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Bucky Appreciation Ficlets

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When his memory comes back ... when their memories come back, he isn't Jefferson or the Mad Hatter anymore, but he thinks that he's never been quite so "mad" in all his life.

He holds it together, only because the daughter is real, and depending on him the way that makes Bucky think of Brooklyn and a man he can only see on television these days.

His daughter has "playdates" with Henry, and those "playdates" usually involve leaving Emma and Bucky alone in the kitchen.

"Their crushes are almost cute," Emma says.

"They're children."

"Which is what makes it cute and not reason to panic." Emma laughs. "If it was serious, that would be way too much serious mothering way too soon for me."

"The fact that they are children doesn't make it less serious," Bucky says, because he remembers the way his ten year old life had been changed completely by the scrawny teenager he'd fallen in love with.

"Whatever you say, Hatter." She frowns. "Am I supposed to call you that?"

"No. Bucky. Everyone calls me that."

"Weird." She shrugs lightly. "But if you say so ... Bucky."

It's another two weeks before the name sounds less foreign on her lips and another three before her lips are seeking out his while their children are playing together in the park.