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I'm Falling For Your Eyes, but They Don't Know Me Yet

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Part One

            Chloe was sitting at Bella rehearsals trying to pay attention to Aubrey but her mind kept wandering to the note she had found taped to her car this morning. Apparently she had a secret admirer. She had run a list of possible suspects in her head but hadn't been able to see any of them actually liking her. The redhead was startled when Beca nudged her gently.

            Beca smiled at her friend and nodded towards the paper woman had been staring at. "What's got you preoccupied?"

            Chloe handed Beca the note. She and the brunette had become great friends over the past few months. It was still hard for Chloe to get personal information from Beca but the DJ was slowly opening up to her.

            Beca read the note in a quiet voice. "Falling for your eyes but they don't know me yet." Beca handed the note back. "That's interesting. Who's it from?"

            "No idea," Chloe replied as she stuck the note in her pocket. "I thought I could narrow it down but I can't. The note says I haven't met them yet so maybe it's someone who knows me from class."

            "That's a possibility," Beca said. "Why don't you sound more thrilled about this secret admirer?"

            Chloe sighed and bit her lower lip. She looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to their conversation. "I kind of have this hardcore crush on someone. I'm not looking to be with anyone but them."

            Beca's smile faded but she quickly got herself together. "Oh, that sucks for your admirer."

            Aubrey clapped her hands together loudly to get Chloe and Beca's attention. "Listen up, aca-bitches. I'm not talking just to hear myself speak."

            "Coulda fooled me," Beca muttered.

            Aubrey placed her hand on her hip. "Aca-cuse me? I didn't catch that."

            "We're listening." Beca waved Aubrey on.

            Chloe looked back at Beca and mouthed, "We'll talk later."

            Beca nodded but she didn't want to talk later. She was pissed. She liked Chloe but Chloe liked someone else. Great. Just fan-fucking-tastic. Beca crossed her arms over her chest and spent the rest of rehearsals in a funk.




            As soon as rehearsals ended, Beca grabbed Fat Amy  by the wrist and pulled her into the nearest bathroom.

            Amy looked confused by Beca's actions. "I don't know what you expect to happen here but I need at least dinner and a movie first."

            Beca rolled her eyes and pointed accusingly at the blonde. "You told me to go for it and that I would have a chance at dating Chloe."

            Amy shrugged. "I say a lot of things. I don't recall all of it but if I said that, it sounds like some pretty good advice so what's the problem?"

            "She likes someone else. She's not interested in dating anyone but her crush."

            "Okay, fight for her then," Fat Amy suggested. "Don't let this other person get her."


            "No buts," Amy interjected. "You've got this."

            "What should I do then?"

            "I told you. Fight for her. Find out who this other person is and shank them."

            Beca looked appalled. "I don't want to shank anyone."

            Amy sighed. "Fine. I'll do it for you. I've stabbed someone before."

            Beca's eyes widened.

            "It was self-defense. I thought my date was reaching to touch my luscious chest. Turned out he was trying to get a bug off me. He never did call me again. Stab someone with a fork and they think it's the end of the world."

            Beca couldn't help but laugh at her friend's antics. "No hurting anyone. I left her a note this morning so maybe I'll do something like that again."

            "A piece of paper won't get you laid," Amy stated.

            Beca shook her head. "This isn't about getting laid."

            Amy frowned. "It's not?"

            The bathroom door opened and Chloe entered. She greeted the two girls with a smile.

            "We're not doing anything," Amy said as casually as she could. "We're just using the bathroom together. Not together together. Just together. Two chicks who needed to pee."

            "Oh my god," Beca whispered to herself. "I should get to class."

            Chloe laughed at her friends' silliness. "Are we still hanging out tonight?" She asked Beca.

            Beca loved hanging out with Chloe but lately it was becoming harder to control her feelings when around the redhead. It didn't help that Chloe was touchy feely with her and it made Beca think that maybe her feelings were reciprocated. Of course she came back to her senses, realizing that someone as unique as Chloe wouldn't be into someone like her. "Yeah, I'll see you tonight."

            Chloe smiled, pleased and it made Beca feel good. She loved making Chloe smile. If she could major in making Chloe smile, she would. Whoever this other person was that held the girl's attention had better be ready because Beca refused to let Chloe go without doing her best to win her over.