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open_on_sunday drabble challenge for February 1, 2004

Today's challenge: go to's Word of the Day Archive. Check out the words of the day for your birthday - there are four or five years to choose from. Use the word as a title for your drabble, and/or work it into the drabble.

1. Word for August 28, 1999 – EDIFY

Verb – edify – make understand

Edification – BtVS – Season 7 – Spike

Crouched amongst the detritus of Sunnydale High School's basement, Spike rocks back and forth on his heels. Holding his hands over his head, trying to ward off the visions and sounds that seem to permeate the darkness inside; that try to rip at his hair and skin and assault his senses. Hour after hour of yelling and screaming… obscenities and denigrations. Images of horrors well remembered flash behind his tightly closed eyelids. There is no peace in hiding.

A single image solidifies before him… her… the girl he'd hurt… before. Perhaps she would edify the tumult and set him free.


2. Word for August 28, 2001 – PROFUSE

Adjective - abundant

Profusely Fearful – BtVS – Season 5 - Buffy

Buffy sat in the middle of her bed, arms around her knees, a cross in her hands. Ropes of stinky garlic festooned her windows. She trembled with the weight of her profuse fears… all of them centered on Spike.

He had chained her to the wall in his crypt, and professed his love for her. He offered to dust Drusilla for her. The vampire was nothing if not intense. Why did she attract demons? Was she faulty? Not good enough for humans? Could she afford to let him into her heart? Could she afford not to?

Only time would tell.


3. Word for August 28, 2002 – AUSPICIOUS

Adjective - attended by favorable circumstances

Inauspicious Signs – BtVS – Season 6 - Giles

Giles was startled out of his sleep by a loud crack of thunder; loud, sharp splatter of an all day rain hitting his windows. Not an auspicious beginning to his day. Groaning slightly, arching his back, cracking neck and toes, reveling in the feeling of a good stretch.

He thought about getting out of his warm, comfy bed… for all of 30 seconds, before burrowing back under his coverlet. No reason to rise… he'd lost all sense of purpose when his Slayer took a dive from Glory's tower.

The phone rang… all he heard was…Buffy, back. Phone call, reservation, Sunnydale.


open_on_sunday drabble challenge for February 1, 2004

Today's challenge: doors

AtS – Season 5 - Pairing: Spike/?

1. Opening Doors

A phone call came from Andrew. Apparently, Evil, Inc. had been harboring a secret. Spike. Unbelievable. Someone else whose time was finished, destiny clearly fulfilled, brought back into the harsh, unforgiving world.

The flight from one continent to another fraught with possibilities. Would Spike be as depressed, as unable to cope, incapable of reintegrating as…

Standing in front of Wolfram & Hart, scanning for the elevators. Pulse pounding as the doors closed. The car rose and discharged it's passenger. Pushed open the door to Spike's office, catching the vampire by surprise.

Blue eyes widened in shock as he said, "Xander?"


BtVS – Dream sequence – Pairing: Buffy/?

2. The Lady Or The Tiger

Awareness came as she slept. Slayer dream? Maybe, maybe not. In the moment, however, Buffy found herself in a small room. Two doors the only things that marred the smooth walls. The proverbial lady and the tiger scenario, of that she was sure. Or, perhaps the tiger and the tiger. With her luck? Two Tigerion demons.

Both doors opened of their own accord. Behind the first, human Angel, small children with sweet brown eyes. Behind the second? Gamedfaced Spike, glee in his amber eyes, beckoning her to join him in the night.

Time to take the tiger by the tail.


AtS – Season Five – Pairing: Wesley

3. One Door Opens

One door closes, and another one opens. That's what they say, right? Who the bloody hell are 'they' anyway?

Wesley Windham-Pryce, Watcher. Once upon a time. Rogue Demon Hunter. No longer. Part of Angel Investigations. Until… until what? Something niggled at the back of his mind, forgotten but festering. If he thinks too long on the subject he fears he'll go mad.

Now? Heads up a department at Wolfram & Hart dealing with the Mystical and Supernatural. Things happen without reason, causes unknown.

Well, thank you kindly, but he'll open and close his own doors as he damned well pleases.


BtVS – Season Five – Pairing: Spike

4. I'll Take Door #1, Bob

Spike was in agony, suspended in chains at Glory's hands. He'd already been beaten, prodded like a piece of soggy bread, cut, burned and bruised almost beyond recognition.

He tried, desperately tried to clear his mind of everything, in case Glory could actually read his thoughts – no thoughts of Buffy to look forward to, no thoughts of his Bit to comfort him. He was alone in this, and fully prepared to go out dusty.

Life was all about choices… which gave him an idea as he struggled to free himself from the chains. "You know that show? With the prices?"


This week's challenge: write a drabble based on one of the livejournal moods.

BtVS - Season 5 - post The Gift – Spike & Dawn

1. Bouncy – The Wonderful Thing About…

As he waited for Dawn to finish her homework, Spike paced around the Summers' living room. He rocked back and forth on his heels. He sat and drummed his fingers on the table. Got up and rifled through the desk drawer for a deck of cards. Sat and shuffled them, cut them and reshuffled them.

Dawn snuck up behind the bleached blond vampire, tugged on his duster sleeve, and said she was ready to go to the movies. Mentioned something about Spike being able to connect with one of the characters.

Couldn't figure out why they saw Winnie the Pooh.


BtVS - Season 7 – Chosen - Spike

2. Grateful – For All I Have

As he lay on his cot in the Summers' dark basement, Spike was overwhelmed by the noise from the pitter patter of galloping Slayer feet above his head. He was constantly on edge from the 'thump thump' of all their heartbeats, as well as the powerful scent of blood. All those girls, at least 3 of them were having their monthlies at any given time.

No privacy. Couldn't even have a decent wank without worrying that one of them would need the washing machine. Doors slamming, doors opening… basement door opening.

Quiet footsteps; Buffy. Spike was grateful for it all.


BtVS - Season 5 – Some time post Crush - Spike

3. Artistic – The Art of the Kill

Artistry of the kill. That's all his poncy grandsire ever yammered on about. Setting a tableau, arranging the bodies to make an impression. Something beautiful to behold. Limbs arranged just so. Might even lay some flowers nearby. And lit candles.

Angel thought he did it better than anyone else. Well, Spike could show off, too. He'd show the Slayer that he could make a damned fine impression. Everything was set just so. He could imagine her gasps, her heart beat increasing when she saw what he had prepared.

Dinner for two: Cornish game hens, blood red roses and white candles.


BtVS - Season 5 – Crush - Buffy

4. Crushed – In His Face

The Slayer couldn't believe the twists and turns her life had taken over the years. Her true love had been a 240 year old Vampire. One moment of passion and the very devil, himself was unleashed. Her spirit was crushed, and hadn't fully recovered yet.

Tonight was a topper. Spike. Faking a stake-out, trailing vampires she knew weren't the ones she'd been seeking. Drusilla knocking her out; Spike chaining them both in his crypt. Proclaiming his love for her.

Buffy thought she had the corner on crushed hearts, until she saw Spike slam up against the barrier at her threshold.


BtVS Season 7 – Chosen - Buffy

5. Contemplative - A Road Not Taken

Standing at the edge of the Sunnydale crater, Buffy took in the enormity of the situation. Another apocalypse avoided. The destruction was incalculable. No more town. No more personal effects; their whole history wiped out, buried under the rubble. But they'd gotten out with their lives.


No more Anya. She wish - nope, not going to even think that word, but she's sad they hadn't been closer. For a demon/ex-demon/demon, she was a decent person.

No more Spike. He'd proven himself strong of heart, mind and soul. Wonders what if…?

The Welcome To Sunnydale sign fell into the crater.