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Dean leaned over and spat out the mouthwash he was gargling with. When he stood back up straight he looked into the mirror and jumped with a low grunt. "...DAMN IT CAS." He growled. "I thought we talked about this already. A warning, remember?"

Castiel stood there for a moment before speaking. "My apologies." He replied, stepping closer until he was inches away from Dean. Obviously the conversation they had didn't help at all since he was continuing to move closer.

"Also that personal space conversation we had, Cas." He added in. "Do you remember that? Hmm?"

Castiel remained close. "Yes." He answered.

Dean turned so they were face to face. He looked down at him and sighed. "I guess I don't have a say in this, huh?" He murmured as he leaned down closely to Castiel’s face.

Castiel just nodded. "No." He wasn’t very talkative— then again he rarely talked in the first place.

"What do I owe this lovely visit for? Did something happen?"

"You called for me, in your dreams."

Dean raised a brow. He didn't remember calling for Castiel. As a matter of fact, he didn't even remember dreaming last night. Ever since he got involved with the angels and they started invading his head when he was sleeping, he always remembered his dreams. "I uh, I don't remember. What did I say?"

Castiel tilted his head. "That you needed me."

He rubbed his head and shrugged. "Sorry Cas, I don't remember."

"When you do remember, just call out to me."

With a grin, Dean nodded and leaned in a bit closer, eyes drifting down to Castiel’s lips. Within seconds though, Cas disappeared. Dean stumbled forward a bit and cursed. "Cas— damn it."

"What's wrong?" Sam asked as he walked through the door of the motel. "What did Castiel do? Pop into the room again unannounced?" He said with a soft laugh.

Dean glanced up at Sam. "Ugh, nothing. Cas is just being…Cas." Dean still hadn't told Sam how close he and Castiel had actually gotten when he was away. When he and Sam went their separate ways, Dean spent every day with Castiel. The angel may have been awkward, quiet, and weird but oddly enough that's what Dean started liking the most about him. He just needed to find the right time and the right way to tell Sam.

Castiel on the other hand wasn’t as forward with their new found closeness. He also wasn't sure what was happening between Dean and himself but he did in fact know he enjoyed it. He always knew there was a reason that he was willing to give up so much for Dean. For that human. For that reckless, crude human. His human. It was just now becoming more understandable.

"So what did you find, Sammy?" Dean asked.

Sam dropped his bag onto the bed and pulled out a notepad. "Well, there is more going on than we thought. Aside from the two angels killed, there are a few vampires lurking around the town."

"We can handle a few blood-sucking sons of bitches, Sam."

"No. These vampires are different. They're demons actually...but vampires. They've been benefiting from the deaths of the angels too."


"They're drinking angel blood, Dean."

"How are they vampires and demons? The demons can't possess them."

"I'm not sure. I did a little digging. Found a book of England folklore from the 19th century and it says it's a demon called Nievgä. The story on it says that it takes the blood of a vampire and alters its DNA. It didn't say anything about going after angels, just people who ventured out in the woods at night or roamed the streets after dark. There were also sightings of them in Asia. Then the trail died. It was mostly a story told to scare children from leaving their homes at night but apparently there is a possibility of it being real."

"So this thing can drink dead angel blood. Did they take traits from the blood-suckers? Will they die from the dead blood?"

"Usually they would if they were fully vampires. Since they altered their DNA it's different. I found out something else though. The Nievgä might be working with an angel who's sacrificing other angels to the Nievgä then killing them once they drained the amount of blood they needed."

"Why in the hell would they work with those blood sucking—Noovus things?"

"Nievgä, Dean."

"Whatever. Close enough."

Sam closed his notepad and shook his head. "I don't know. That's the freaky part. It gets worse though. When they drink the blood, something happens to them. They gain some new abilities."

"Damn it. What? Are they flying now?"

"No. They can hear the angels talk. They can do more than possess human bodies. They can kill angels. So far, only four Nievgä's have drank from an angel. Has Cas said anything about this? Does he even know?"

Dean shook his head. "Not a word. I'm not sure he knows." He paced the room for a second and looked up at the ceiling. "CAS!" He yelled. "I need you! Get your ass down here!" He wouldn't say it, but he was really worried that Cas was in danger. If someone was killing off angels for this demon, then Cas could have surely been on the list to be next. He looked at Sam and narrowed his eyes. "You know where these bastards are?"

"I'm not sure; I kind of narrowed it down to one part of town. That could possibly be where their base is but I'm thinking it's only a few of them. Lanesboro Minnesota is a small town. It’s known to be a tourist town so I’m thinking the Nievgä's are here because the tourists are easier targets compared to the locals who might actually know about this creature or the disappearances."

“Which part of town?”

“It has to be either near the Root River or the waterfall on the edge of town. They like secluded and wet places so we can’t go wrong looking there first.”

"You sure?"

"Yeah, they don't flock together. They are greedy and feed alone to gain more strength for themselves."

Dean nodded and stuck his gun into his pants. "Good because tonight, we find them damn blood suckers."

Sam grabbed his bag and draped it over his shoulder and headed to the door. "Let's go then. I believe they're working in a church just outside of this county."

"You sayin' they look human?"

"For now. They don't at night when they feed." He opened the door to head out and jumped when he almost ran into the figure standing there. "OH GOD!"

Castiel looked up at Sam. "Hello Sam, but I am not God."

Sam rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I know. It's just a...well it's like a—never mind." He moved past Castiel and jogged over to the car.

Dean looked at Castiel and spoke. "There's a problem. You're in danger."

"In danger?"

"Some nugget thing is targeting angels. It might have the help of an angel too."

"There is a nugget killing my brothers and sisters?" Castiel asked with a confused look on his face.

"Nievgä, Dean! Nievgä!" Sam shouted from outside.

"What he said. It's something that's not from here but somehow made it overseas. Now it’s picking off these poor bastards like flies."

"Very poetic, Dean." Sam chimed in again.

"Shut it, Sam."

Dean placed a hand on Castiel's shoulder and nudged him back some so he could exit the motel room. "Alright Cas, let's go. You're coming with us." He closed the door behind himself and headed over to the Impala.

It was hunting time.