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Romeo Howls To His Juliet Moon

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After yet another pointless brawl, Derek found himself looking on as his older sister Laura patched up the bleeding wolves. Laura began scolding them as he dejectedly carried himself up to their large home library to hide away in a dark corner.

“I can’t believe you fools started a fight. We don’t need to get on the Sheriff’s bad side, he already likes the Argents better because his daughter is hanging out with the new girl, Allison.”

“I can’t believe Stiles ditched Scott like that. I get she wants to be like all the other girls, but Argent as a tutor? Not exactly a fun time.” Laura’s younger sister, Cora waltzed in from the kitchen as she spoke.

“Scott and Stiles are still friends, it’s just, Stiles has wanted to be friends with Lydia Martin for years. This is her chance to get what she’s always dreamed of. She still likes us. And Laura, stop telling the pups that John likes the Argents better, he likes us just as well. He has to keep the peace here, it’s his job. And it isn’t his fault that our wolves are more impetuous and lacking in control.” Talia Hale strode in to the room, glaring at the two young wolves that had started a fight with the hunter family. The two impetuous teenage boys, for their part, lowered their gaze sheepishly in the presence of their Alpha.

“Sorry Alpha Hale.” As the two shuffled out miserably, Peter Hale entered with Talia’s husband, Sean.

“Have you seen Derek?”

Laura looked up from where she was packing away the wolfsbane medical kit for hunter caused injuries.

“I swear he was in the room a minute ago. That guy is moping around an awful lot lately. Anybody know why?”

“We were about to ask you the same question. Here comes Scott. Hey, son, come here.” Peter called out to his step-son, as both had become quite close after Peter’s marriage to Scott’s mother Melissa, and his protection of them from his actual father Rafael.

“Hey Dad, Alpha Hale, you guys need something?” Scott smiled his usual crooked smile.

“We were wondering if you knew what was happening with Derek. Is something wrong?”

“He hasn’t told me anything, but he’s also been avoiding people in general. And people have been mentioning that they see him just walking around the woods. Crying.”

“That’s… A little weird. You think you can get him to open up to you?” Talia’s concern over her 27 year old son growing with this new development in his melancholy state.

“Yeah totally, he’s probably up in the library, I asked him to tutor me.” Now it was Peter’s turn to be worried.

“Scott, are you failing your classes?”

“No, just struggling a little. And maybe failing Chemistry but can you really blame me? You know how Harris is with grading fairly and how it isn’t his style of grading at all.”

“You have to take responsibility for your education Scott, now off to tutoring. Better be passing by the time your mother and I have to go and talk to that douchebag. Scoot Scott.” The dopey boy smiled at his dad, before bounding up the stairs to the library, where he found a broody Derek.

“Bad day.”

“Bad everything.”

“What is make you so glum.”

“I thought I was meant to be tutoring you, not spilling about my problems. What am I tutoring you on anyway?”

“Chemistry first. I’m failing. Besides, I’m not allowed to care about my cousin anymore?”

“Why can’t that girl you hang out with all the time tutor you? Isn’t she like near genius? And you are, I just don’t feel like talking.”

“Stiles is in makeover land with Lydia and Allison. Her dad even let her have the week off before the party this weekend. So spill the deets.”

“You sound like a girl.”

“You can not dissuade me from my prying in to your life.”

“Fine, you know Braeden. Well I tried to tell her how I felt, and before I could even get the words out, she mentions that she is taking a vow of celibacy until she finally kills The Desert Wolf, something about wanting to be focused on the job.”

“Well how do you feel… about her… and her weird obsessiveness.”

“I mean, I admire her commitment to her cause. The Desert Wolf has done a lot of bad things, and tracking her down might help a lot of people. But then again, she’s going to waste her entire life chasing a ghost. And then there’s the really self centred part of me, that hates her. I mean, I love her, and I literally can not love again, and this hurt inside my chest. And I can’t stop crying. I just don’t think this whole dating thing suits me.” Scott pats Derek on the back in between sympathetic sniffles.

“Now who’s a girl huh?”

“Right back at you sniffles.”

“Shut up.”

“Well, why don’t we find someone else. I’m sure we can find someone better.”

“Better than the super hot girl giving up her life to hunt a serial killer?”

“You just think she’s amazing because you haven’t ever compared her to anyone. You barely left the house before your little heartbreak hotel episode. We’ll find someone better, and you can stop thinking about whatserface.” Derek looked sceptically at his younger cousin.

“Whatever, no more pity party, study time. What part of Chemistry are you having trouble with?”

“How about all of it?”

Derek shook his head disappointedly.