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Tumblr Requests: Marvel Universes

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The name of the team is ridiculous in Sif’s eyes. “The Avengers” do no real Avenging that she can see, at least not the way they would have defined the word on Asgard.

Yet, Sif finds herself being a “founding” member, and she wonders if it displays the arrogance of Thor himself to think that it’s fortunate that they have her.

The four other members consists of a grieving widow and her fashion designer lover and a woman who holds impressive armor but very little actual warrior experience. Somehow they manage to pull together when the circumstances require it, but their lack of discipline makes Sif ache for the companionship of her Warriors back home.

But there is one who is warrior material. This one is as soft around the edges as Potts is on some days, but on others, she can take any punch Sif can dish out.

Their sparring frustrates the others, because it is loud enough to rouse them from their sleeping and destructive enough to be expensive.

“On Asgard, I never had to worry about breaking Odin’s toys,” she tells Potts when the Woman of Iron complains. “He simply replaced them.”

Potts does not understand. Because Potts and the others do not understand truly what it means to Avenge. They can’t, because every day one of them asks her why she is here, when she misses Asgard so much.

They do not understand her answer. “What for? To learn to be a warrior. To fight to win.” They do not understand that is everything.

But her sparring partner does.

And later, when that unbreakable skin has pushed them both to their breaking points, those strong arms never dare turn gentle as they retire to their bed chambers.

Betty knows she will not break, and Sif finds release in knowing that she is with the one woman on this planet who can return the favor.