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Alex took Patrice and Sabina's coats and handed them to the attendant before slipping out of her own. She leaned against the elevator wall as the door closed and smiled at the two women. They had come to the club with no plans, simply to enjoy themselves on a Saturday night. Alex was dressed semi casually, as was Patrice, with her hair falling in soft curls over her shoulders, and Sabina was standing straight, naked save for her shoes and collar. Before the doors opened to the formal foyer that led into the club proper instead of the lounge itself, Alex tweaked Sabina's nipples. Then she stepped out of the elevator and through the heavy doors as attendants opened them. For some reason, she wanted to walk through the main hall, to have every bit of the experience of the lush carpet and soft light. it still reminded her of her past, but as they walked to the bar, she knew that those memories no longer drove her to distraction.

It had become almost a comforting habit to walk in with Alex and Sabina. Of course there were nights that took them elsewhere, with Liz or Donna on occasion, and less frequently with someone else. However, tonight didn't feel like one of those times. The blond slid up to the bar and nodded at the server, who automatically poured their drinks. Patrice leaned over and kissed Alex lightly, then nodded at the room, asking where and how her companion would like to proceed.

Sabina followed after Patrice and Alex. She was looking forward to whatever the night would bring, no longer intimidated by the others in attendance or unknown possibilities. She trusted Alex and Patrice implicitly and she no longer worried about disappointing them.

Taking Patrice's hand, Alex raised it to her lips and kissed her fingertips before releasing it to take her drink. "It's quiet tonight," she commented, looking over the room. Alex wondered if there was something else going on in the city and mentally went through invitations they might have gotten. Nothing came to mind, but she wasn't complaining about the lack of a crowd. "Mm, why don't we just relax a little while." She put her hand on the small of Sabina's back and moved to one of the sofas tucked into a dark corner of the room.

Patrice sat, pulling Alex close to her and letting Sabina kneel in her usual place by their feet. She ran her fingers through the girl's hair, and casually noted that Donna was seated across the room, accompanied by a few others, with one of her favorite slaves at her feet. Patrice didn't feel any animus, the girl worked at the club, though she was generally with Donna when she was there. Still, Patrice made a note to go pay her respects at some point in the night.

Sabina settled comfortably onto the floor, looking around the club. She smiled slightly at Donna, then at Jonas. Thomas was curled up at his side, fresh welt marks on his back, and Sabina shivered seeing them. She could picture what he had looked like being whipped and she was sorry to have missed it. He always made the most delightful noises, whimpering and almost mewling and she thought that perhaps Jonas was getting a tad attached to him. She didn't want him, but she had to admit that he was beautiful with those strips.

Alex followed Sabina's gaze and chuckled lightly. She settled against Patrice, leaning comfortably as she crossed her legs. "Patrice...wasn't it just about a year ago that we first brought Sabina to the club?" She thought it might have been. That was about the time Liz had made something of a present of Thomas to Jonas, and the two had been inseparable ever since.

Patrice was quiet for a moment, counting in her head. "Yes, that seems about right." She shook her head and pulled the other blond into a kiss. "It doesn't seem like that long at all, does it?"

"Not at all," Alex replied softly after she met the kiss. She stroked Patrice's cheek before smiling down to Sabina. "It seems like we should mark it somehow." It had been a year full of adjustments, some of which had been easier than others, but Alex was glad of every moment of it.

"I agree." Patrice smiled a little nostalgically, "What did you have in mind?"

Sabina looked up at them, remembering the first time the had brought her to the club and how nervous she had been. She wasn't nervous anymore and she lightly rested her cheek against Alex's knee in a sort of thank you. Whatever they decided to do that night, Sabina was certain that she would enjoy herself.

The blonde looked up thoughtfully as she ran her fingers through Sabina's thick hair. Her gaze drifted from Donna fondling Helene's nipple to the doors leading into the main room near the grand staircase. "It's a quiet night...a perfect time for a whipping," she said thoughtfully. Her mind went to the first time she whipped Sabina in public in Paris, and this, she knew, would look different.

Patrice bit her lip quietly at the words, considering and immediately agreeing. "You're right, and mmmmnn... it's been some time." She leaned down and brushed her fingers over Sabina's back, enjoying the deepening of the girl's eyes in anticipation.

"Sabina, why don't you go and speak to Brynn and see that it's arranged." Alex knew the manager wouldn't deny the request if only because she would enjoy watching it. She put down her drink, deciding not to finish it with the new prospect for the night.

Patrice watched Alex set the glass aside and crossed her legs, already looking forward to the other blonde's performance.

Sabina shivered as she nodded and stood. Finding Brynn wasn't difficult and it only took a brief conversation to set everything up. She returned to Alex and Patrice's side a few minutes later and knelt before she spoke. "Brynn said everything would be ready in 10 minutes. They have to set everything up as she wasn't expecting anything tonight."

Alex nodded and relaxed for a moment, collecting her thoughts. She turned to Patrice and kissed her lightly before standing, making her way into the common room. That something was being set up was already generating buzz, and Alex smiled when she saw Brynn coming towards her with a coiled whip.

Patrice slid her fingers through Sabina's hair again, feeling her own pulse increase and knowing the girl's would be racing even though she had become more accustomed to such things. The blond watched Alex cross the room and pulled Sabina up to kiss her before releasing her to follow Alex.

The brunette shivered again before she got up and headed toward Alex and Brynn. She was anticipating the whipping as much as she was dreading it.

Brynn nodded at Alex as she joined her, holding out the whip. "Giving us a show tonight?"

"It was a little too quiet for my taste," Alex replied, smiling as she held the whip. It never ceased to amaze her how Brynn had managed the club for so many years, had watched and enjoyed watching without ever getting involved in the Scene beyond that. She followed two attendants with her eyes as they took Sabina to the podium and bound her hands around the whipping post. Then she turned to Patrice and smiled, wanting the blonde to enjoy even the moments leading up to the show.

"Plenty of people are going to be disappointed that they decided to stay home tonight." Brynn smirked knowing that if Alex was trying to liven things up it wouldn't stay quiet for long.

And Patrice was, immensely. In accordance with her past, she anticipated the unique rush of emotion that such a scene brought to her. At times, Alex could bring her close to tears without ever touching her. Just watching, listening, was enough to bring it all back. She raised her glass to her lips, not really tasting the liquid anymore as she waited.

The blonde chuckled as she nodded her thanks to Brynn and stepped away. She placed a hand on the small of Patrice's back and stood with her a moment to simply take in the sight of Sabina standing so poised on the podium. "She's beautiful," Alex whispered. Finally, she stepped up and uncurled the whip, making sure Sabina would hear it.

Patrice took in a breath and stepped back, sitting at a table to watch, her hands twisting the glass in front of her.

Sabina took a deep breath when she heard the whip uncurling. She let it out slowly and tried to prepare herself for the coming pain. It no longer scared her like it once did, and she was already wet with anticipation. She bit her lip and pulled slightly against her bonds, trying to hear Alex's next movements.

She took a moment, stepping forward to kiss Sabina's shoulder, as had become habit. But when Alex stepped back, her face was placid, composed. She brought the whip down onto Sabina's perfect skin and kept her mind calm against the rush she felt in her core.

Sabina flinched and moaned as the whip made contact with her skin. She grabbed the rope tying her to the whipping post and hung onto it as pain, adrenaline and endorphins rushed through her system. Each lash brought a fresh wave and brought her closer to tears. It didn't take long before her face was covered in them and she was sobbing uncontrollably.

Though Sabina was sobbing, she was not begging or twisting away. Alex was nearly beaming with pride as she came close to finishing, knowing the girl could take a few more lashes, knowing the those watching were enjoying and that Patrice in particular would be paying close attention. The girl had come a long way.

Sabina finally sagged against the post, unable to hold on any longer. She was crying to her own arm and she had long since completely given herself over to Alex's will. Alex stopped and took a deep breath to calm her beating heart. She carefully coiled the whip and turned to Patrice, nodding silent to her before turning back to Sabina.

Patrice stood and quietly crossed the room, stepping up to Sabina's front. Her eyes were glassy with nearly fallen tears both of sympathy and pride. The blond whispered assurances under her breath as she reached to gently unbind the brunette's hands, catching her as she fell into her arms. The blond stroked Sabina's hair, and smiled quietly over the girl's shoulder at Alex, thanking her silently. Sabina leaned into Patrice's arms, unable to hold herself up otherwise. She pressed her still wet face into Patrice's neck and kissed it lightly.

When Patrice smiled, Alex returned it warmly. She let the blonde take Sabina, calm her and get her off of the podium. Then she turned and nodded to their audience out of courtesy. Sabina had performed beautifully, and now it was time for her reward.

Patrice didn't need confirmation from Alex before carrying as much as leading the girl toward their rooms. They had come to enjoy the public nature of the club, but only in contrast to the moments they enjoyed more privately when they visited.

Sabina, for her part, practically let Patrice carry her back to their rooms and she sunk gratefully to her knees once they got there.

Patrice stepped over to the dresser and took out some salve and returned to Sabina. "You may lie on the bed while I take care of you. You were very good tonight." Her own composure was slowly returning, and she gazed over the precise marks on the girl's back.

"Thank you." Sabina got up and went to the bed, sighing as she laid down. She put her hands under her head and settled there, legs spread as expected, waiting for the sting of the salve and the cooling rush afterwards. Her back was hot and her nipples were hard and she was already so close that it was an effort not to push down against the mattress.

Patrice slipped onto the bed next to Sabina, letting Alex go and pour them drinks. Whether they were actually drunk much or not wasn't the point, it was the habit and pageantry of it. She worked the salve into Sabina's back carefully but firmly. When the blond was finished she looked up and accepted her drink from Alex, smiling and starting to touch Sabina lazily, beginning with a simple reward.

Sabina moaned wantonly as Patrice touched her. She pressed down against Patrice's hand and spread her legs further apart, letting her know that she appreciated the reward. She fisted her hands into the comforter as her toes curled.

Alex smiled softly at the two women and sipped her drink. She was content, proud of what they had built together. But she also forced herself to think of its brevity, to appreciate every bit of it, every moment as it passed.

Seeing Alex not making a move to join just yet, Patrice continued, pressing a little further with each stroke, working her fingers deeper between the girl's legs. She was getting the exact reaction she had hoped for, and the moans and whimpers were too much to resist.

Sabina squirmed as she tried to get Patrice to push her fingers even further into her. She was panting and trying desperately not to come until Patrice gave her permission, but she couldn't stop herself. She shuddered against Patrice's hand, her muscles clenching and a low whimper escaping from her throat.

Alex laughed lightly. "Oh, Sabina." She wouldn't have had the moment any other way. It would have been too perfect, too surreal. She stepped towards the bed and ran her fingers down the girl's back, pressing into each of the welts as she looked to Patrice. "I think we can dismiss that little transgression, don't you?"

Sabina bit back another whimper as Alex touched her welts, but she couldn't stop herself from pressing into her touch.

Patrice returned the look, "Just this once perhaps." She removed her hand from Sabina and leaned up to kiss Alex, letting the moment hang, the air thick with contentment. She moved an lay on the bed, indulgently pulling Sabina up next to her so she could run her hands through the girl's long hair. The night was far from over, but Patrice wanted to take this moment and stretch it, savor it.