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Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fanfiction)

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It all started with a cough. It was a light cough that Olivianne had. She had been coughing soft coughs for about 3 months now.
It turned into a terminal situation.

It ended with a song.

It started with a story, written for children.

It became reality.

It ended with a childish action.

It started with a dream, one that would evolve into something unexpected.

The dream became a love.

One that made you want to jump over rainbows.

One that is so fierce, no one could break it.

It ended with a kiss.

At then end of love stories, they end it with a I do or I love you.

Maybe a kiss.

This one ends with a song with a kiss as a gift and token of the heart.

It ends with tears.

But it ends with a new beginning.

No one said it would be easy, to be terminal that is. They said it was painful and sad. 

But falling in love? That was as easy as anything thinkable.

They said sad for the part where you must let go of your love ones.

But your husband, prince charming or even Peter Pan?

That is what painful.

Letting go of your love one is the worst thing to do. 

It's a mountain terminal people have to climb.

Just imagine looking at the one you love and say, "I will die."

Now that is the hardest part of cancer.

Saying goodbye, forever.



All she wanted was to marry him and stay with him, in love and as long as they live together. But health didn't allow that.

Their love had been through lots of drama and somehow, they still where in love and loved each other so much.

Why did she have to have cancer?

Ruin a family.

All she wanted was a cure.