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electricity hitting metal

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"Captain Rogers," Hill says, a bland smile on her face. "Please have a seat."

"Agent Rogers. If it’s alright with you I’d rather stand," Steve says. He shifts his feet wide apart, hands loose at his sides fighting the urge to stand at parade rest despite having been out of the arm for years. 

"Suit yourself." Hill scrawls her signature on an form and sets pen and paper aside. Her eyes scan over Steve and he holds himself still, but for the ticking of his jaw. "You would make a rather lovely Active."

"No, ma’am, I’m not here for that. I can’t beat you. The FBI kicked me out for even trying. I here about Bucky…Sgt. James Buchanan Barnes. I’m here for the truth. I have nowhere left to go then to be here in your high tech whorehouse."

"Very well, Agent, but I think you have a deep misconception of what an Active is."

"I don’t-"

"You will let me finish, Agent."

"Yes, ma’am."

"They have been called zombies, cyborgs, even slaves. None of those are accurate. An active is a pure soul. The truest among us," Hill says as she pushes her chair back and steps around the front of her desk.

Steve doubts it, curls his fingers into his palms, nails digging into skin. “I’m in.”

Hill smiles, sharp as a blade. “Welcome to the Dollhouse, Agent Rogers.”


"Everything’s going to be all right," Steve says slowly. He balls the slip of paper with the script in his fist, glances at Stark busily watching the monitors, and takes the active’s hand in his. Her hand is warm in his, soft fingers clutching at him. He felt ill. 

"Now that you’re here," the active says. Her name is Delta, but its not her real name. It’s just a letter with no meaning behind it. A girl with dark hair, bright blue eyes, and a far too trusting smile. Stark waves his hand at Steve

"Do you trust me?" he recites, each word forming slow on his tongue.

"With my life," she says, hand tightening on his. Her blue eyes are wide and trusting. Steve’s guts twists in anger, in guilt and shame. Delta smiles up at him and Steve smiles back. The smile is a lie but she doesn’t know that. God, what the hell was he doing here.