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Soulless Lovers

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Disclaimer: Don’t own Supernatural or Buffy.
This will be a shortish fic.

Chapter 1

Xander froze as he found himself facing the one person he didn’t want to, even as he pushed Cordelia away and she ran off. “Jesse man don’t make me do this.”

Jesse grinned at him. “Xander.”

“Jesse! I know there's still a part of you in there.” Xander pleaded and Jesse’s features shifted back to human.

“Of course I’m here bro, I haven’t gone anywhere.” He answered, crowding against Xander who shakily rested his stake against the vampires unbeating heart. “Ooo! Alright. Put me out of my misery. You don't have the guts.” He purred and he was right, the stake slipped from Xander’s hand. Jesse smiled and leant in to kiss Xander who whimpered. “Being a vampire isn’t bad Xander, it can be good.” He murmured in the mortals ear.

“Jesse please.” Xander choked and Jesse backed off slightly.

“Come with me Xander, away from all this. It can just be us like we always talked about.”

“What about Willow?” Xander asked and Jesse smiled, sensing he was weakening.

“She has the blond, Buffy.” Jesse answered, nuzzling Xander’s throat and Xander swallowed. He hesitated but then nodded and Jesse grinned, grabbing his hand and leading him from the Bronze.

Two hours later a stolen car left the city limits, headed for LA a vampire driving and a dead body in the back.

Xander leant against his Sire and lover, scanning the crowded club. College towns were the best place for feeding. He nuzzled the slightly older vampire who smirked and kissed him. “See anyone tasty?” Jesse murmured and Xander grinned, nodding towards the tall young man dancing with a group. “Yum.” He purred and they split up, moving towards him through the crowd.

Sam danced, trying to lose himself in the music and press of humanity and forget his big brother wasn’t watching him from nearby with their Dad waiting back at the motel. He was alone. All he’d wanted was to go to college; he hadn’t wanted to totally leave the family! Sam shook his head and closed his eyes, trying not to think about them. He felt a body press against his back and went with it, not caring who he was dancing with. Another body pressed against his front and he opened his eyes to find a young man with dark blonde hair. The guy grinned and Sam found himself grinning back, letting go and not worrying about a thing as they moved to the music. Eventually they herded him off the dance floor and bought him a beer. Sam felt a flash of nervousness, looking between the two guys he’d been dancing with, something tugging at his instincts.

“I’m Jesse, this is Xander. What’s your name?”

“Sam.” He answered, not wanting to be impolite.

“Wanna dance some more?” Xander asked, stroking Sam’s arm and he shivered. It was boiling hot and yet Xander’s skin was cold.

“I should get going, have an early class.” Sam excused but Jesse grabbed his hand and Sam turned to stare at him. Cold fingers gently caressed the skin as they stared at each other, Sam unable to look away or blink.

“Relax Sam, let go and enjoy yourself. No one’s going to hurt you.” Jesse murmured and Sam felt his body relax. He blinked and then smiled, he should be having fun. Xander pulled him back onto the dance floor and Jesse smirked, that little ability was very handy. It had been a surprise the first time he had influence their prey but research into their line showed that psychic gifts were relatively common. He followed his Childe and their dinner back onto the floor and they danced with the mortal between them, his body warming theirs slightly as they danced. “Come home with us.” Jesse breathed into his ear a while later and Sam nodded.

They led him through town, using the occasional kiss or touch to keep him distracted and Sam was totally docile as they took him into a section of old warehouses. He felt dizzy and euphoric as he let them lead him, paying no attention at all to where they were. They reached the place the two vampires were staying and they led him through to a room with no windows and a large mattress on the floor. Xander slipped Sam’s jacket off and then worked his hands under his shirt to caress his chest. Sam moaned softly in pleasure at the touch. Jesse moved up behind him and reached around to undo his belt, nuzzling behind his ear. Sam felt a brief moment of mental clarity and tried to get free but the two vampires were too strong and Jesse gripped his chin, holding eye contact. “Calm down Sam. You want this, need it.” He stroked Sam through his jeans, feeling him react to the touch. “Good Sam, just let go of everything.” Sam stared at him through half lidded eyes, whimpering in need and Jesse smirked, pulling him into a kiss even as Xander pushed Sam‘s jeans down. They got Sam down onto the mattress and he lay there, utterly naked and hard, moaning softly.

“He’s beautiful.” Xander murmured, running his hands down Sam’s chest, feeling the strong muscles.

Jesse nodded and then grinned. “Maybe it’s time for our family to grow.” He suggested and Xander laughed, shifting to Game face. Sam didn’t react as sharp fangs grazed his skin. Jesse let go of his human façade as well and they went to work, having fun with Sam since he was nice and warm at the moment. Sam was incoherent with pleasure, writhing between them, lost to the intense sensations of a cold mouth around him while the older vampire thrust in and out of his body. Sam couldn’t even think of struggling even as Jesse’s influence wore off. But when two sets of razor sharp teeth sank into opposite sides of his throat he screamed in pain, thrashing wildly but held in place by inhuman strength. A weak whimper left him as the world began to fade and his heart slow.

Xander pulled back, licking Sam’s blood from his lips before stroking the mortals face. “It’s alright Sammy, just let it happen. Soon you’ll be part of our family and we’ll never leave you little brother.” He whispered, able to See what it was Sam needed. That was his gift, to see things others didn’t and he could see how much Sam wanted family that would never leave. They could give him that.

Jesse removed his fangs, able to hear Sam’s heart struggling to beat. He bit into his own wrist and put it against Sam’s lips. “Drink Childe, we’ll be here when you wake.” He whispered to the dying human and Sam weakly swallowed the cool blood that dripped down his throat, unable to focus on anything but the soft voices promising him what he’d always wanted, family that would always be with him, not off saving others. Jesse left his wrist there, letting Sam take as much as he could until his heart finally gave out and he went still between them. Xander left the room and came back with a wet rag to clean his new brother up with. They settled Sam’s cooling corpse on one side of the mattress and then Xander pounced his Sire, kissing him eagerly. Jesse laughed and rolled them so he was on top of his Chile and lover, his companion since human childhood. They may not care about their human lives anymore but they still remembered their childhoods together and both were amazed they’d lived as long as they had considering the truth about Sunnydale. “Mine.” He growled as his features shifted and Xander grinned.

“Yours.” He agreed, his own features changing in response to Jesse’s. Sharp teeth clashed as they kissed hungrily, paying no attention to the corpse sharing the mattress with them as they enjoyed themselves.

Xander stared at his new brother, hoping he’d wake soon but knowing he probably wouldn’t until the next night. He blinked in surprise when Sam shifted, features rippling into Game face and a soft hungry noise left his lips even though his eyes never opened. Xander pulled the slack body into his arms and held Sam’s face to his throat. “Its okay little brother, I know you’re hungry. Drink.” He offered and then felt sharp teeth sink into his cold flesh. “Good boy.” He purred, stroking the cold back as Sam drank from him. Hopefully Jesse would be back with more food soon since Xander couldn’t let Sam take too much. Sam went still again and Xander laid him back down, wiping at the blood on his throat.

Sam looked peaceful in death but inside was a totally different matter. Two sources of demonic blood were clashing and waging war even as Sam’s soul fought to hold on. The physical changes had been allowed to happen but now all three were locked in a fight for Sam’s future.