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[Fanvid] Glorious, Victorious

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Title: Glorious, Victorious
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Summary: Gonna be bombed tonight if we never get bombed anymore.
Song: "Bombed Last Night" from Oh! What a Lovely War
Length: 0:45
Download: Through Vimeo or through MediaFire (10mb)
Contents: Gen, implied character death.
Password: glorious

Glorious, Victorious from MC Angmar on Vimeo.


Bombed last night
And bombed the night before
Gonna be bombed tonight
If we never get bombed anymore

When we're bombed
We're scared as we can be
God stop (?) the bombing
Send from higher Germany

They're over us, they're over us
One shell-hole for just the four of us
Thank your lucky stars there are no more of us
Cause one of us could fill it all alone

Gassed last night...