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Chuck Me

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This takes place at the end of S1 E12 in Chuck versus the undercover lover. For those that need a reminder it was the episode where Chuck finds out about ‘Sugar Bear’ and his old lover ‘Ilsa.’ This one shot recounts what actually happened when Casey and Ilsa kiss.



“What does he think he’s doing?” Whispered Ilsa.

“Guess he’s trying to spy on us.” Responded Casey.

“He’s got a lot to learn.”


“Sorry you had to blow your cover, I’m gonna miss ‘Ilsa.’”

“I’m sure I’ll find another one.”

“I hope to meet her someday.”

“You and I both know that’s not true anymore.” Casey raised a questioning eyebrow but Ilsa leant in with a knowing smile. They had let their guards down together a long time ago but she could still see when he was infatuated and she approved of his choice. “So why don’t I speed things along for you two hmm? Show him what he could have.”

Casey followed her lead his hand comforted the once familiar face and he dragged her into a rough kiss. He forced himself to keep his eyes closed in fear of his eyes wandered to check the kid’s reaction. Though three guesses Chuck was dawning a giant dorky grin.

“Goodbye, Ilsa.”

“Goodbye, Casey.” He watched the old flame extinguish while another voice fuelled the roaring fire.

“What’s up killer?” He turned to see the dork tripping his way out the window. “You got yourself a new lady friend or what?

“She’s hopping a plane.” 

“What are you serious? You guys gonna stay in touch?”

“She’s going back undercover.”

“Wow, that really sucks.”

“Spy’s life, Chuck.”

“Well don’t you worry buddy, you’ll always have me, I’m not going anywhere.”

Casey looked him up and down feigning disgust. “Uh-huh”

“Well Casey, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Chuck put his arm around the broad shoulders and for once wasn't beaten down by a warning growl, well, until he was pushed full force into the bush beside Casey’s closing door.