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Leader Of The Free World

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snowytumble on tumblr: I'd love another Steve Rogers, Vice President snippet. I firmly believe this universe splintered from that one and I got stuck in the bad one where Trump won. Any window I can open to that brighter future is one I'd love to Break in Case of Emergency & crawl through!

"Okay, explain this to me," Clint said with a sigh.

"I don't think it's that complicated," Steve said, glancing sidelong at Bucky. "There's a running bet between the Secret Service and the President's personal secretary."

"That's me," Bucky said. Clint gave him a dry look.

"Every time Bucky gets the best of the Secret Service, the agent he defeated has to learn a song," Steve said. "Of my choosing. I mean, he is my best pal, Clint. He's got an interest in my safety too."

The four Secret Service agents also clustered in the room looked embarrassed.

"And what you chose to do with this," Clint said, "was to teach these gentlemen each a different part of some four-part harmony union agitation songs?"

"You've been a very union-friendly president," Steve said.

"Which is why when I went running this morning, running along behind me was a barbershop quartet singing I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night?"

The agents looked sheepish.

"Could'a been worse," Steve said. "Coulda been Waist Deep in the Big Muddy."

"Steve, can't you teach them My Country Tis Of Thee or something?" Clint asked. "I got enough problem keeping Congress in line without you teaching my personal security force anti-authority ballads."

"They already know My Country Tis of Thee," Steve pointed out. One of the agents hummed, and on his key note the others burst into song. Clint let his head fall onto his desk.

"I am exercising my presidential veto power," he said. "Steve, you are now restricted to showtunes."

Steve set his jaw. "Fine. I'll teach them I Know Where I've Been. Come on fellas," he said, gesturing to the quartet, who left still singing. Bucky patted the back of Clint's head.

"I'll go easy on them for a while," he said. Clint groaned again, and decided to stay there for a while, at least until he couldn't hear the singing anymore.

memprime on Tumblr: How about Steve in Leader of the Free World trying hard and avoiding to not cause an international incident while visiting Doom.

Steve bit his tongue, for what felt like the ten thousandth time, on a hard retort to Doom. Clint, who saw the muscles in his jaw jump, gave him a knowing look.

"Of course we understand Latveria has a very...unique form of government," he said, pressing his palms to the table. "Victor, I think Steve's tired, and I need time to read these briefs. We'll take the afternoon and see you tonight at the feast, yeah?"

As soon as they were alone (as alone as diplomats ever were in Latveria), Steve exploded.

"The people here live in a dictatorship!" he blurted. "Twenty minutes in the Nomad costume and I could bring democracy to Latveria!"

"No," Clint said.

"Just tell me where it is!"

Clint put his hands on his hips. "Look, it's not my fault you lost the bet with Bucky. He has custody of the Nomad suit until we get home again, and it's just as well, because you seriously cannot unseat the government while I'm here."

"But Clint -- "

"Hey, I'm not the one who made or lost the bet. Take it up with the First Creeper when we get home."

Steve muttered sedition, but when they sat down to dinner with Doom that night, he kept his peace. Clint smiled. Bucky was right; this was awfully character-building.

monicaop21 on Tumblr: If possible something on the Leader Of The Free World AU!! Stony all the way!! Maybe something with Immigrants?

They had held the wedding privately -- in the White House, as Tony had demanded, while Steve laughed and called him a Bridezilla. Still, they couldn't escape the public eye entirely, and Tony had agreed to turn the reception speeches into a sort of press-conference-and-media-event. Rhodey and Sam had given speeches as Best Men, Clint had put in his cameo, and they'd had their first dance; so Steve was surprised when Tony told the cameras "Keep rolling."

"What are you up to?" Steve asked in an undertone, as Tony waved to Kamala, who brought him a small leather folio.

"When we talked about wedding gifts, I couldn't figure out what to give the vice-president," Tony said, holding up the folio. "Assassinating Clint was out of the question, and you're lacking in material desires."

The assembled reporters laughed. Steve narrowed his eyes.

"So I decided I'd pull a few strings, and this morning Clint signed a little document into law," Tony said. "Sara's Law is named for Sara Rogers, who immigrated to this country at the age of twenty-three. It grants indefinite residency rights to all immigrants under the age of twenty-five, regardless of documentation status, and budgets federal funds for the creation of a new government agency designed to guide anyone over the age of twenty-five to documented resident status or citizenship. As of this moment, no immigrant in this country is an "illegal" immigrant, thanks to Sara's Law."

There was an audible intake of breath from the crowd. Steve took the folder, opened it, and frowned.

"How did you...." he began.

"I'm the Illuminati, dearest," Tony murmured, then, louder, "If I can't give you something nice for your wedding, what's the point of being Secretary of Defense?"

Steve blinked rapidly. "You gave me twelve million new citizens," he managed.

"It was that or a World's Okayest Vice President mug," Tony told him.