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Undead Criminals

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Danny aimed the gun directly at the victims thigh.
"Tell us where Charlie and Johnny are or you'll have a bullet through your thigh," Danny threatened, face deadly serious, not that the cop could tell because of the mask he wore.
"A bullet through the thigh isn't a threat, through the heart of head maybe but I'm not talking," the captured cop said, not even wavering.
"Alright then, I guess you choose torture by default then."
Danny stepped back and allowed his partner, Jorel, to step forward.
"Who would've guessed that The Golden Beast can't do his own dirty work."
"We're partners, we have a system," Jorel said, holding the knife to the victims throat.
"Wait a minute, J-Dog and Golden Beast are working together? We've never seen any evidence of your partnership, you're lying."
"Like he said, we have a system."
"Now I have somebody else to kill so I'll leave you two alone," Danny said and turned to leave.
"I'm not talking if that's what you think."
"Oh you will," Jorel said, a psychotic grim spreading across his face, his mask covered this however.

"Officer Busek and Officer Alvarez, late as usual so what's the excuse today?" The captain asked the two flustered cops.
Captain Daniels was a very well respected man and although he has just hit fifty, he was still sharper than a knife and would not hesitate to kill a criminal. His brown hair was now turning grey and his blue eyes were sharp.
"I was hungry and I wanted a donut and then Matt told me we couldn't but I was super hungry so we argued until he gave in and now I've eaten like four and this is my fifth," Dylan explained, holding up his donut for all to see.
"I've stopped trying to make sense out of you two but you're the best officers we have, however as punishment I'd like you two to be the ones to escort Charlie Scene and Johnny 3 Tears to the interrogation room tonight," Captain Daniels said and Matt groaned.
"That's just plain mean," Matt complained and Dylan pulled a confused face.
"What's wrong with those guys? I think they're hilarious," Dylan asked.
"You think they're hilarious when they're when they annoy the crap out of everyone else," Matt responded and Dylan didn't deny a thing.
"If our source is correct then this might get very dangerous," The captain explained.
"Mind explaining what the plan is?" Matt asked.
"Well last night a missing cop came stumbling in, covered in blood, and told us he'd just escaped from torture by J-Dog himself and he discovered that J-Dog and the Golden Beast are working together and are looking for Charlie and Johnny, so we need to interrogate them," The captain explained.
"Well although Johnny and Charlie are tough I think we can break them if you give us the chance," Dylan said, a little more serious now.
"Well I was hoping you'd volunteer because you were going to do it anyway."

"It's times like this I wish I had my bandanna because my face is fucking freezing," Jordon stated before hiding his face in his hands.
"I think we wear the masks half the time just to keep our faces warm," George said.
"I swear if they don't show up in the next ten-" Jordon stopped at the sight of the lights in the prison cell corridor flickering.
"I guess this means we're getting out ourselves with a little help from him," George said standing up and Jordon copied.
"Ready?" Jordon said and George nodded.
The lights kept flickering but the four guards didn't seem to mind.
"Going somewhere boys?" One asked and Jordon smirked.
"Yep!" He exclaimed and then after another flickering of lights, two of the guards were taken down by a masked figure that moved quicker than a normal man should.
Another flicker occurred.
The other two guards were taken out and the cell door was unlocked and then silence was heard.
"Sometimes I think I shouldn't make fun of him because he can do this, but then I remember that I have no moral compass inside me which means that I will keep teasing him until he dies," Jordon said swinging the door open and the two started making their way to the evidence room to retrieve their masks.

"Everybody who's armed stay alert, Charlie Scene and Johhny 3 Tears have been broken out of their cells so stay focused and let's hunt down these fuckers!"
"Just when I thought we were gonna get to have a break for a few hours," Dylan said with a sigh as he stood up from his seat.
"Got your gun?" Matt asked Dylan before they headed through the door to find the escapists.
"Yep!" Dylan responded holding the gun up.
"Does it have ammo?"
"Does it have enough ammo?"
"Uhh yeah... well I think it does anyway cause this is the new guys so it should be full."
"You lost yours didn't you?" Matt asked, shaking his head.
"I think I left it in the bathroom at home."
"You're so incompetent sometimes but anyway let's just go... why have you brought that?" Matt asked in disbelief at the sight of Dylan's donut from earlier.
"I'm not gonna waste a perfectly good donut Matt," Dylan argued.
"Sometimes I question why I'm dating you."
Matt then went to open the door but it flew open from the other side and the two escapists bolted past them in their masks.
"Shit!" Dylan exclaimed as the two cops started their pursuit.
"What is it?!"
"Fucking Jord-Charlie stole my donut!"
"It's just a donut Dylan!"
"It was my donut!"
"This is why you don't bring food with you when there's criminals on the loose!"
"Ugh whatever."
They started to lose ground and would lose them if they didn't speed up.
"Wait why don't we just shoot their legs? I don't think they'll be running on them if we do that," Matt suggested and Dylan gladly agreed to this, taking aim and then he pulled the trigger.

"Fuck!" George exclaimed after the bullet hit his leg and he almost collapsed on the floor but fortunately Jordon grabbed him just in time and the two made it out the back doors. They were just in time for Jorel and Danny to pull over in some stolen car.
"Get in!" Danny yelled opening the back door from the passenger seat in the front and Jordon practically shoved George in and clambered in shortly after.
"Let's get the fuck out of here!" Jordon exclaimed and they were off into the night, leaving the two cops behind.