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For Angels To Fly

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Louis was very, very drunk. He wasn’t quite sure how he had gotten to that point but he could vaguely recall Zayn shoving multiple shots of bourbon his way and he supposed that it’d make total sense that he’d be so sloshed; he’d always been sort of a light weight. He was at the point where he could barely see straight and his hands were numb but he was laughing and the music was pounding through his blood and there was a girl with her arms wrapped around his waist and she smelled so nice

It wasn’t very often that Louis and Zayn actually went out; usually they’d just get drunk at one of their shitty apartments and argue about whether Megan Fox or Emma Watson was hotter and then pass out on the floor with the TV still on.

It worked out that Louis was usually too broke to go out, but Zayn had been going stir crazy after breaking it off with his second fling of the month and claimed that he needed a night out to ‘get it out of his system’. Louis had reluctantly agreed after his friend had persisted for the better part of the week and so, despite having piles of homework waiting for him back at his flat, they ended up in a part of town that neither had been before. The club was small and a bit dodgy but the music was decent and the drinks were cheap and Louis got so completely caught up in the atmosphere of it and it felt so good to just forget about all the stress of uni and bills, at least for one night.

Despite his hazy vision and the multitude of bodies pressing up against him, all pulsing to the same beat, he could make out Zayn dancing, a blissed out smile on his face and a pretty girl wrapped around him. Louis laughed and the girl he was dancing with gave him a quizzical look, but he only laughed again and shook his head. She flashed him a quick grin, all white teeth and long blonde hair and golden limbs. She was interested, he could see that in the glint in those doe eyes and the way she trailed her nails up and down the length of his back, but for the life of him he couldn’t quite muster up enough enthusiasm to actually lean down and whisper an invitation back to his place in her ear. He couldn’t fathom why that would be the case; it had fucking been long enough. It had to be the alcohol. Louis was just far too drunk to pull it together.

With that thought he made a quick decision and pulled away from the girl, untangling their limbs and smiling apologetically. She looked confused but shrugged and turned back to her group of friends.

Louis made his way through the crowd to Zayn, who only gave him a ‘piss off’ gesture with his hands behind the girl’s back at the interruption. Louis laughed and mouthed a goodbye. It was all suddenly a bit much for his first time out in months. Too sweaty and crowded, his blood too hot and his heart pounding too hard. He made his way over to the entrance of the club with only a minimal amount of stumbling, nodding once to the bouncers before reaching the sidewalk.

As soon as his feet hit the pavement he took a deep breath of the cool night air, sobering after the humidity of the club and the press of bodies. He stuck a hand in his pocket and checked for all the essentials; wallet, keys, phone. He wandered along the sidewalk before leaning against the side of the building, slumping slightly and pressing clumsy fingers against the key pad of his phone.

ur a dick ;) have fun love u honey bun xxx

Louis hit the send button and just stood there for a moment, letting the cool air go straight to his head, clearing his alcohol-soaked brain somewhat. His phone buzzed in his hand - Zayn had written a simple ‘fuck off x’ in reply to his message. He laughed loudly, closing his eyes for a moment before glancing over to the street.

Louis was relatively certain that his flat was on the other side of town, too far to walk and he was in no state to be let onto a bus. He sighed and glanced up and down the busy street, getting ready to flag down a cab.

‘No offense mate, but you’re really not my type.’

‘Oh come on sweetheart, just the once.’

The words caught Louis’ attention despite the ringing still in his ears and he turned his head absently. His eyes widened a little at the sight of the boy, young and slender with a mop of curly hair and a wide grin stretching pink lips. He wasn’t sure what it was exactly but something caught and held and he honestly almost forgot to breathe. The boy looked completely out of place in this part of town, tight jeans and think cotton shirt immaculate, eyes bright and innocent.

He was almost… pretty. Just without the almost. Louis had thought other guys were attractive before, he was confident enough in his sexuality to acknowledge that, but the fluttering just under his sternum and his suddenly clammy palms were new.

It was then that Louis saw the older man on the other side of the boy, and was given a reprieve from the muddle of his thoughts. He was obviously past drunk by the way he slurred his words and the unfocused look in his eyes, meaty hands reaching out to hold onto the boy’s arm. Louis paused, a frown creasing his brow. He really was a long way from home. It wasn’t everyday in Doncaster he came across a dude trying to proposition some poor kid on the street. Despite the boy’s smile, Louis could see how uncomfortable he was in the tense line of his shoulders and the way his long fingers clenched until his knuckles went white.


They both turned to look at Louis, who realised belatedly that it was he who had spoken and he flushed slightly under the boy’s intense gaze. He’d never had such an immediate reaction to someone before.

Well, he might as well go all the way with this.

Louis sauntered over to the pair with fake bravado. He turned to the boy with the curly hair and prayed he didn’t look as drunk as he still felt.

‘You alright?’

The boy’s confused expression cleared almost immediately and he yanked Louis to his side by the waist and glanced back to the guy. Louis quickly caught on, sparing a look of disdain for the man; he could definitely be classified as ‘creepy’. But his gaze was soon drawn back to the boy at his side; they were so close that Louis felt a little overwhelmed. The fluttering at his sternum became almost uncomfortable and he wondered idly if he was actually about to have heart palpitations or something. It was a completely unreasonable reaction. But the boy’s hand spanned his waist and burned through his shirt and Louis couldn’t be held accountable for the thoughts roiling around his mind.

‘Yeah babe, I was just explaining to this guy that I was waiting for you and it’d probably be best that he fuck off.’ His voice was deep and husky, the sweet smile he tacked on to the end of his sentence entrancing Louis for a moment before he realised he had a role to play in this too, judging by the way those fingers dug briefly into his skin.

Louis wrapped an arm around the boy’s shoulders, pulling him closer, before he turned to the man too, smirking at the drunken confusion on his face. ‘Yeah, it’d probably be a good idea if he did just that.’

He paused, waiting for his reaction. ‘Seriously mate, I don’t mean to be rude but I wanted to spend some quality time with my boyfriend and you’re kind of fucking up my plans.’

Another pause, before, ‘You’re… together.’

Louis smiled complacently. ‘Yes bunny, now you’re catching on.’ Next to him, the boy snorted and Louis couldn’t keep the stupid grin off his face.

The guy swayed a little, confusion still furrowing his brow. ‘Fuck this. S’not worth it.’

Louis only continued to smile at him until he turned unsteadily on his heel and began to make his way up the sidewalk, the main road visible from where they stood.

The boy tucked into his side grinned at him, eyes lighting up with laughter as he gave him a tight, one-armed squeeze. ‘Thanks mate, I appreciate the assist.’

But Louis could only stare at him, momentarily blinded by his smile. Jesus, what was it about this fucking kid that turned him gayer than Elton John? Up close, there was nothing particularly special about him. His smile was far too big for his mouth, lopsided and clumsy, his neck was too long and tiny little freckles stood out against the pale skin of his cheeks. But then… his lips were a shade of pink that Louis had never seen before, and there was something in those intensely green eyes that made him feel completely exhilarated, like he could quite easily run a marathon without breaking a sweat.

It seemed Louis had been staring at his mouth a little too long, because the boy shifted a little, and raised his eyebrows.

‘Were you planning on letting me go any time soon? Cause if your hand goes any lower I’m going to have to start charging.’

Louis stepped back quickly, unwrapping his arm from where it had somehow ended up around the boy’s waist. He flushed and glanced at the ground. ‘Uh, sorry about that I just - wait, hold on, what?’

A grin stretched the other boy’s lips again, mirth shining in those eyes. ‘What? Don’t tell me you just walked over here out of the goodness of your heart? Just so you know, I don’t hand it out for free so if you’re expecting some sort of repayment…’

‘Wait, wait, wait.’ Louis held up his hands. ‘What are you even talking about? I just thought that guy looked like a creep and I might as well help out, Christ, your face only had a little bit to do with it.’

The boy looked amused and Louis couldn’t work out why until his brain caught up with his mouth and he groaned at little and brought his hand up to cover his face. ‘I’m sorry, I’m a little drunk so you’ll have to excuse me.’

This couldn’t possibly be happening to him. He was going to blame Zayn for everything.

He heard a low chuckle that sent shivers running up and down his spine before a warm hand wrapped around his own and pulled it down from his face.

‘Don’t worry about it. It’s not like I haven’t heard it all before.’ The boy winked, still gripping Louis’ hand loosely.

It was becoming hard to keep his eyes on anything but that mouth but curiosity got the better of him and Louis dragged his gaze up to meet the boy’s eyes. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I’ll give you a hint. I’m not just standing on a street corner because I like the scenery.’ His easy smile didn’t falter, but there was a challenge in those eyes as he waited for Louis to respond.

Louis was busy having a silent freak out in his head at the absolute absurdity of the situation he’d suddenly found himself in. ‘Are you telling me that you’re a prostitute?’ He asked blankly, blinking furiously.

‘Rent-boy, escort, whore… whatever you want to call it.’

He watched as Louis broke out into disbelieving laughter.

‘This is ridiculous. Only I could just casually run into a prostitute on a night out. I’ve never even seen a prostitute, Christ. I mean, like, an actual prostitute. Why do I keep saying prostitute? This would never happen to fucking Zayn. Only me. Seriously I don’t even have to try, I just walk out onto the street and there you are… it’s like the entire universe is taking the piss. Why me?’

The boy gave him another wide grin as his rambling trailed off. The hard look in his eyes had disappeared. ‘You’re just lucky, I suppose.’

‘Yeah…’ Louis said slowly. Nervous energy was making his hands tremble a little and he pressed his one free hand into his side. The tone of the conversation took an abrupt turn as, almost without realising it, Louis began to trail his gaze down the length of the boy’s torso. ‘I guess you could say that.’

The boy raised an eyebrow at him when Louis twisted their joined hands so that his thumb rested on the thin skin of the boy’s wrist and he began to rub light circles there. He took a step closer, his field of vision narrowing down to that smirking mouth.

‘Are you trying to seduce me or something?’

And it should have sounded amused, the boy should have been laughing his ass off at Louis’ poor attempt to… do what, exactly?

But his voice was even huskier than before and he wasn’t stepping away like he should have been, rather, for some unfathomable reason, there was a glint in those eyes that Louis definitely recognised.

Louis should have stepped away, laughed the moment off, and gave the boy an awkward apology before turning on his heel and heading home. But instead he found himself grinning, brushing his palm across more soft skin and murmuring, ‘Is it working?’

Those eyes had darkened to a deep, murky green and apart from the running litany of ‘You’re just drunk it’s the alcohol you’re drunk,’ in Louis’ mind all he could think was how he really wanted to see those pupils blown wide and dark with want. How he wanted to kiss that mouth until it was red and sore and that husky voice was moaning his name.

By the look in those eyes the other boy was thinking along the same lines.

‘Hey, Styles!’ Louis glanced around at the thick Irish accent, his gaze landing on two boys standing on the pavement a few metres from the pair and looking their way. The one that had shouted was blond and grinning, a sharp contrast to the doe eyed boy beside him. ‘We’re heading out. You going to stop flirting and join us?’

Louis returned his gaze to the boy’s face and realised that those green eyes hadn’t left his. ‘No, you go ahead. I’m going to be busy tonight, boys,’ he called without turning around.

Louis couldn’t keep the slow grin off his face at the wolf whistling and cat calling that followed.

‘Friends of yours?’ he murmured, stepping a little closer into the heat of the other boy’s body. To be honest he didn’t care all that much about the answer but that gaze was unnerving him completely.

‘Something like that.’

‘Are they…?’


Louis accepted that with a nod of his head and began to trail his hand from where it rested against the pulse at the boy’s wrist up the bare skin of his arm. ‘What’s your name, love?’

He laughed, low and careless and fucking beautiful, laughed like it was the most ridiculous question he’d ever been asked and then his gaze settled back onto Louis’, eyes shining. ‘Harry. What’s yours?’


‘Would you like to fuck me, Louis?’ It was said as innocently as if the boy, Harry, had been asking what the time was.

Louis almost choked. It wasn’t as though that hadn’t been exactly what he was thinking but to hear it out loud was something like a shock to his system. He’d never been asked that before with so little preamble or tact. He’d slept with quite a few women in his life and none of them had ever said anything so blatant as a precursor to sleeping together. He couldn’t work out whether it was a guy thing or a hooker thing or just a Harry thing.

‘Uh…’ Louis stalled, at a loss for words.

‘It’s okay, you don’t have to answer. I know you do. It’s written all over your face.’

‘Oh really?’ He raised his eyebrows. ‘You’re awfully sure of yourself.’

Harry winked. ‘It’s my job. Plus it’s kind of obvious. You haven’t stopped touching me.’

Louis looked down at where his hand had come to rest at the crease of Harry’s elbow. ‘Good point.’ He looked up sheepishly.

Harry reached out with both hands to take Louis by the waist and press their hips together. ‘So?’ He tilted his head to one side, all big innocent eyes and flushed cheeks and Louis was overcome by exactly what had been missing at the club earlier; want.

But despite the rush of blood south he took a moment to remind himself that he was a very poor uni student and really couldn’t afford to go around buying male prostitutes just because they had pretty mouths. It was their job to have this effect. Harry knew what he was doing.

Louis groaned and closed his eyes briefly. ‘You have absolutely no idea just how badly I want to say yes to that invitation but… I can’t pay you.’

Harry took a moment to look him up and down before grinning wickedly. ‘I didn’t ask you to.’

And the next thing he knew the other boy was flagging down a cab and they were falling inside in a tangle of limbs and he was laughing breathlessly in Louis’ ear and it made him shiver.

‘Back to yours then?’ Harry grinned, so close that Louis couldn’t see anything but dark curly hair and big eyes. A hand crept up to rest on his thigh and it burned through the material of Louis’ jeans.

Without any more preamble Louis gave the driver his address and then turned back to him, this stupidly gorgeous, mystery of a boy. Louis reached out and placed a hand on the nape of his neck and played idly with the soft hair there. He’d never been so comfortable with touching anyone so casually within minutes of meeting them. Though he supposed it wasn’t the regular circumstances under which he usually met a person.

He certainly hoped that he knew what he was getting himself into, but looking into that shining face, with a hand creeping further and further up his leg, Louis decided his big gay freak out could wait until the morning.