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Come Get It

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Phil walked along the pavement, nearly tripping over himself with the speed he propelled himself forward. He couldn’t believe he was late. One thing had led to another while he was in the library, and Phil had found himself practically drooling on the computer desk by 7:00pm, eyes drooping in exhaustion. Phil was an intuitive student, and worked hard at everything he enjoyed and needed. His English Language and Linguistics course was certainly at the top of the list. The university he went to had a strict curfew of 10:00pm on weekdays, and Phil found himself napping for more than two hours in the quiet library.

It was his own fault for pushing himself too hard, but with his exams coming up, and Phil couldn’t afford to be too complacent. Now he was definitely paying the price for it, and Phil tried not to think too hard about what the punishment could be. Seeing as his excuse for being late was quite reasonable, and it was his first time doing anything out of line- Phil hoped the university would be lenient. If he hurried, Phil would only be about twenty minutes late anyway. Hardly worth a punishment.

Something rustled behind him.

Phil glanced over his shoulder, trying to trample down his irrational panic. Phil hardly ever went out so late, so he reasoned with himself it was fine to be a little paranoid. Especially when he was by himself on a narrow, darkened pavement with not even a lamppost for guidance. Phil shook his head, but picked up his pace slightly. He’d taken this route loads of times due to his frequent trips to the library, so he shouldn’t feel lost or worried.

But I’ve only taken it in the daytime. Phil mentally scolded himself for thinking that, trying to block his frantic thoughts. Besides, it always looked nice in the daytime anyway, with the bright shrubs on the sides, the calm breeze brushing through Phil’s hair… The fences surrounding the path, isolating him from any help as the walls closed in, carelessly abandoned from the public…

Phil took in a shaky breath, feeling the fear prickle on his back. Okay, stop. Just stop. You’re already-

“Late for something?” A voice like melted chocolate rumbled behind him, crooning softly in a lulling southern accent. Phil couldn’t help the shiver which ran through him at the sound of it, trying to decide if he was terrified or enticed. Maybe a bit of both. Slowly, Phil turned around, eyes huge with fear and adrenaline.

“Might be enough for a punishment. Probably not enjoyable either, considering you’re at university.” And Christ the words were nearly tuned out when Phil got a good look at him. Even in the dark, it was obvious how absolutely gorgeous the young man was standing before him. A dark brown fringe swept just below his equally dark eyes, his lithe figure lightly toned with a faint outline of muscles. His full lips were pulled into a slight smirk, making his gut clench in apprehension, his long hands tucked into the pockets of his dark jeans in a relaxed manner.

“Um- I- Wha-“ Phil managed to sputter out, hoping the dark covered up his furious blush. The man smirk only deepened knowingly, and Phil tried to look at anything but his face. How did he know…?

“I’ve seen you go into the university before,” the young man shrugged elegantly, and Phil couldn’t stop his eyes from following the movement longingly. “Not to sound too stalkerish or anything, but I’m at the one a few blocks away. Yours is York, right? I’m Dan Howell.”

Phil tried to pull himself out of the trace the young man’s voice created. Nothing should have the right to sound so seductive, so damningly beautiful…
“U-Uhh.. Y-yeah,” Phil choked out, answering the question he was sure the teen asked a minute or so ago. “Why…?” Luckily, the man apparently called Dan was brilliant at context, and replied quickly to the unspoken question. “Because you’re the most adorable creature I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’ve seen how you interact with people, Phil. You’re so pliant, young and… meek with others.” He offered a dark smirk at that. “You fit my needs perfectly.”

“How do y-you know my name?” Out of all the questions to ask this sex god. Me, adorable? Needs? Phil tried to contain a lustful shudder at that. His mind was going in overdrive.. surely this perfect young man didn’t want Phil? He almost laughed in disbelief at that.

But suddenly, Dan’s breath was in his ear, his soft lips almost touching Phil’s skin. Phil bit back a moan, throat suddenly dry in fear and want.
“I learn all about the things I like, Phil,” the young man whispered huskily. “And I like every inch of you. From that gorgeous hair, to your little toes. I want to devour everything.” Dan emphasised his point by tugging Phil’s ebony hair softly, and Phil couldn’t hold back a wanton moan at that. The arcs of his pale neck were slowly exposed to Dan, and Phil couldn’t hold back a yelp at the noticeable hunger in those melting brown eyes. “But…” His hands softened their grip, now only stroking the strands of black hair adoringly. “I won’t do anything more without your consent, little one.”

Phil let out a trembling gasp, trying to keep his thoughts intact to answer Dan. But, God it was beyond distracting with those nimble, warm fingers carding through Phil’s hair, caressing every strand in worshipful gestures. Unable to resist, Phil lolled his head back like an attention starved puppy, a quiet whine escaping his throat. Dan smirked widely at the slim figure, who subconsciously kneeled backwards into the student’s expert hands. Dan grabbed a handful of the silky black hair tightly, watching as Phil writhed beneath him. Perhaps unknowingly, the submissive man was already on his knees, hot breaths coming out in desperate stutters over Dan’s lower abdomen. Dan tried to ignore the effect it had on him, as his groin stirred in hunger. But he couldn't help but imagine that timid mouth around something more…

“Tsk, tsk… I’m waiting, Sweetie,” Dan smiled sweetly, but his face hardened when he took in the sight of Phil. He was opening his mouth in what Dan assumed to be an answer, but he tugged sharply at Phil’s hair, forcing the younger to cut off and look up at Dan with wide eyes.

“Look at me when I’m speaking to you,” Dan snapped, figure suddenly becoming more imposing in the darkness of the night. Phil shot his eyes open at the undoubted command, and Dan had to hide a smile at how quick the younger was at obeying him. So easy to teach… so eager to learn. Dan bit back a moan as those wide blue eyes stared up at him in desperate want, cheeks flushed and small body trembling.

“I- I want it,” Came the hoarse reply, barely a whisper in Dan’s presence. Dan could tell he was fighting to keep his gaze upwards, possibly in slight shame. Dan would soon wipe away all of that.

“Want what?” Dan’s hands slowly released Phil’s hair, half teasing the younger student. “Tell me now, Phil.” He wanted full consent, wanted to hear Phil admit his lust for Dan in that quiet, honest tone. Dan was startled at the reaction he actually got.

“Y-you! I want you! I’ll do anything, be anything you want to just have the reward of your touch. I need you, Dan. Pl-ea-ease take all of me.” The words came out like dribble, as soon as Dan’s hands stopped touching Phil. Dan couldn’t believe it. Did Phil already have such a strong reaction towards him? And was he already admitting his submissive tendencies? God, Dan could come just from the sound of Phil begging so desperately. But like any good dominant, he kept his reactions carefully under control. But it had never been such a challenge with someone as beautiful and responsive as Phil. He’d found the perfect one. He knew it.

There was a thick silence, in which Phil breathed heavily at his admittance, cheeks burning in a red hot humiliation. Phil swayed unsteadily on his knees, and Dan slowly lifted Phil up by his armpits, reveling in the feeling of half carrying the lighter man. Already, he was so obedient and dependent on Dan. Fuck, he was going to show Phil a good time.

“Such…” Dan whispered deeply, as he lavished Phil’s prominent collarbone in kisses and small nips, relishing in the string of groans it pushed out of Phil. “… a good boy.” Phil let out another gasp at that, body trembling in want against Dan. Hell, Dan was going to have a brilliant time too.