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Danny leaned forward, letting the water spray onto the top of his head and down his back. The warmth felt wonderful, loosening his muscles. And then it stopped. He blinked blearily at the side of the shower stall, then at the shower head. Water was still emerging, but instead of falling as dictated by gravity, the drops were sliding up, collecting into a pool by the ceiling.

"Steve!" Danny yelled, ripping open the shower curtain.

Steve was standing on the other side, arms crossed across his chest, his frown a combination of his displeasure with Danny's long shower time and the concentration needed to control the water. "You've been in there 10 minutes already."

"And I plan to be in here another 10 minutes, Steven." He glared at Steve and then up at the growing circle of water hovering by the ceiling. "Give me my water back."

"How are you going to make me?" Steve asked with a smirk, knowing damned well that Danny couldn't do anything with his own power.

Momentarily stymied, Danny treated Steve to a harder glare. He loved to control fire, and his ability to extinguish flames was often useful in their work with H50, but it was completely unhelpful in domestic spats. (Unless you were a sadistic son of a bitch, which Danny was not.)

But never let it be said that Daniel Edward Williams was only the sum of his power. He turned to fully face Steve, hands nonchalantly on his hips, exposing his body, water drops clinging to his skin. He wasn't a 6'2" tattooed hunk of masculinity like Steve, but he was equally ripped, thank you very much, and he knew Steve appreciated his naked body. "Steve, did you want a piece of this tonight?"

Steve's face was a classic study in dismay before he gave a wry smile, accepting defeat. The water fell, caressing Danny's body.