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Touch Me Closer

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Sherlock wasn’t sure the single towel really put enough padding between himself and the concrete surrounding the pool, but when he had John’s fingers probing at his entrance, and his lips kissing down his back, he was finding it harder and harder to care about the mild discomfort. He moaned as John’s tail brushed his leg, the responding hitch in John’s breath a pleasant surprise.

“You always enjoy this so much, Sherlock…” John’s voice was soft, teeth grazing along the protruding bones of his spine, enticing another moan from Sherlock’s throat.

”The way your fingers move, John.” Sherlock was panting as John’s fingers adeptly changed from their exploratory pattern to one of firm thrusts that nearly caused him to melt. “I swear, I didn’t know how, bloody hell, sensitive I was until you-” His words were cut off with a gasp as a fourth finger joined the one in his ass, John was practically fisting him now, and dear god, he was beginning to think John could read his mind, the way he knew just what Sherlock wanted to be given.

That thought was met with a chuckle as damp lips pressed up next to his ear. “If you’re only beginning to think I can read your mind…” the words trailed off as the thrusts became less fluid, and Sherlock’s mind was distracted from his thoughts by the analysis of the pleasure John was causing with that simple change in pace. Slowly, the pleasure built in him, with the combination of John’s lips pressed against his and the build up of the speed of the hand thrusting in to brush against his prostate, only to be released when John’s other hand deftly caressed his prick. It was unexpected, that final touch, it threw off the rhythm that had been building. Sherlock let it take him past the tipping point, shuddering with the aftershocks once his body settled down.

“Still upset I don’t have a dick to fuck you with?” the laughter was clear in John’s voice as he caressed Sherlock’s ass cheeks.

Sherlock flushed, turning to hide his red cheeks from John’s deep blue eyes. “I guess you’ve made your point. You can fuck me hard enough I won’t want to walk for a week even without one.”