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Life Insurance

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"You'd better not be expecting a big payout when you get me killed," Nate grumbled into his radio as he climbed up the side of another ruined fort, trying to find the pirates Elena was after. "I signed everything over to Sully years ago – and he knows about it, so he'll come chasing after it."

"Wait, you actually told Sully that he inherits if you die? And you're still alive?"

"Sure," Nate said, then had to skip out on the conversation for a minute to jump to a ledge – shuffle along it – jump aside when it crumbled under his weight —

He laughed breathlessly once he was safely on the battlements, sprawling on the floor to appreciate not hanging onto anything by his fingertips. The view from the top of the walls was great. Fantastic. He didn't want to have to appreciate it while he was hanging over it ever again. "I'm like the goose that lays golden eggs, but with more explosions. It's way better for him to keep me alive for the payoff in the end. He's playing the long game."

Elena, who had probably heard all of the yelling and panting as Nate tried not to die on a wall, huffed out a breath in what might have been relief and said "Or he knows that you're too lucky to die."

"Well there is always that," Nate agreed, rolling to his knees – and coming face-to-gun-barrel with those pirates he was supposed to be looking for.