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A Meeting of Spellcasters Anonymous

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Setting: A multi-purpose room at the Sunnydale Community Center. The folding chairs are hard metal and have seen better days, as has the yellow-grey linoleum. About a dozen women of various ages sit in the circle, just as they do every week.

"Hi, I'm Patricia."

"Hi, Patricia."

"I backslid and did glamours this week -- I mean, I know I shouldn't, but I had this really big date and this HUGE zit came out on my nose just before he picked me up. What else was I suppose to do?"

"Now, Patricia, we're not judging you, but remember, if you get tempted, call your sponsor. Have you tried Clearasil, by the way? We have a new member this week and I'd like to ask her to stand up and introduce herself."

"Uh, hi. I'm Willow."

"Hi, Willow."

"I'm, uh, here because, well, I helped restore a vampire's soul with a spell that had been thought lost for over a century, used magic to fight a hellgod, brought my best friend back from the dead -- for which she is not properly grateful, I might add -- mindwiped my girlfriend, then after promising not to do it again, mindwiped all my friends and myself, which led to us almost being killed by a pack of vampires, and went to a dark magic pusher, thereby summoning a demon who almost killed me and my best friend's little sister."


"I can bring cookies next time."