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holding out for a heroine

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It all happens too fast for Paige to make any sense of it.

First, she’s walking, minding her own business, fist tight around the keys in her pocket because it’s so dark, especially here in an alleyway where no streetlamps can reach.

Second, someone grabs her. A rough hand on her shoulder, even though she didn’t notice anyone else around. She tries to shake it off but she’s pushed back into the wall before she can even think to move again, too shocked even to scream.

Third is someone on her attacker’s back, seemingly coming from up above, from out of nowhere (though Paige isn’t particularly concerned about where they came from, just with the fact that someone’s dealing with her assailant), choking him, knocking him to the ground, knocking him out.

She looks up to find a woman, a mask and hood obscuring her features.

Paige blinks at her.

“Thanks,” she says, too stunned to do much else.

She doesn’t get any words in return. Just a smile, and then her saviour starts to turn, to leave.

“Wait!” Paige steps forward, arm reaching out to catch the woman on the shoulder. “What’s – what’s your name?”

The woman just keeps smiling, eyes bright and sly beneath her mask – like a fox, Paige thinks.

“You don’t need to know that,” she says, and then she’s gone into the night without another word.

Paige might not need to know that, but she can’t help but think that she’d very much like to.