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Wind and Water

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Alec was flying through the air, trying to catch up to a demon before him. As the demon soared through the air, Alec stopped and shot a gold-tipped arrow at it. It fell with a faint roar and an explosion of black smoke. Alec relaxed, but suddenly he felt something hit him, and he plummeted from the sky faster than he could fold up his wings. He saw the bright green-blue waters of the sea below him right before he hit the water. Alec’s wings ached from the jarring impact and he grunted in pain. He started to panic as his wings became too heavy from the water for him to escape the depths of the sea. His eyes closed involuntarily as his lungs burned without oxygen and he felt himself lose consciousness.


Magnus had been gathering the materials needed for a special potion in the shallower parts of the Meridian Sea when he spotted a shadow. He looked up to see a winged creature fall into the water and start to sink. Magnus swam up in curiosity and saw that the winged creature was actually a young angel boy. His face was distorted with panic and Magnus caught the glimpse of beautiful blue eyes. He swam up to catch him, just as the angel closed his eyes. Magnus looked at the handsome angel and pondered the consequences of saving him. After deciding that he could do whatever he wanted, Magnus pushed the angel out of the water. The sea witch grunted at the weight and Magnus was suddenly glad that he was relatively in good shape. The nearest cave that was far from prying human eyes was in twenty miles, and it would take a lot of effort to carry a heavily-soaked unconscious angel there. He shifted the weight around as he pulled out a stamina potion from his gold belt and drank the contents. He was going to need this boost.


To Alec’s surprise, he woke up in a dark cave next to a pool of water. His first instinct was to panic as the last thing he recalled was dying for the second time. He sat up quickly and groaned as his head spun violently. A warm hand touched his shoulder and Alec let out a very unmanly shriek. Did he get discovered by a human? A voice soothed. “Don’t worry, I’m not here to harm you. Quite the opposite in fact, I brought you here when I saw you drowning.”

Alec turned to see the source of the voice and relaxed slightly. In the darkness, he could barely see the features, only a bright pair of gold cat eyes and the slight shimmer of aquamarine glitter around his eyes. “You are a sea witch?”

Alec’s savior smiled. “What gave it away, my eyes? You are quite right. I am Magnus Bane, the High Sea Witch of the Eastern Seas. You landed in the Meridian Sea. Are you feeling okay? You swallowed a lot of water but I used a healing potion on you so you should be fine.”

Alec nodded. “I’m just a little dizzy, but nothing’s hurting. Thank you for helping me Magnus, I’m Alec Lightwood, just a normal angel. How can I repay you for your services?”

Magnus’ shrug went unseen in the dim light. “I don’t really know. Come talk to me sometime about your adventures?”

Alec agreed. “Sure, that’s a small price to pay for my life. Do you want to meet in this cave? Where are we actually?”

Magnus gripped his hand and tugged him towards the dim light. “Come and see.”

Alec snapped open his wings and gave a few flaps to make sure that they were dry. As Magnus swam towards the entrance, Alec flew above him, careful not to hit the walls of the cave or the top. He emerged from the cave to a stunning cerulean blue ocean. As he looked around, starstruck, he noticed how gorgeous their meeting spot was. It was isolated near a rocky shore and there seemed to be no signs of life anywhere around them. He looked down to thank Magnus once again when his breath got caught in his throat. If he had thought that their surroundings were beautiful, Magnus could not even be described in words.

Alec had seen mermen before, and Magnus looked similar,with a purple tail and silver-blue and purple shimmery glitter around his golden eyes, which was the only sign that he was a sea witch. Magnus had caramel skin and a powerfully built, lithe body that ended in his eye-catching tail. His dark hair had streaks of aquamarine in it and he was wearing a gold hair chain on his head bedazzled with rainbow colored shells. There were little glimpses of faint blue scales around his eyes and shoulders. Alec scanned Magnus’ body and saw a belt with vials of colorful liquids, presumably his potions and ingredients. Alec looked up quickly, caught Magnus’ eye and blushed furiously. “Um. This place is really quiet amazing. So I’ll see you here in a week?”

Magnus smiled knowingly and nodded. “I hope that you keep your promises, pretty boy.” And with that he dove beneath the sea and vanished with the flick of his purple tail.