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your heart burning white hot is my place

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There’s an art to this. This back and forth teasing, flirting, that they have had going on for the past few weeks, past few months.


If Junmyeon’s hand slightly brushes past Minseok’s ass during their Playboy performance, then Minseok’s hand rests warm and solid against his sweaty abs during the same performance, the heat slipping through the thin fabric of the shirt.


Junmyeon isn’t exactly sure about when this teasing, this flirting, started. All that he’s rather well aware of is that he’s in too deep. He’s far too into this game, this push and pull, that he’s not sure he can get out of it. He’s not even sure if he even wants to get out.


Their eyes linger on each other, sparkling brightly, shining each time they look at each other, whether under the stage lights or not, saying a thousand words. The little quirks and twitches of their eyebrows hint at a million suggestions, but it never really gets any further than that. It never goes to next base, to the next level and only remains at those slight, suggestive touches, winks and looks.


Perhaps, Junmyeon surmises, this game began back when they were first assigned their partners for the Playboy choreography. Junmyeon didn’t think much of it, just smiled at Minseok and pulled him closer in a one arm hug. He didn’t know that five practices later he’d be melting under Minseok’s gaze. He never realized how utterly captivating and lust inducing Minseok really could be.


“Hyung,” Sehun calls out to Junmyeon, snapping the older out of his gaze. There’s a slight smirk that rests on the younger’s lips. “Occupied?”


Junmyeon accepts the offered water bottle and shakes his head slightly, hoping the blush is hidden under the sweat and flush from their dance practice. “Nope.”


A small, simple smile. Sehun takes it, but still grins and winks at him before turning away and going back to annoy Baekhyun.


It doesn’t even take a minute before Junmyeon’s eyes are back on Minseok’s sweaty body, his gaze burning into the muscles, the well defined abs that are easily visible through Minseok’s soaked tank top.


“Let’s practice ‘Playboy’ once and then we’ll call it a night, yeah?” Their choreographer, Jaewon hyung, is already looking through the playlist to find the song, and Junmyeon sighs before getting into position - this was going to be fun.





The tension is high and heavy. It almost feels like the air is suffocating them. They’ve just finished a concert - the Playboy performance flirting upped another level with Sehun later pushing Junmyeon and Minseok together to kiss during his stop time.


Minseok hadn't even held back today.


When Sehun had made him put his arms around Junmyeon’s shoulders and tilted his head, Minseok was ready with his lips pursing, almost as if he was reaching out to kiss Junmyeon, eager but patient.


Junmyeon could feel Minseok’s hot breath against his cheek, the soft, slightly chapped, lips ever so gently touching against his skin, again and again and again.


Minseok wouldn’t stop and Junmyeon couldn’t handle it.


When Jongdae was pushed and he jumped on top of Minseok, he pushed the older into Junmyeon, pressing the two together against each other completely. And Junmyeon could feel the semi-hardness of Minseok’s dick right between his ass, snugly fitting in and he couldn’t- he just couldn’t hold back the small whimper from slipping through his parted lips.


He was able to cover it up with a grin quick enough, but he let himself loose again soon after, almost kissing Minseok back when he turned to face him.


This hadn’t gone unnoticed by the members, of course, so Junmyeon was ready for all the jeering once the concert was over and they were all moving back to the dressing room. Surprisingly, however, he heard none of it. Only a few knowing smiles were thrown around here and there but that was about it.


So now Junmyeon sits on a chair, wiping away the sweat with a small towel, feeling his make up also rubbing off and leaving his skin feeling cleaner. It’s a cool, air-conditioned place, but he can feel Minseok’s gaze searing into his back and that itself makes him sweat more, breathe a little more heavily, almost panting and out of breath.


Their flirting goes way beyond just the Playboy performances. It somehow finds itself in almost every song they perform. They can’t help themselves, can’t take their eyes off of each other or stop themselves from flirting, touching whenever they can. The smirking and sending suggestive looks almost becomes a habit, an instinct.


And when Junmyeon can’t take it anymore, he excuses himself. They anyway still have at least two hours before they leave, Junmyeon can take a break to cool off.


He goes out of the room, but not before he catches the greasy wink Baekhyun sends his way, smiling and turning his head towards Minseok’s face next. Junmyeon involuntarily blushes, feels his ears burn, and then walks out of the room without looking at Minseok, not wanting to gauge his reaction or even find out whether Minseok saw that exchange or not.


Soon enough though, he hears someone—Minseok—come out of the room and lean against the wall beside him. Junmyeon can feel almost the heat radiating off of Minseok. The scent of his sweat and cologne mixed together is intoxicating.


“Junmyeon-ah…” Minseok begins, but he doesn’t continue. Instead, he slips his fingers into Junmyeon’s pant’s belt loops and pulls him closer.


Junmyeon exhales shakily as he feels Minseok’s tongue lick a line up from his collarbones to his neck. He tips his head back easily, the wall behind him solid and grounding. His fingers curl into Minseok’s shoulders and tightly grip him as he feels little bites and kisses come after.


“We shouldn’t-” And it’s so hard, so hard, to put together a coherent sentence and push it out of his mouth. “We shouldn’t…do this out here- anyone can see, hy—ung.”


His words fall into a moan, a choked whimper, as he feels Minseok suck a hickey at the junction of his neck and collar.


“Fuck, hyung,” Junmyeon rasps. He can feel his heartbeat on his eyelids, burning his eyes. He’s pretty sure Minseok can hear how fast, how erratically, it is beating as well. They are, after all, pressed so close together that each breath feels too hot, each inhale full of the other’s scent.


“Mhmm,” Minseok responds with a small hum, his voice gentle and soothing against the slight stinging of the love bite. He slowly takes Junmyeon’s hands off of his shoulders and intertwines his fingers with Junnmyeon, then abruptly turns around and pulls him along the corridor until they reach a free room.


They’re both sweaty and buzzing, breathing too heavily, too noisily. Minseok’s hair is a mess, tousled and sticking onto his forehead, and Junmyeon’s lips are too red from all the moans he bit back, and the ones he didn’t, the saliva on his lips slick and shining.


They quickly make their way into the room, shutting and locking the door behind themselves. Their shirts are the first to go, falling onto the ground and letting the cool air hit their chests. Junmyeon’s nipples, already sensitive, harden when he removes his shirt, and then he jolts, letting out a deep moan when Minseok brushes his fingers over them.


It’s the perfect time, really, for Minseok to take advantage of Junmyeon’s sensitive nipples. And he doesn’t hesitate, latching his mouth onto one and gently sucking it, slightly scraping his teeth along the soft skin. And Junmyeon— Junmyeon shudders, he trembles and breaks down, squeezing Minseok’s biceps, gasping and tensing.


“Couch,” he blurts out in his haze, pressing down slight indents with his blunt nails on Minseok’s arms. “Min—seok hyung.”


Minseok can’t deny how much hearing Junmyeon calling him “hyung” in that broken, raw, lust filled voice arouses him. He can’t deny Junmyeon anything when he so wantonly says Minseok’s name like that.


So Minseok gets to work immediately. He pushes Junmyeon down on the couch and then straddles him, feeling their hardening erections press against each other. He pays them no attention though, instead going back to playing with Junmyeon’s nipples, his mouth sucking on them and his tongue licking and gently flicking the sensitive, hardened nubs.


Minseok’s hands slide along the side of Junmyeon’s abs, feeling the defined muscle and he stutters out a guttural moan when Junmyeon arches up, groaning, pressing their erections together.


The desire is so strong, so heady, the lust is clouding and hazing over, and they just can’t stop. Still, they don’t go fast, trying to quickly get through the rush of too much sexual tension. They have the time, so they take it, going slow and taking advantage of every moment they have together and alone.


Minseok’s tongue licks a long trail down Junmyeon’s chest, his fingers still playing with Junmyeon’s nipples as his kisses leave the Junmyeon's skin burning. Junmyeon, below him, gasps, incoherent curses slipping through his lips as Minseok kneels down and stops at Junmyeon’s bellybutton to dip his tongue in it.


It’s as if, even on their first try, they’re so in tune with each other that they can map each other out and find the weak spots easily. Testing and trying has its own thrill to it, and Minseok does everything he knows, everything that comes to his mind. He takes pleasure in reducing Junmyeon to broken moans and swears.


When he finally gets to Junmyeon’s pants, Junmyeon is already fully hard, his erection obvious through the tightness and tenting of the pants. Minseok slowly removes them, stopping but enjoying the way Junmyeon’s hands scramble to pull off the offending material.


“Shh,” Minseok whispers, his mouth now on Junmyeon’s thighs, his teeth grazing the unmarked skin. “Let me do this.”


“Mhmm…hyung.” Junmyeon’s fingers rake through the sweaty strands of Minseok’s hair, trying to get a grip on them to pull them. “Just- fuck, just—"


Minseok’s breath hitches when Junmyeon’s finally able to pull his hair, “Junmyeon,” Minseok starts breathing faster, his heartbeat picking up. “Fuck, okay, just— let me.” He nuzzles the erection through the boxers, mouthing the growing wet spot. “I’ll take care of you.”


Junmyeon’s almost sobbing with the arousal thrumming through him, he’s already so close. And he’d be embarrassed, of how quickly he was coming undone, but it’s Minseok, and Junmyeon can’t hold himself back with Minseok.


“So good,” Minseok mumbles, hooking his thumbs on the waistband of the boxers before pulling them down. “So beautiful.”


Minseok’s hands are warm, holding Junmyeon’s quivering thighs apart, and his mouth is even warmer as he swallows down Junmyeon’s cock. The wet heat around Junmyeon’s cock is too much for him as he keens and then tries to hold back his noises by biting his lips. Minseok is thorough and focused when he sucks, he hollows out his cheeks and holds down Junmyeon’s hips from thrusting up as he deep throats him.


Junmyeon’s dick is slick with saliva when Minseok pulls back to suckle at the head, shining under the dingy lighting of the vacant dressing room. With one hand wrapped around the base of Junmyeon’s dick, solid and strong, Minseok once again goes down, bobbing his head as he swallows around the cock.


Minseok sucks Junmyeon’s dick until Junmyeon, writhing, whines and begs to, “fuck me hyung, just do it, fill me up and take me.” Minseok’s lips are puffy and red as he presses a chaste kiss to Junmyeon’s dick, laughing softly at how it twitches, before rushing to get his pants and boxers off as well.


Minseok can’t deny Junmyeon when he begs so beautifully to fuck him.




“Wait,” Minseok’s eyes widen as he comes to the realization, “Junmyeon-ah, there’s no lube or condoms.”


Junmyeon grins weakly and gestures towards his pants. “Check the back pocket hyung.”


Minseok gapes at Junmyeon for a while before turning and rummaging through the discarded pants. There’s a packet of lube and condom safely tucked into the pocket and Minseok- Minseok can’t believe that Junmyeon, the leader of the group - always so responsible and on top of everything - would go so far as to having even a condom and lube ready.


“Were you expecting something to happen today?” Minseok’s eyebrow quirks up as a soft smirk spreads on his face. He leisurely walks back to where Junmyeon is sprawled on the couch, thumbing the packets.


And it’s so beautiful, so utterly gorgeous, the way that Junmyeon’s flush spreads through his body, bits of pink and red blooming on his skin.


“No,” Junmyeon’s voice only slightly wavers, his calm demeanor deceptive as reaches for an explanation. “I just like to be ready at all times hy—”


Junmyeon chokes on his words, a deep groan replacing them instead, as Minseok’s slick, lubed finger slips past his puckering hole. Minseok’s delightfully — torturously — slow with fingering. Junmyeon feels like ages have passed when the second finger, and then the third, fits into him, stretching him and opening him up.


Surprisingly though, Junmyeon doesn’t mind the slowness. Instead, he loves it. He loves the way Minseok takes his time and kisses, leaving small bite marks along the inside of Junmyeon’s thighs as his fingers slowly fuck Junmyeon. He loves the the way that Minseok exudes this confidence and comfortableness whenever he does anything and how it makes Junmyeon feel so much more fuller than the fingers up his ass.


He loves that Minseok wants to take this slow and savor every moment, every thrust and every sensation that burns through both of them.


“Hyung,” Junmyeon whispers. “Hyung, hyung, hyung—


“Junmyeonnie,” Minseok gently removes his fingers, coming back up to pull Junmyeon into a kiss and catching Junmyeon's bottom lip in between his teeth, pulling at it gently, “you’re so gorgeous like this.”


The kiss muffles a moan from Junmyeon and Minseok groans in response as his dick slides in between Junmyeon’s ass. The vibrations from the twin noises urge the two to desperately grind against each other, creating a sinful friction.


“Fuck me hyung, fuck me, take me,” Junmyeon babbles, holding on to Minseok’s arms as the older slow pushes into Junmyeon. Minseok’s cock’s head barely pushes past Junmyeon's hole when he lets out a loud, wanton moan. “Hyung.” Junmyeon’s breath hot as it mingles with Minseoks’.


Hyung,” Junmyeon’s lost in the heady pleasure, the haze of Minseok’s smell, his taste, his everything, as Minseok sinks completely into him. “Oh god— oh, ah— I’m, ah—


Minseok sets a steady, hard pace and snaps his hips into Junmyeon’s tight heat as the younger digs his nails into Minseok’s shoulders, arching into Minseok and moving his hips to grind back into each thrust. Minseok’s arm muscles flex and strain, holding on to the back of the couch for support, as he fucks Junmyeon hard and relentlessly.


With each thrust, each snap of his hips, Minseok buries himself deep into Junmyeon. Each thrust draws out a low, raspy moan from Junmyeon and a rough grunt from Minseok, their noises mixing together and filling the room completely along with the filthy, slick sounds of skin slapping on skin.


They work extremely well together, as always, in sync, a matching rhythm.


In between the thrusts, Minseok leans down and kisses along Junmyeon’s neck, licking the bared skin, mixing his saliva in with the sweat. Junmyeon whimpers at the feeling of Miinseok’s soft, plush, mouth trailing along the junction of his neck and collarbones.


Minseok slows down a bit to pull up Junmyeon’s leg and push it back, letting it lie on his shoulder and opening up Junmyeon further. The new position allows Minseok to press in deeper, his dick brushing against, and then, with another two thrusts, pressing right on Junmyeon’s prostate.


Junmyeon lets out a strangled noise, and then a long keen as Minseok snaps his hips faster, burying himself into Junmyeon and hitting his prostate with almost every other thrust. Junmyeon’s melting under Minseok’s touch, coming apart as Minseok pushes in every time.


“Minseok hyung,” Junmyeon sputters. “Hyung, I’m— I’m so close, so close, hyung— please—


Minseok groans in response, leaning down and capturing Junmyeon’s lips in a bruising kiss as his thrusts become more sporadic and start to lose their rhythm. Minseok loses himself completely when Junmyeon’s hole clenches around Minseok’s dick, enveloping his cock in a tight heat and his breath catches.


He spills into the condom, white spots appearing in front of his closed eyelids, and fucks Junmyeon through his own orgasm, letting Junmyeon milk the orgasm out of him.


It’s the wet heat, the feeling of Minseok’s cum filling him up, even the sensation through the condom, that tips Junmyeon over the edge. His hips arch as he shakes and his dick spurts out strings up of cum, some of it hitting his chin and the rest painting his chest.


Minseok’s arms give out soon and he falls on top of Junmyeon with a slight thump, eliciting a small, breathless laughter from Junmyeon, who just tilts his head up to press a soft, kiss against Minseok’s lips. They stay like that for a while, arms wrapped around each other, Junmyeon’s fingers gently stroking through Minseok’s hair and Minseok’s hands cupping Junmyeon’s face.


Their chests heave in tandem, until their breaths slow down. Minseok gently pulls out off Junmyeon, being careful to not hurt him, and then peels off his condom, tying it and throwing it into the trash can.


“You don’t happen to keep tissues for emergencies do you?” Minseok asks, smiling as he lifts up a shirt from the ground and puts it on, disregarding the slight mess on his chest. “Just lube and condoms?”


Junmyeon lets out a small whine in protest, “Hyung—”


“But do you?” Minseok raises an eyebrow, moving on to his boxers.


“…no,” Junmyeon mumbles and rolls his eyes. “Just lube and condoms.”


Minseok’s laughter is like cool breeze, refreshing and calming Junmyeon, making him feel better. There’s no spite in his laughter, no mocking tone twisted in - it’s just his gentle but teasing laughter, and Junmyeon feels a smile bloom on his face, before he remembers the mess on his chest and grimaces.


“Minseok.” Junmyeon pouts, looking up at Minseok who’s just finishing buttoning up his pants. “What do I do with this mess?” Junmyeon gestures at his chest area, still covered in his spunk.


“No hyung, huh?” Minseok questions, walking towards Junmyeon. “How about you call me hyung first, and then I’ll tell you what to do,” he says, splaying his fingers on Junmyeon’s waist.


“Ah, Minseok hyung,” Junmyeon moans when he feels Minseok lean down and lick the cum off his chest, in long and slow licks. “Hyung.”


“Hmmm,” Minseok hums. “That’s more like it,” he grins when he pulls back, licking his lips before pulling Junmyeon closer with his hand on the back of Junmyeon's neck and kissing Junmyeon, letting the younger taste his own cum.


“You should call me hyung more often Junmyeon-ah,” Minseok whispers when the pull apart.


All Junmyeon can do is nod in response, still in a slight daze after watching Minseok lick his cum off his chest.


“Wear your clothes Junmyeonnie,” Minseok smiles, handing Junmyeon the clothes off the ground. “I don’t think we have a lot of time left.”


“Ah.” Junmyeon breaks out off his thoughts and accepts the clothes. “Thanks, hyung.”


Junmyeon is able to dress fairly quickly, although he holds on to Minseok’s for some support with pulling on the tight pants. They exit the room quickly and quietly after that, hoping that not too long has passed since they left.


They try to enter back into their dressing roomas casually as they can, but that is about as successful as Jongin trying to resist petting any dog or puppy he sees — which is not very successful. At all. All eyes turn on them when they open the door - that is, all the members and the few coordi staffs.


“Nice,” Jongdae says, his voice lilting and his eyes twinkling as he eyes the two. “You guys finally fucked then?”


Junmyeon splutters at Jongdae’s bluntness while Minseok’s eyes widen, his mouth opening and subsequently closing when he’s unable to say anything in response.


“Seriously,” Baekhyun’s the one who speaks up this time, running a hand through his hair as he leans back on his chair, “the sexual tension was killing me. I’m glad you guys fucked. How was it?”


His grin is bright and wide and so, so cheeky. And really, how fun it would be to just smack him on the back of his head, Junmyeon thinks.


Minseok glowers a bit at Baekhyun before grabbing Junmyeon’s hand and pulling him in with him, smirking and then responding, “Thank you Baekhyun-ah, it was amazing~”


There’s no tension after that as a few of them laugh, Chanyeol hiding his chortling behind his hand, Sehun blushes and Kyungsoo just busies himself with his phone. The staff members shake their head and tell the two to change quickly. They have to leave for the hotel soon.






It’s not until they arrive at the hotel, keycards switched so that Minseok’s with Junmyeon instead of Jongin, that it hits Junmyeon - the realization of what he's - what they’ve - done.


Junmyeon’s fucked a group member. Or, well, he’s been fucked by a group member. And that too Minseok.


This wouldn’t turn out well.


He starts slightly panicking. Minseok’s in the shower right now. Maybe it’d be better if Junmyeon just switched rooms again and went back to Sehun? Maybe Minseok would regret this later in the morning. What if Junmyeon himself regretted this in the morning?


Junmyeon’s breath hitches when a pair of arms wrap around his waist and Minseok rests his head on his shoulder, nuzzling his nape.


“Stop Junmyeon,” Minseok whispers. “I can feel you freaking out. It’s okay, we’re fine. We’re great. I really like you a lot.”


Minseok’s voice is soft and so calm and soothing that Junmyeon feels the worry seeping out of him as he relaxes into Minseok’s back hug.


“Thank you,” he mumbles back, turning around and leaning his head on Minseok’s shoulder. He can feel the smile on Minseok’s lips as he presses a small kiss on Junmyeon’s cheek. “I really like you a lot too.”


“Glad to know Junmyeonnie~”





Later at night, around 3 AM, Junmyeon is woken up by the insistent buzzing of his phone. Someone’s sending him too many messages too late at night.


He blearily rubs his eyes and reaches out for the phone. His sleepiness vanishes when he sees who the texts are from and what they say. He lets out a small laugh and then sends a myeontokki in return and puts his phone on silent.






i can’t believe this



u were waiting for me to leave weren’t u



u ass



u better treat baozi well



give him lots of kisses and hugs ok



i hope the sex was great



also now ur obligated to send me ab pics every week



i mean minseok’s abs



but urs would be gud too



both is better, both is the best



also, altho i doubt it will ever happen, but if minseokkie hurts u, i’m here for u too



don’t forget the ab pics junmyeonnie xoxo