Sebastian stared at his empty glass for a good two minutes after Kurt and Blaine left the club- he didn't know what to do. He had initially invited the pair out for a chance to seduce Blaine, however the more time he spent with Kurt he couldn't help but wonder why he was chasing Blaine at all.

Blaine had just gotten drunk- the light weight- and swayed about hopelessly on the dance floor. Sebastian tried to enjoy the situation but the dapper "innocent school boy" charm sort of went out the window when Blaine had to run to the bathroom because he thought he was going to throw up- luckily he didn't.

One benefit of the night, despite its disastrous beginning , was that he got to dance with Kurt. The countertenor's body moving against his own, making him a little (read a lot) hard . However that wasn't what was bothering him.

What bothered him was that as the pair of ex-Warblers had left the club Kurt had smiled at Sebastian- not a bitchy "I'm better than you" smile he had received just a few days before, but an actual happy smile. The smile had caused all of the little butterflies in Sebastian's stomach to flutter back to life, even though he had thought that they had died many years ago.

He liked the way Kurt could keep up with his insults and barbs, giving as good as he got. Sebastian loved his little smile, his laugh. Even his high pitched voice had gone from annoying to melodic.

That's what was bothering Sebastian.

"Hey, sugar. Wanna dance?" A voice shook Sebastian out of his thoughts, a dark skinned muscular man smiled down at Sebastian.

"I'm not sure" Sebastian stuttered, surprised slightly

"Well why don't I buy you a drink whilst you decide?" The man prompted, calling over the barman and ordering two shots of vodka. The bartender placed the glasses in front of Sebastian and the man but Sebastian wasn't in the mood.

God he thought bitterly I'm hung up over Kurt Hummel

"I've decided" Sebastian said standing up from his seat "I'm going home" he turned to the door and walked through it, hearing the faint murmur of "asshole" under the guys breath but casual sex was not on Sebastian's mind tonight.

He walked through the car park, tugging his jacket around himself tightly. The cold air biting a his neck. One of the first things Sebastian noticed on the way to his car war that Kurt's car was still in the parking lot. Sebastian frowned slightly, confused. But then he saw that the side door was open and too people were in the back.

Sebastian felt jealousy build in his stomach. At least someone was having fun tonight. But as the thought crossed his mind he heard Kurt's voice, high pitched and scared;

"Blaine, stop, please. I don't want to do this."

Horror struck Sebastian like a bolt of lightening. He immediately knew what was happening to Kurt and he sprang into action. He ran across the parking lot and grabbed Blaine's jacket and pulled him out the car. Sebastian heard Blaine's head hit the roof of the care but right now he didn't give a fuck.

Sebastian punched Blaine hard, hurting his own hand in the progress but hearing a satisfying crunch of Blaine's nose breaking, followed by a gush of blood. Blaine staggered back a few steps before regaining his balance. Sebastian briefly looked down at Kurt, who was struggling to sit up.

"What the hell Sebastian?" Blaine shouted at the Warbler, hands automatically going to his nose, being covered in thick blood

"Right back at you Anderson, what do you think you were doing?" Sebastian snapped back

"Sex. You ought to know what it looks like, seeing as you've said you do it a lot" Blaine yelled, Sebastian noticed Kurt whimper and flinch at the mention of sex.

"Yeah, but unlike you, apparently, my partners are always consensual" Anger bubbled under Sebastian's skin as Blaine took a step towards him.

"Everything is fine here, you can go" Blaine practically growled

"Do you want me to go Kurt?" Sebastian turned to ask the other boy who had managed to get out of the car.

"'Bastian, stay. Make him leave" Kurt panted breathlessly

"Go now Blaine, before I break something else" Sebastian snarled, taking a step towards Blaine. No matter how tough Blaine thought he was- he had nothing on Sebastian "I said now" he pushed Blaine back again. This time Blaine took the hint and stepped back.

"I'll see you on tomorrow Kurt" He called as he left the car park. Kurt flinched again, his eyes following Blaine as he left. As soon as he was out of sight Kurt burst into tears. Sebastian didn't really didn't really know what to do when Kurt flung himself at him.

Sebastian stumbled back slightly before wrapping his arms around Kurt, stroking one hand through his hair. Trying not to spook the other boy.

"Shh, it's going to be okay," Sebastian murmured.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you" Kurt whispered into Sebastian's chest before pulling back slightly. Sebastian didn't know what he was trying to do at first but he soon realised. Kurt was trying to do up his fly but his hands were shaking too much.

"Kurt? Do you want me to do it?" Sebastian asked softly, seeing how frustrated and upset Kurt was becoming at his inability to do a seemingly simple task. Kurt nodded and Sebastian gently did up the zip and the following button.

"What am I going to do?" Kurt whispered "I... I don't know what to do" Sebastian looked Kurt up and down quickly before saying:

"We should go to the hospital, your head is bleeding and you have bruises on your wrists."

"You don't have to come to" Kurt sighed "I'm sure there is other things you'd rather do"

"I'm seeing you home Princess. I'm coming too, plus I think I broke my hand" Kurt smiled slightly at Sebastian who smiled back "I'll drive, you're still shaking."