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His Majesty's Paranormal Service

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Thanks to everyone for their feedback about a collaboration between Crane and Norrington. I hope I can give Team Tall, Dark, and British the justice that they deserve!

Norrington and Crane


Port Royal, Norrington’s Office

"A Captain Ichabod Crane to see you, sir,” announced Norrington’s secretary.

“Send him in, Mister Malcom.”

A few moments later Ichabod Crane entered the office. He was the same height as Norrington and around the same age. His arched eyebrows, attentive blue eyes, and trim beard and moustache lent an air of adroitness and civility to his bearing. He shook Norrington’s hand. “Thank you for taking time to meet with me, Commodore Norrington.”

Norrington motioned for him to sit. “You said there was a dire threat gathering in the Caribbean, captain. I have a responsibility to protect the subjects of the Crown from anything or anyone who threatens their safety.”

"And you've even protected them from paranormal threats,” added Crane.

The commodore sat back in his chair and allowed a small smile to appear on his face. “Captain Crane, if you had met with me a year ago and spun me a yarn about a ship with black sails that was crewed by the damned and a captain so evil that hell spat him back out I would’ve roundly mocked you, sir. Yet, I encountered this ship and its crew and found the truth in the tale soon enough.”

“The cursed pirates that you encountered at Isla de Muerta,” replied Crane.

The commodore nodded. “They were impervious to cutlass and all manner of firearms. If the curse had not been broken, I fear I would’ve lost the majority of my crew. Now there are rumors running about regarding the return of Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman.”

Crane's blue eyes sparkled. "And you can’t help but wonder if that legend is authentic as well, can you, commodore?  That is why I am here.” He handed Norrington a sealed scroll. Norrington read it as Crane talked. “His Majesty is also concerned about the increase of supernatural activity spreading throughout the realm. His Majesty’s Paranormal Investigations Division is tasked with observing, and if possible, capturing these beings for further examination.”

“You mean to enslave them?”

Crane was taken aback by the commodore’s poignant observation. “Not as such, commodore. If our enemies discover a way to utilize these supernatural powers, then we will be helpless in stopping them.”

“How exactly do you propose to capture these creatures with modern ordnance?” Norrington asked. “The cursed pirates were unaffected by our weapons.”

Crane smiled. “The Division can help with that, commodore. There are ancient means that are most effective with this endeavor. We would, of course train your men for this task and fit your ship with the proper means of defense. I do not believe that you were stationed at Port Royal by accident, James Norrington. Nor was it by chance that you have witnessed these strange things. Are you willing to join me?”