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Gentleman's Agreement

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Ash Ketchum hated his life. He could pick any point in his miserable little life to prove it, but right now, was even worse than some of the days of his life. Being forced to room with Gary that first year, before he got raised to a higher class? Fine. His big brother Red abandoning him? Okay, he’d deal.

But having to shower with bully extraordinaire and all around dick Green Oak because his shower was the only one in working condition and Green found out about that? Easily the worst thing. He could hear the taunts already – the jerk had already taken his big brother, he didn’t need Green getting ammunition because he was small in all departments. Red got all the good genetics out of the two of them. He’s first into the shower though, before Green even sees what he looks like naked.

“Why, someone would think you're shy.” The ghost of a chuckle against the back of his neck almost makes Ash jump. “You got a problem with me, soot-bitch?” Green’s voice is, just like his brother Gary’s, absolutely delectable. But Ash refuses to let him win, ignores him with pure will. He doesn’t jump, even when his hands settle on Ash’s hips – and what the fuck? His hands were practically enveloping his hips that was not fair he was so much bigger – and squeeze slowly. The pressure actually feels a little nice, before it increased, and Ash has to fight a small noise of pain. But, just as suddenly, the tight grip loosens.

“You’re so fucking small.” Green’s voice is amused. “All over, it seems.” The rich chuckle that echoed in his ear almost makes Ash jump again, but he doesn’t, fingers in his own hair as he washes himself clean, tries to ignore him.

The hand on his dick, however, is harder to ignore. Ash gives a surprised jolt, and Green’s laugh is rich.

“I was starting to wonder if anything would get you to acknowledge me.” The fingers around his length begin to play, and Ash has to keep his composure – he refuses to give another inch in Green’s sick game. Green plays with him, stroking his length playfully and making Ash grit his teeth slightly. “And you’re back to ignoring me – cute.” He laughed again, teasing the tip with a clever finger. “You’re so much better than Red, you know that soot-bitch?” He laughed lowly into an ear, as he continues tormenting Ash. “You’re smaller, so you’re probably tighter and a bit more portable. I could fuck you anywhere.” Ash ignored him, even as his cheeks flush a little with arousal. He can feel Green against him, and his cheeks brighten with color, even as he struggles to maintain composure. Nothing else had bothered him much… But shit. Green wasn’t even human with a dick like that. Green’s free hand splays over his stomach – and Ash, yet again, curses his small size.

“I’m probably too big for a shrimp like you though – I’d probably split you in half.” There’s a purr in his voice at that concept, and Ash supposes he could be forgiven, when his face turns practically neon from the idea.

A massive dick Green might be and have, but Ash would be a fucking liar if he didn’t admit that he’d wondered what it would be like to be fucked by something that big. Green however, knew exactly what he was thinking, cheating fucker he was, and let out a low laugh.

“And here I thought Red was a kinky bitch. I’d have taken you if I’d realized you were more interested. Red won’t even let me fuck him – says I’m too big.” The shudder of disgust doesn’t go unnoticed, and Green smirks widely. He finally had something to mess with the little soot-bitch. “Let’s see…” His voice trails off, and suddenly, Ash finds his hands removed from his hair, Green’s own large one replacing it. “Let me. I’ll finish cleaning you up.” His voice is soft and gentle, strangely affectionate. “Once that’s done, I think we can get on with something even more fun.” Green’s laughter is sensual, and Ash squirms in his hold –yelps when Green’s hand on his dick speeds up. “Behave. I’m going to fuck you the way I want and you’ll like.” That actually gets Ash to panic a little, and his squirming kicks up a notch, only to still when Green’s hand does something that should be completely illegal to get Ash limp and gasping in his hands.

“That’s better.” Green murmured against his skin, and with a final, firm rub to wet hair, Ash’s hair is freed from his grasp. Green keeps his other hand on Ash’s dick, lowers the stream of water so that it’s lighter and the heat would last – he’d hate for the water to get cold. He wouldn’t suffer, but Ash was a fucking midget and would freeze. Ash was unmoving in his grasp, which was good. Not so good was Ash’s clear expression of nervous terror. Green tugged on his hair, brings up his head so that he can see Green.

“Hey. Trust me. You’re going to love this. I promise that, alright?” He said softly, tucking a strand of hair behind an ear. Ash was still clearly suspicious, and his disgruntled whine said as much.

“That’s the problem,” Ash muttered sourly under his breath. Green paused, and he gave Ash another stare.

“You don’t trust me?” He asked, surprised. After a moment, Ash shook his head. “Have I ever given you a reason to doubt me?” Green said, cross.

“Last year.” Ash ground out between gritted teeth. Green pauses, and for a moment, the delightful pleasure slows so Ash can gather his thoughts. Just as quickly, it starts up again, and Green’s mouth is back on his skin.

“Let me make it up to you,” He murmured into an ear. “Please?” He’s tempting – all hot dick at his back, and skillful hands in the front – Ash has to suck in a gasp when Green’s fingers pinch a nipple and twist it.

He’s much too tempting and Ash hates that. Green hefts Ash up, sits him on his raised leg as he glances around. “Where’s the lube?” Green’s casual request is almost borderline satirical. Ash’s face is scarlet, and he points – he refuses to tell him. Green hummed absently, before snapping the top open.

“I can trust you not to run off, hmm?” Green said teasingly, lifting Ash with a single hand to press him up against Green’s chest. Ash buries his head against his chest, doesn’t trust himself to not stare at the monstrosity that is Green Oak’s massive fucking dick. Ash is quivering in his hold, and Green grins, pours a generous amount of lube on his fingers to stretch Ash.

The touch surprises Ash, who whimpers into his chest, before squirming a little desperately. Green doesn’t kiss him – he has no doubt that Ash would punch him for such a thing – and instead reassuringly slides a hand up and down his back as he gently pushes a finger in, slowly exploring his tight passage with a fingertip, caressing the soft, velvet walls with affectionate grace that had Ash quivering and shaking in his grasp. Instinctively, Ash reaches up, wraps small arms around his neck, and Green counts that as a win. His patience is rewarded, when Ash slowly begins to push back, letting him slide more of his fingers in with a slow-growing smile.

Whoever had Ash before definitely trained him well, Green realizes, as Ash easily takes his fingers with barely a gasp of surprise and pain. He has to amend the thought when Ash begins to bounce impatiently, demanding another finger. Ash must have trained himself to take bigger sizes than he’d expected. Another finger, and now Ash is whimpering, rocking back and forth to fuck himself on the three digits that Green had generously provided. Green has to lean back and watch Ash get himself off on nothing more than that, because shit – this was what he’d been expecting with Red, but found in cute little Ash.

His fingers sink deeper, and he knows he’s gotten Ash’s sweet spot when a garbled mess of words leaves the boy, a wild variety of swearwords and pleased noises making Green smirk, just a little.

“Good?” He teased darkly, receiving a whimpering whine up at himself, rather than an answer. “Good to hear – you’re almost ready for the main event,” He chuckled at the instant noise that got him, the squirming whine and wiggle.

“Give it!” The two words are barely coherent. He’s smooth and easy now, bouncing up and down and fucking himself on Green’s fingers like there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

That alone gets Green’s dick up, and he’s briefly dizzy. Ash catches sight of him, swallows and licks his lips. Green notices the way Ash reaches for his dick like it’s a damn magnet, and he grins.

“Go ahead baby. Play with it.” And as if his permission was all he needed, Ash did. His hands are tiny, compared to his girth, and for a moment, he wonders if Ash is going to back out of the deal altogether. Then Ash’s fingers wrap affectionately around the tip of his dick, play experimentally with him and begin to get comfortable with him.

Good god, he wished he’d picked up Ash sooner. Ash’s fingers are a goddamn blessing on his length, hesitant but eager to touch everything in a way none of his other conquests were. With his size, it’s tough to get fully hard, but Ash knows how to play him, has him stiff and aching in less than a minute. It takes Ash another moment, and then he’s squirming a little impatiently. Green removes his fingers, and he watches, wide eyed as Ash slips to the ground and takes his head into his mouth.

Fucking fuck fuck fuck. Green has to tug him off after a minute, but he knows the damage is done – Ash’s eyes are glittering with the knowledge, and he knows he can expect a surprise blowjob in the future. Ash steals the lube from slack fingers, and to Green’s surprise, he pours it into his mouth, before winking up at him and putting his mouth over his thick length, using his tongue to spread the lube up and down his dick and – Shit! Green moans as Ash slides deeper, takes more and more of him into his mouth, slowly but steadily getting his dick covered in lube. He can feel the back of Ash’s throat, and his eyes widen, as the tip is nudged further, his throat constricting around the head and pushing it down further. Ash hummed at him slowly, before burying his nose in the thick hair of his groin, before backing off, leaving him liberally coated and way more aroused than he expected to be.

“Is that good?” He asked, voice a little hoarse from taking his entire length in one go. Green’s fingers bury themselves in his hair, yank him up and kisses him until he can’t breathe.

“So much fucking better than good, god-fucking damn.” Green hissed into an ear, already spreading Ash wide to nudge the tip of his cock into the welcoming warmth. Ash fucking whimpers when he does, and Green counts that as a true fucking win. “And now I’m going to pay the favor right back to you, you fucking bitch.” That’s the only warning he gets before Green wraps his hands around Ash’s waist – and fuck he was tiny – and fills Ash to the hilt in one quick, hard thrust.

There was a lot of reactions he was expecting. Pain, definitely. A little wide-eyed pleading even, to stop, slow down, please let him adjust. The thoroughly exhilarated wail that left Ash was not one of them. Fingers reach out, and he remembers they’re still in the shower when the stream turns up, and damn it’s still nice and hot, fuck yes. So he shifts angles, presses Ash against the wall at an angle that will let them both get soaked, and proceeds to fuck his goddamn brains out.

It’s a glorious sight to watch, his dick disappearing into Ash and the cute pucker of flesh as it’s dragged out a little, clinging to him because he’s just that fucking big. And he is – there’s audible slurping noises from every push in and out of Ash’s ass, the sweet, tight heat that stretches around him is fucking heavenly, and Ash is practically inconsolable, his words babbled in ecstasy and the occasional whine in his direction. Sometimes, they’re greedy little demands – faster and harder and if it was anyone else Green would worry about breaking them, but with Ash all he does is comply.

They work into an easy rhythm, fast and hard and Ash is so tight and perfect and Green damn well knows Ash is never, ever going to fuck anyone else if he has a say in it. The slick wetness of the hot shower, the rich noises from fucking the tight hole of his newest lover, all of it is almost too much for him. Ash’s arms are looped around his neck again, and Ash stretches up, kisses him like he’s dying. Green’s about to pull out – he’s not going to fill Ash without permission – when Ash wraps his legs around his waist, refuses to budge.

“Fill me up,” Ash demanded softly into an ear, and Green loses it entirely, thick, delicious jets of cum filling Ash – and if he was inclined to be dramatic – he’d swear that Ash’s stomach was actually bloating from all the cum he was dumping into him. It takes a second glance to confirm that it isn’t his imagination – there’s a notable, though not very big, dent in Ash’s toned stomach.

It’s silent for several moments, the heat of the shower pouring over them both, before Green takes his fingers and wraps them around Ash’s small, neglected prick. A few deft strokes is all it takes – before Ash is coming into his hands, whimpering and moaning his name into his neck.

It takes embarrassingly long for Green to pull out – he doesn’t want to, and even though Ash is nice and slack around him, it’s still tight as all fucking hell. The moment he does, Ash’s legs let go of his waist, and he stands on shaky legs, pressing up against him and getting Green’s cum-covered dick trapped between their bodies, white liquid flowing from his ass as it struggles to close.

Green almost comes again from the sight alone. He slowly reinserts his fingers, takes his time to get all of the cum out of Ash’s ass, and the two take an actual, proper shower this time, before stepping out.

All Green can think about is the next time – because there would be a fucking next time.