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The End of Magic

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The door slammed shut behind him as Harry was thrown back into his communal cell. He groaned weakly as he once again attempted to touch his magic, if even for an instant. He was so cold, and nothing could warm him. It was agony of the purest form. A torture only muggles could invent, yet not understand. As he finally managed to touch it, he nearly screamed with the pain the chip muggles had planted in him caused. He felt his magic flow from hm, out into he conduits into the floor, and into the glowing blue devices outside the cage. Man made Potentias. The world of muggles ran on the enslavement and torture of magic. Nearby him, the rest of the witches and wizards in his cell were in similar states. The loss of magic was unbearable. Thankfully, Hermione had a plan that would be their last chance at saving their kind from extinction at the hands of muggles. It was their only chance, even if the loss of all he knew would hurt his soul deeply. How much more could he bear to lose?

John Sheppard, another prisoner, and one chosen to assist in this plan, came over and held him through the shakes. “How bad is it?”

Harry grimaced. “Terra Defensia lost power today. They’re infuriated. Not even life sign detectors will work anymore. They’re contemplating exterminating all the camps except this one, and exterminating us once the’ve figured out the power problem.”

John groaned as his magic started draining. “Tonight then?”

Reluctantly, Harry nodded. It would have to be tonight. 

Across from their cell, a similar communal cell held the some of the last magical races in the world. A Dragonkin, three goblins, a vampire, and a handful of fae, elves, and veela. Once every two days, they were allowed to mingle. The muggles thought themselves humane, for this great kindness. Hermione, John, and the others put that time to good use. They separated, communicated their plan, and learned everything they could about the culture of their people. Then they taught it to Harry and John when they were once again separated. Life was torment, and if not for the plan, Harry would gladly die on the experimentation table. So far, all they’d done was scan him and take blood, perhaps give him a few injections, but they’d experimented on the others already. Most of the others had more implants than he did. 

“Is Rodney ready?” He murmured into John’s ear. 

John nodded. “I have one last session tonight. I’ll tell him then.”

Harry sighed. “I’m going to say my goodbyes and alert the fae. They’ll pass it on. Tonight is the night to act.”

Eight years ago, muggles announced the existence of alien life to the world, discovered due to a device known as the Stargate. With this announcement, they released all the scientific discoveries that had been made, each scientist finally getting credit for their work. Two weeks later, a scientist named Melissa Adwell discovered Zero Point Energy on Earth. She discovered magic.

It wasn’t really their fault, but muggleborns betrayed their community to the world. They went to scientists, hoping to help, and instead gave them what they needed. Fossil fuels were running out, but look, people who can solve the energy crisis! In just under three years, they captured hundreds of witches and wizard, implanting them with some sort of device. It stopped their magic, sapped it from their bodies and sent it to collectors. Those that weren't captured, were killed as bombs dropped on their communities. Almost a billion people died. 

Daniel Jackson, The Man that Brought them to the Stars, one of the first explorers to go through space, tried to stop them. He announced that witches and wizards were the descendants of a people called the Alterans, the originators of most life in the galaxy. It only made things worse. Aliens living on Earth was intolerable to almost everyone, and very few were willing to speak up against those that advocated extermination. Now, the internment camps were all that was left.

When John was taken into custody, he mentally alerted Atlantis, who sent a signal. Now, all Ancient technology was shutting down. Soon there would be no use for wizard-kind. An hour later, two guards came and retrieved John. Rodney McKay was the final person in their plan. Hermione may have the supplies, but McKay has the math, and the ability. Not to mention, as a hidden squib, he was in a position to bring back all the information they’d need. They returned late in the night, and Rodney stunned the guards from behind with a Zat’nik’atel. The fae had sent the message, and all around the globe, wizards were killing themselves, sending their magic into the Earth, through the telluric currents, and into the ritual.

Two wizards stood and went to the cameras. When John signaled, they cut the lines, giving them a few minutes to do the ritual. Hermione took from the flesh colored band around her ankle the last thing she had been able to hide before the muggles had caught her. Thankfully they hadn't found it, though they would have eventually. As the cameras were cut, she broke the time turner and drew a pentagram with its sand. A witch stood at each of the five tips, ready to sacrifice their lives to save their kind. Harry, John, and Rodney stood in the center as all the wizards in the room pushed their magic into the witches, who pushed it into the ritual. Hermione, at the head of the pentagram, chanted.


Mater Gaia Terra parens Mater magicae salva populum tuum

Electo mittere in tempore praeterito

Centum annis te rogamus

Salva nos qui non populus a tormentum per magica

Electus ad nos omnes ad mittere et centum anni


Even as the muggles swarmed the doors and attempted to stop them, guns pointed and Zat’nik’atels charged, the magic of Gaia seeped into Harry's bones, and lit up the entire pentagram. One by one, the wizards fell, dead. They’d been the first to sacrifice their lives. Then the witches fell one by one. Finally, Hermione was the last ones standing outside the circle. He caught her eye, and she smiled sadly at him. I love you, she mouthed, before she, too, fell. Now, Harry, John, and Rodney stood alone in a swirl of magic. Mother Gaia had roused enough for one last trick, as she died by the actions of the muggles that lived on her lands. Harry blacked out as magic continued to pour into him, surrounding him and sending them hurtling through time. 2040 faded away, and 1940 took its place.