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Lady of Revenge

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I coughed, spitting the water out of my mouth. On this island... Yet again. I tried to swim away only to be swept back.

That was what happened with I first arrived on Lian Yu. This was on my mind as I pushed opened the door, hand on the sword attached to my hip. "What do you want me to do?"

"Get in Oliver's life again. Do what Blood has so far failed to do."

Bowing, I turned and left.

The next morning I was out on the sidewalk, not paying much attention to anyone. People passed as I watched them, my eyes hidden by my sunglasses. Finally I saw who I was looking for. What a loser. Casually throwing a pebble in his way he tripped, dropping what he was holding but managing to remain mostly upright. "Here, let me help you." I collected the papers from the ground while I smiled.

"Thanks." Our skin touched and he glanced at me. "I'm Barry."


"Nice to meet you Mari"

He was staring at my tattoos at this point. "I might look scary but I am a pacifist so don't worry." I laughed, knowing my appearance threw people off. The right side of my head was buzzed off and the hair I still had was pin straight and blue. I had tattoos all over and piercings covering my face. Out of habit I rubbed my tongue piercing along the back of my teeth. "Anyways, where are you headed in such a rush?"

"I have to get to Queen Consolidated."

"I know Oliver. Let's walk and talk." He nodded and we started walking together, me still carrying some of his papers. He told me about his past and about his life now. I nodded in interest.

"I want to hear something about you now."

"Well compared to you my life is ordinary."

"Since when was knowing a billionaire an ordinary thing?"

"Well we have a complicated past."

"Right. I forgot the playboy part."

"Oh God, no. We never dated. It was just stuff and it is in the past." I opened the door to the high rise and got into the elevator with Barry while we kept talking.

"So she had this weird thing with giraffes." Oliver only caught that part of the conversation and he looked up in confusion. That confusion quickly changed to shock.

"Mari?" I folded my arms across my chest.

"Yeah, not dead."

He hugged me and I hugged him back, almost a little relieved. "What did she mean not dead?" Barry watched us closely.

"You know what I am Allen, you know what the island did to me. But Mari was the only person that left the island just as innocent as the day she crashed on it."

"When we were on the island together I did not partake in any archery lessons."

"I swear you were dead."

"Well it seems a lot of people you thought we dead aren't. Sara, that communication guy that wandered into your cave, others."

"A lot gets past me apparently."

"It does indeed." I gave him a quiet smile and he looked at me intently.

"Felicity is down on the IT floor." Barry nodded and headed in that direction. "You look tired."

"I am. How's Thea?" He took me by my arm and dragged me into the elevator violently. Once we were in the car driving towards his house, he finally explained his hostility.

"Why are you pretending to be something your not? You killed once on the island like it was nothing."

"First off, it only happened once and it was self defense. Second, I could ask you the same damn question Oliver. Maybe I'm actually changing. I retreated from violence while you just degraded and fell deeper into its void."

He got quiet. We had arrived at the Queen Mansion. "What do you mean you've changed?"

"I don't know. After Shado died and after I left, I saw things in a different light. Those men were crazy and bred by violence. It's bad and it can only get worse." We had moved up to his room where he sat on the couch, looking pissed. "It's not up to you to save the city. It never was." I stood waiting in the silence for him response.

The silence broke. "I am thrilled you're back." I held my hands out and he took them. Slowly but confidently I lowered myself onto his lap. Our lips were so close as I straddled him. He lost his patience and our lips finally met. It was rough but nice at the same time. It was angry and full of lust.

Something switched inside of him. I pulled away and felt him take a big breath of air. I reached up his shirt and felt his scars. "After all this time."

"I never knew you felt like that."

"I don't anymore."

"Right." He didn't seem upset or phased at all.

It had been three weeks and I was wedged back into his life. Now, I would stay with Felicity in the underground base helping Oliver with directions while Felicity was looking up more on the man he was hunting. "Turn right."

"Where'd he go?"

Felicity started typing quickly. "Hold on. He was just trying to throw you. Go one street over."

There was radio silence. "This is the part I'll never get used to."

"What, all the violence?"

"That and not knowing what's happening."

"It is the worst. But you know Ollie. He'll be okay."

"The arrow is broken." I heard the Australian accent and unmistakable voice over the radio.

"Arrow?" Felicity picked up her phone to call Diggle. I was already out of my seat. "Where are you going Mari?"

"To help Arrow." I took one of the motorcycles sitting outside the club to the dockyard. "Slade?" He appeared from behind the shipping containers.

"I assume you're doing your job?"

"Of course. I'm not going anywhere."

"What new information do you have for me?"

I sighed. "Nothing really. Two accomplices Felicity Smoak and John Diggle. Nothing to be worried about."

"Excellent. Go see Barry for a few days and train. I've already sent Blood to drop the weapons at a training gym."

"Thank you. I'll see you in four days." He nodded and I bowed.