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there is no I in together, but a get to her

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Harley likes a job that's exciting and full of surprises; working at Queen Industries is certainly that. She could be interviewing the interns one moment, asking Duela if her expectations are being met and how the company can sweeten the experience, the next she'd gasp and lose her power of speech.

The girl's eyes popped – an early warning sign – before the stirring hair at Harley's nape sends a jolt through her body.

"Your workplace improvement project looks good," Christina breathes, an ability that Harley's momentarily misplaced. The distance between them is anything but respectable.

"You need to stop that," she says later in Christina's office, though not quite with the impact she'd hoped for.

"Or what?" If innocence made a sound, it would be using Christina's voice. It wouldn't, however, back Harley against its desk with that intensity in its eyes.

"People have started talking." Harley peers over Christina's shoulder, expecting her PA to look up and over through the glass doors any second.

"It's what they do."

"Do we have to rub it in?" Okay, terrible choice of words. Harley's thighs tremble against Christina's teasing fingers. "The girl earlier turned as red as her hair. I'm sure you've noticed she's got a crush on you."

"Oh? I thought she had a crush on you. Since you're sweet-talking her all the time." Christina's angelic smile turns wicked as her fingers find the damp fabric of Harley's panties and push past. "You're mine, Harley, darling. I want everyone to know that."