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In Which Draco Doesn't Understand April Fools Day

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"What is wrong with this tea," Draco sputters mouth twisting into a scowl.

Harry chuckles heartily as Draco pushes the mug away.

"Not the tea," Harry laughs, "But the sugar! I switched it with salt. Oh your face was priceless!"

"Why would you do that?" Draco frowns petulantly.

"Just a little April Fool's joke!"

"A what? Is this some Muggle rubbish?"

"It's just a bit of fun!"

"Well, my idea of fun is a bit less juvenile but I suppose we can skip that tonight..."

"Wait, what!? Come on-"

"April Fools!" Draco shouts gleefully.

"That's not how it- never mind."