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I'm Falling For Your Eyes, but They Don't Know Me Yet

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Part Three


            Chloe was pacing in her dorm room as she spoke to Aubrey about her plans for tonight. She was going to drop subtle hints to Beca throughout the night about her feelings and hopefully the brunette would catch on and make a move.

            Aubrey chuckled. "I'm sorry, Chloe, but subtle hints will go right over Beca's head. You'll need to be up front with her. And will you stop pacing."

            "Sorry," Chloe muttered as she sat down next to Aubrey. "I'm so nervous. Why am I so nervous? I've never been this nervous over anything before."

            Aubrey smiled and bumped her shoulder to Chloe's. "You don't have anything to be nervous about. You're an awesome person, Chloe. I'm sure Beca will feel the same way. She favors you over everyone else."

            Chloe rolled her eyes. "She does not favor me."

            "She kinda really does," Aubrey stated. "She always sides with you, she always does nice things for you and you should see her face when you enter a room. I think it's safe to say she might like you back."

            Chloe's eyes lit up. "Really? You think so?"

            Aubrey nodded. "Yeah, I think there's a big chance that your toner is mutual."  

            Chloe sighed. "I hope so." She checked the time and smiled when she saw that Beca would be over soon.

            "So what are you guys going to do?" Aubrey asked.

            "Go for a walk," Chloe answered.

            Aubrey frowned. "A walk? Seriously?"

            Chloe nodded. "It's our favorite thing to do together. We just walk and talk. Well, mostly I talk and she listens but sometimes she reveals things that surprise me."  Chloe remembered the first time they had gone on a walk together. Beca had been upset about something so Chloe had suggested that they go on a walk where Beca could either talk to her about what was wrong or just enjoy her company. They had walked in silence and by the time the walk had ended, Chloe could tell that the brunette was at least feeling better. It quickly became a thing that they did together at least once a week. By the third time, Beca was sharing bits and pieces of her childhood, random information like her favorite song and her aspirations in life. Chloe felt special whenever they walked together. Like she was the only one Beca felt comfortable enough around to let her walls down and share herself.

            There was a knock at the door and Chloe stood up, turning to face Aubrey. "How do I look?"

            Aubrey smiled. "You look great. Go win her over."




            Beca had been pleased when she learned that Chloe wanted them to walk around together. It had become one of her favorite things to do. There was just something about walking with the redhead that made her feel comfortable and willing to divulge things about herself that she wouldn't usually tell anyone. It was nice.

            As the two continued to walk, Beca shoved her hands into her front pockets out of nervousness. How was she going to tell Chloe she liked her. Was she just going to say it or would she just hand her the note that she had written and let her figure it out? Chloe threaded her arm through Beca's as they walked and the brunette couldn't help but smile. "So, any closer to figuring out who your crush is?"

            Chloe shook her head. "Not at all. Whoever it is is sweet. I just hope they won't be too hurt if I find out who they are and turn them down."

            Beca's heart plummeted. She was starting to feel like she should've taken Amy's wayward advice. "Right... because you like someone else."

            Chloe nodded. "Correct."

            "And you're still telling them how you feel tonight?" Beca asked.

            "That's the plan. Once I garner up enough courage to actually go through with it. I was all hyped and ready but ugh, I'm still nervous. She's just... I don' t know. She could react either way... thrilled or horrified."

            Beca stopped walking causing Chloe to stop since their arms were linked. "She?"

            Chloe unlinked her arm with Beca's and turned to face the object of her affection. "Yeah, it's a she."

            Beca frowned. "Is that why you didn't tell me? Because you thought I'd freak out? You know I'm into girls, too."

            "I know, and that's not the reason I kept it from you." Chloe bit her lower lip. "I'm sorry. Are you upset?"

            "No, just caught a bit off guard," Beca continued walking and Chloe joined her. "What's she like?"

            Chloe smiled big and Beca felt herself getting jealous of this mystery girl that could make the girl she had a crush on smile just at the thought of being able to speak about her. "She's a big mystery that I'm trying to solve. I think I'm getting pretty good at figuring her out. She's super creative and talented. Hardcore into music like me. She's hilarious. She makes me laugh like all the time. And she's gorgeous. Sometimes I can't even believe I get to be so close to her.... that she lets  me that close to her is still a surprise."

            Beca was overcome with sadness. "You sound really into her."

            "I am. I just can't figure out how she feels about me." It's now or never.  "The reason I didn't tell you before was because it's the person I have a crush on that I thought would freak you out. Beca... I like-,"

            "Wait," Beca quickly cut her off. She didn't want to hear who had gotten Chloe's heart just yet. She had to let the redhead know how she felt first.

            "Are you okay?" Chloe asked with furrowed brows.           

            "Yeah, it's just... Chloe I..." Beca ran a hand through her hair. She was about to reveal something that could leave her heartbroken and she wasn't sure if she should take the chance. She looked into Chloe's beautiful patiently waiting eyes and felt herself falling a little bit more for her. She could do this because Amy had been right. She didn't want to have any what ifs when it came to Chloe. Being too nervous to actually speak her feelings, Beca reached into her pocket and handed Chloe a folded piece of paper.

            Chloe quirked an eyebrow as she took the paper. She unfolded it slowly and glanced back at Beca wondering why the girl looked so nervous. She looked back at the paper to read it.

            Settle down with me and I'll be your safety, you'll be my lady. I was made to keep your body warm but I'm cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms.

            Chloe looked up at Beca with wide eyes.

            "I like you, Chloe.  I'm practically in love with you. Well, actually, I am in love with you." Beca rubbed her hands over her face before dropping them to her sides. She was beyond nervous but she had to get through this. "I'm your secret admirer. I hope you're not disappointed. I know you like someone else but I would be so good to you, Chloe. Like that paper says," she gestured to the paper Chloe was holding. "I want you to be my girlfriend. I'll take amazing care of you. I'm not good at relationship stuff and as Aubrey likes to say, I'm emotionally lacking but I can change that if you give me a chance."

            Chloe was thrilled and she wanted to launch herself into Beca's arms but she just had one question. "Your first note said I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet. I don't understand that. I do know you."

            Beca moved closer to Chloe. "Not the way that I want you to. I know I share things with you already. Things that I haven't told anyone, but I want you to know all of me." Beca was fidgeting with her fingers and it was taking everything in her not to bolt. She looked down at the ground as she continued to speak. "I totally understand if you don't want a relationship like that with me... I know there's that other person."

            Chloe laughed lightly and used the crook of her fingers under Beca's chin to raise her head so that their eyes were meeting. "Beca... you are that other person."

            Beca's eyes widened slightly. "What?"

            "Aubrey was right. Right over your head." Chloe leaned in and kissed Beca gently on the lips before pulling back. "I'm in love with you, too, Beca."

            Beca's wide smile made Chloe's heart melt. "Really?"

            Chloe nodded. "Really." She kissed Beca again and after a few minutes of enjoying the taste of each other, Chloe pulled away. "I'm sorry to kill our moment but I have to go tell Aubrey the good news. And she said you didn't have a romantic bone in your body. Wait until she finds out you were my secret admirer."

            Beca looked offended. "She said that?"

            "She said you wouldn't know what romance was if it pitch slapped you in the face." Chloe laughed at how offended the brunette was.

            "I know romance. Did I not woo you with my notes?" Beca asked.

            Chloe pulled Beca close and kissed her. "You did. I was definitely wooed. If I had any idea that they were from you, it would've worked."

            "See? I know romance," Beca pouted.

            Chloe kissed the adorable brunette on the cheek. This is definitely going into the best nights of my life category.  Chloe thought as she walked back towards her dorm holding hands with her new girlfriend.