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I have like a thousand plot bunnies in my head, and they multiply like... well, bunnies. Some are good, some are crap, and a few might even be sort of awesome.

The problem is that when I get a new plot bunny in my head, it demands attention. They all do. They demand attention incessantly; it's terribly distracting, and eventually I end up writing out outlines, chapters, or at least chapter snippets in my head. I then burn with the need to write them out when I get a chance at a computer, and the longer I wait, the more detailed the outlines become, and the more chapter snippets, dialogue, or narration that ends up floating around in my head. It's information overload, and I need to relieve some of the pressure. The only two things that can save me are writing it out, or the birth of new, more demanding bunny. But when I start getting it out of my system, I feel the urge to write the introductory chapters for said bunnies, or expand the introductory chapter excerpts I've got floating around in my head to full chapter-length. After which point, I feel I may as well post them.

And this is a problem, because I already have too many WIPs, and not enough computer time to give them proper attention. And when the plot bunnies in my head are demanding attention, I frequently get writer's block when I try to work on something else instead of the latest demanding bunny. I really, really want to finish my WIPs - both to finally finish writing them out and getting them posted, and to finally pay some attention to some of the more demanding bunnies.

So it finally hit me that I should just create a post where I can dump all of the plot bunnies, fic outlines, story excerpts, etc. that I have in my head without spending any excess time on them primping them into full-length introductory chapters (or starting introductory chapters for the ones that I've only outlined). This will solve the problem of getting them out of my head so that I can think; thus reducing my writer's block, and freeing up more of my valuable computer time for working on my WIPs.

Plus, I can get feedback from you on what you think of the proposed story ideas, and there'll probably be a lot of things I'll mention that are available for voting or things I'm open to suggestions about. You can also can recommend which bunnies I should work on next, and point out the ones where, "Sometimes dead is better."

Hence, the Plot Sematary - the place where plot bunnies go to rest in peace until I'm ready to bring them back. And they hopefully won't come back wrong.


(Where Plot Bunnies go to die. )

*Below is the opening format for each bunny, with pairings and warnings listed.*

(If I haven't thought of something for one of the categories yet, I'll leave it blank and you can make suggestions. I will update this list as necessary.)

Location: Plot Sematary (Will note here if I have begun posting it as a WIP)

Working Title: (If applicable, will be included here; otherwise, open to suggestions)

Fandom(s): All fics will be HP, with a few Merlin exceptions. Many are crossovers between HP and Merlin, LotR, Avengers, Sherlock, or Supernatural. I've even got an HP/Trueblood x-over, an HP/Doctor Who x-over, an HP/ 1/2 Prince x-over, a couple of HP/Percy Jackson x-overs (or fics that borrow a little from the PJ fandom), and a couple of multi-fandom x-overs. In a couple of other fics there are elements that are reminiscent of Stargate (SG1 and/or Atlantis), and/or hints of pre-Star Trek/pre-Star Wars timelines. Again, not really x-overs; just borrowing a few elements that indicate that the universes could come together seamlessly at some point in the very, very, far-off future.

Disclaimer: All I own are the gosh-dang bunnies, dagnabit.

Rating: I feel pretty safe in asserting that these excerpts will all be rated PG or PG-13 at the most; but since most of the fics will be rated "M" I think I should use that rating on my sematary; someone correct me if that should change.

Pairings: Some fics are Gen; just assume everyone is asexual and aromantic. Background or secondary pairings vary, and most are not clearly defined (or at all) in the plot bunny stage. I will let you know if some of them are available for voting or suggestions.

For fics with pairings, I write slash almost exclusively. And I think all of the fics with a primary het pairing are genderswap fics.

Most of my HP fics and some x-overs are Draco/Harry; otherwise they're usually TMR/Harry. I even have a Tom/Harry/Draco bunny. There's one possible Snarry pairing (or possibly Severus/Harry/Draco; I'm taking votes), and one possible Fred/Harry. Generally, the only exceptions to my D/H or T/H pairings are x-over pairings. For now.

Merlin fics are almost exclusively Arthur/Merlin.

LotR main pairing is usually Glorfindel/Erestor.

Sherlock is Sherlock/John when there's no x-over pairing.

X-over pairings are generally: Harry/Loki, Harry/Merlin, Harry/Sherlock, Harry/Legolas, Harry/Glorfindel (once or twice there's a "Harry is Erestor" fic as well, with the Glorfindel/Erestor pairing), Harry/Dean, Harry/Castiel, and a Loki/Merlin fic. I might have forgotten one or two, and I think there was an x-over triad I was considering.

Warnings: Oh, man... I'm not gonna say, "Everything"; because there are plenty of cringe-worthy things I'll never, ever, ever include in a fic, ever... but I've got bunny ideas for so many different things, it's crazy. So... here's a list (I'll update it as I remember); but please remember these are not all in the same fics; though there are a number of fics that have a bunch of them. Some of the ones that sound similar are all referring to the same fic that has a specific plotline requiring them to be true at some point. A lot of them are combined in ways that probably won't make sense until you read the plotbunny.

Most of these are completely AU; almost none are epilogue-compliant with DH. Slash (naturally), Gen, and/or Het; MPreg; various creature!fics; soulmates; Soul-Bonds; time travel; dimension travel; Fem!Harry; crossdressing; violence; abuse/child abuse; past child abuse; past childhood sexual assault; rape recovery; triad pairings; crack!fic, angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, and/or tragedy; major character death; post-apocalyptic future fics; pre-apocalyptic future fics; zombies/inferi; fix-it fics; Seer!Harry; Omniscient!Harry; Master-of-Death!Harry; god!Harry; Angel-of-Death!Harry; Immortal!Harry; Immortal!Draco; Immortal!Merlin; Harry or Merlin as an immortal, intangible, intelligent force of magic (can assume a human form (or any other form desired), but is not limited by mortal constraints in that form and can choose to turn to mist and vanish back into the fabric of the world at any time, reforming at will whenever and where-ever desired); Reincarnated!Merlin; Reincarnated!Merlin as Harry and Reincarnated!Arthur as Draco; Reincarnated!Harry; Reincarnated!Draco as various other characters; character bashing (Usually Dumbledore; often also Ginny, Ron, Molly, and occasionally Hermione - not typical Weasley!Bashing or Hermione!Bashing content; just analyzing them and their actions from an objective and cynical POV); dark!fic, Dark!Harry (not "evil!Harry"), and/or DarkLord!Harry (I'm actually pretty proud of the journeys through character development and motivation for these fics (yes, plural) that I outlined to make Harry reaching that point both realistic and still mostly-IC); futuristic elements, futuristic concepts, futuristic technology, futuristic spells/rituals/magical artifacts; space travel, and/or aliens; virtual reality/futuristic personal pensieves, shared consciousness/dreamscape, and/or telepathy/mind links.

Type Of Post: Identify post as plot bunny/outline/chapter excerpts/dialogue/narration/miscellaneous chapter

Spoilers: Yes/No

Post Content: Main Post

A/N: Mentions of anything I want an opinion on, am open to suggestions about, and/or is open for voting.


I am NOT posting these plot bunnies as "Up for adoption". That being said, if you want to adopt one of these, please ask, and I'll let you know if it's okay or not. That way, if it's a fic that I really, really want to write myself (and may already have a bunch of random chapters written up for), I can tell you so. On the other hand, if I'm willing to let it go, that way I can offer to send you anything I have already written up for it that didn't get posted with the plot bunny (such as a bunch of random chapters that wouldn't fit), and you might be able to get more material/inspiration for your story that way.