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Chapter One: You Were Warned

The moment you read the textbooks, and studied the websites on monsterkind and their history, was the moment you knew where your future would take you.

Ever since you were younger you always had a hint of hope that you would manage to find someone who was unique, different, unlike regular human beings. Even at such a young age where you didn’t get to meet a lot of people with different backgrounds and ideas, you were simply bored of day to day life. There was a strange yet scarcely thin line between whether monsters were apart of myth and legend, or whether they were actually real and the human history had been true. It was strange from the fact that the stories told about a group of magicians sealing the monsters away at the base of Mount Ebott… and yet there had been no known humans to use such ‘magic’ ever since.


So whether it were all true or false was beyond yourself, but you chose to believe it was all real.


When you were little you went through many teachers and schools, half of said instructors informed your class of them simply being stories to keep children from wandering off, the other half said they were far too real for any actual comprehension. You remembered your parents marching to the school to tell teachers to keep their ‘magical stories’ out of your head, and you wished you were allowed to use your own voice.

It didn’t help that as you grew up children began missing. You remember there used to be a child you played with when the two of you were fairly small, and one day they simply vanished. You moved on from trying to hunt them down, after all, no one who vanishes winds up being found again, much to your dismay…


That was until another event happened that proved no child would ever get lost again.


There was a special day in your childhood as you grew up, a day when another child had been found. Not only that, but it was a day that the child found their way out and brought a few friends along with. You were definitely proud to be alive the day that said child had emerged from having been lost for more than a month, and with a rather large parade of MONSTERS behind them. They all walked together, rather merrily and content, most of them grinning so widely that it was somewhat frightening and yet heartwarming all at the same time. The supposed war had been more than a decade or two ago, so while no one considered their dangers or if everyone would get along, you could imagine some of the persons simply being afraid. Considering some of the monsters that were headed to your town were ghosts, waddling eyeballs, and singing fish.

The child who came from the underground was Frisk, and it was said that they chose the role of being the monsters permanent ambassador for as long as they remained. Which, you hoped and was assumed, would be for a very long time.

As you aged, you befriended Frisk and many of the monsters that came to the surface with them. You never did realize the little things in life until a talking skeleton said “WOWIE! Is this grass? I LOVE GRASS!”

With you and Frisk’s interest in the studies and histories of monsterkind, you two went to school together to earn your degrees and become official historians and researchers. Frisk always claimed they were done with adventuring, but you were always ready for a new place to explore; which lead to your focus on archaeology, and their focus on… well, book keeping. Similar to their caretaker, Toriel. Toriel was always more than eager to assist the two of you in your work, as well as feed you the amazing pleasures of butterscotch cinnamon pie(and the displeasures of snail pie, which you and Frisk agreed was not your favorite.)


Your past was full of adventure and hope even before you knew of the monster's existence, and only continued to move forward now that it had been many years since their official arrival.

Here you are, while not too young to be deemed as unprofessional, you weren’t old enough to be taken seriously. Frisk often times wound up with the same problem unless waving their ‘Monster Ambassador’ and ‘Historian’ badge around. You, however, could only wave Frisk around as your “I’m important too!” sign. You hadn’t gotten to travel or adventure as much as you’d like, and as much as you’ve wanted. You were the perfect age of maturity, a lovely appearance that matched your curious mind and charming personality. As charming as you were, though, you were worried that overstepping your boundaries would cause your charm to deplete.


You wanted to go underground, specifically, to where the monsters once lived.


How to bring this up to Frisk, though, was the real question. Of course you didn’t exactly need their permission, you just wished for their blessing-- though if they wanted to tag along that would be even better. They were the spokesperson for all of monsterkind, while not the king (Which was a title supposedly belonging to Mr. Asgore, who ‘denounced’ his throne the moment they reached the surface and yet most monsters still look to him rather than Frisk for advice and information) they still played an important role on whether this or that can be discussed, poked at, or studied. They were only trying to keep the monsters safe, after all, and their position was for the sake of not having another war that sent monsters OR humans locked up underground.

Would requesting permission to head to their place of origin really cause such a fuss?


“Yes, it would.” Frisk told you rather bluntly on the day that you gathered enough courage to ask them permission. Shot down before you could fly, what a charmer indeed.

Frisk had a slightly-tanned complexion, their hazel eyes were narrowed away from you and towards their paperwork. They had mid-length brown hair, that matched their blue and brown suit and tie outfit, and to you they dressed more mature than necessary for their age (well, excluding the somewhat childish heart-shaped friendship locket they kept around their neck). You two were around the same age anyway, and yet you liked to go out and interview and definitely not dress fanciful for the sake of keeping up appearances. The only difference between the two of you was that they were some fancy ambassador, if it weren’t for that you two would be total equals and you wouldn’t have to report to them about these sorts of matters.


“How?” You asked, with your eyes narrowed as well in annoyance. Not over the fact that they rejected your suggestion, but the fact that Frisk looked disinterested as if they didn’t even pay you any attention. “It’s empty, right? There shouldn’t be any problem with me going down there to start digging up things. What if there were monsters who even forgot a few things that they’d want back? We’ve had reports of  requested valuables because everyone thinks we might’ve kept them as ‘historical artifacts’.”


“I said no, didn’t I? I’m pretty sure I’m speaking English…” Frisk mumbled to themselves more so than speaking to you, still shuffling through papers before finally picking up a pen and scribbling down notes “At least I think so…”

“Frisk, seriously.”

It was hard to keep your composure, they didn’t often show much emotion even if they were happy or sad or, in this case, just as irritated as you were. Frisk always kept a rather ‘content’ expression on their features. Maybe that was the difference(other than ambassador status) between you two, you were expressionFUL and they were expressionLESS. “You can even take a day or two to think it over, it would be great for our research and books! Think about it, I’m sure even Ms. Toriel would like some--”

“No means no .” Frisk interrupted, but you persisted “ No means that you’re trying to hide something! Either that, or you’re just worried that whatever I find down there will rank me higher.” As an example, you lifted your arm and hand upward as if it were a ‘height’ issue rather than anything else. Frisk finally set down their things to stare at you, you could’ve sworn you saw red in their eyes.


“Whether it’s empty or… not , it’s dangerous down there.” Frisk breathed out rather tiredly, as if they had gone over this before. Who knew whether monsters came to them asking to go back down for some things? All you knew was that this was your first time making any sort of request to travel for the sake of study, and this was also your first time being shot down.

They continued “The entrance is sealed off anyway, for safety purposes. There’s no way in.”

“What sort of safety? ” You demanded, somewhat growling at finding this out “Why are you keeping everyone out?!”

After having said this, Frisk had suddenly slammed their hands down on their desk, lifting up out of their seat almost immediately. This easily caused you to back away and gasp from shock, but you still continued, even with a quivering lip “What are you… keeping in then?


There was a glint in Frisk’s eye, whether it was from some sort of magic or whether it was an actual spark, it was red and devilish.


“I’m not going to repeat myself anymore, so listen as best as you can.” Frisk breathed out, their voice was low, and their eyes were stuck to yours like glue. You couldn’t even peel your own away from theirs if you had tried. “It is dangerous down there. There is no way in… and no way out. And there is nothing of interest to you there.

So now you knew there was definitely something of interest to you there.

Fine. ” You managed in a faint voice, though your mind was full of anger, your lungs couldn’t express it. You felt your soul pumping out of your chest, but you swallowed the lump in your throat as a way to ease your fear. You never saw Frisk like this, it was very very hard to get them angry, but apparently you did so rather easily. “If you don’t see me walking around at work for a few days, it’s because I’m depressed.” You dramatically posed, holding the back of your hand to your forehead. Though you were somewhat scared, you were thankful that this action caused Frisk to smile, and they relaxed and sat themselves back down in their seat.

“You still haven’t used your vacation time.” Frisk decided to add in, returning to looking down at their paperwork “And I’m getting tired of your face anyway so I wouldn’t complain.”

“GASP.” You breathed out as dramatically as you posed “But Frisk I thought we had something special!”

Frisk laughed, suddenly whispering with good reason “Yeah, as special as mom’s snail pie.”


You puffed out your cheeks and smiled, trying to contain your laugh as you turned on your heel and waved, signalling your departure. The moment your back was facing Frisk was the moment your cheery expression dropped.

The act was set, you knew what to do.

You walked out of their office and knew that you’d be packing your things the moment you got back to your small apartment, whether Frisk approved or not didn’t matter at this point.


You were D  E  T  E  R  M  I  N  E  D.